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  1. Hi, I would like to know if Dang it works well with Roverdude's usi mks mods and with Nertea's near future mods. I read the wiki and I assume that it is fine, am I right ? Will the new parts from these mods be able to fail? ^^ Edit : Of course I read the red sentence in the OP too. But I am curious about the "As long as some conditions are respected". What are these conditions? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the answer and tthe update in github issues... Now I just have to wait and pray so... at least i know that god is aware. ^^
  3. I tried to update / reinstall with CKAN, all works perfect except the usi mks kspedia section stills not showing up.
  4. @Brigadier I use KSP 1.11.1 build 03066 with USI MKS constellation 2020.12.22.01 for ksp 1.11.0
  5. Hi folks, USI MKS section in KSPedia is not showing up... any clue ? =) Thanks !
  6. Hello everyone, I need your help. I have installed the last version of USI constellation from github. Now when i launch CKAN i have this message : So i click on YES and i got that one next : Is it normal ? If not, what should i do ? (i have already tried little things like reinstall) Thanks,
  7. I learnt a lot going to that process. First, I learned that lots of my mods were not so usefull to make the game funnier, so i deleted them. ^^ Then, CRP and your FAR's dll fixed the biggest NREs issues. Finally, the autoloc is not cute but it does not affects the gameplay so it's ok. And i'm using USI for 1.6.1 with KSP 1.7.3 so... i will not ask impossible things ! =) I have the same reference for this autoloc in my dictionnary, but no mod referencing them. In game it is the title of the USI-LS windows, strange ^^. Edit : It is #autoloc_501218 (and not 501210). Name o
  8. So.... FAR is OK with the PR and dlls. USI-LS is quite ok. It works but i have some #autoloc_501210... maybe something is still missing but i habe updated the CRP. Almost ok. What about this strange autoloc ?
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