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  1. Yes, Kerbalism is compatible with OPM with configs for the planets included with Kerbalism.
  2. Looking at Kerbalism's Default profile, this comment came up which should be helpful to you "approx 5 days of leaks and volume of a crew member crew going eva will need the volume their bodies displaced within the vessel replaced with N2 to correct pressure drop, vise versa when entering from eva the pressure will increase due to the volume of the Kerbal displacing the internal vessel atmosphere, excess is vented overboard. The pressure controller can be disabled to save N2 that will be used replacing the Kerbals volume."
  3. I mean, it is not difficult to go into the Profile under KerbalismConfig/Profiles folder and change Liquid fuel to be Liquid methane (LqdMethane is what you have to type). Same could be done to replace monoprop with Hydrazine if you are using something like Real Fuels.
  4. Just so you know, the RL10s have all lost their textures with the recent update (probably because those files along with some Centaur stuff were moved over to OldParts).
  5. It seems that slightly older versions of Kopernicus error out, but release 36 does not.
  6. Download Ad_Astra-v1.6.7z and drag the Ad_Astra folder to your Gamedata folder (for the 43k clouds download the 43k cubemap and settings from the github link in the OP and drag the Ad_Astra folder into GameData). Next download one of the AVP textures from here: https://github.com/themaster402/AstronomersVisualPack/releases/tag/v1.9, and drag the folder located here https://imgur.com/gq1dwgD to the Ad_Astra folder you put in the Gamedata folder, such that the textures folder matches the contents depicted here https://imgur.com/5FqdK4C. After that, your Gamedata folder should look like this http
  7. Install Ad Astra and drag the folder named Ad_Astra into the GameData folder (If you are also installing 43k clouds drag the Ad_Astra folder from it and the 43k settings folder into the GameData folder, and accept any files it wishes to overwrite), Next install the AVP textures that are linked through the Github (Not later versions), and navigate to AVP_8kTextures-2.zip\GameData\AstronomersVisualPack\EVE and drag the folder named "textures" into the Ad_Astra folder you put in GameData. Finally reinstall Kopernicus and launch.
  8. With the exception of the Tundra space center and squad parts, the textures are different and the way they deal with the textures and colors are different so they probably are never going to match (you can see this with the road pieces). However, the color that I have found that closely matches the Parallax KSC terrain is R=0.41657, G=0.42167, B=0.31458, and Alpha=1. You will have to keep changing the launch pads back to those colors every time you quit the game as they don't save for some reason, but everything else will be saved.
  9. Hello there, Is it possible to configure a fuel tank such that you can toggle the volume in game via something like B9 Part Switch (like how Universal Storage 2 changes between fuel tank sizes), or is that out of the question?
  10. Looking at the error logs, it just seems that it is only part of Rescale/Sigma that GU doesn't support is changes to the pressure and temperature curve. Other than that, using rescale works fine (at least for the Kerbol system as I haven't tested it anywhere else).
  11. For now, you can get around this by just manually changing the height of the vessel via the .craft file (no need to exit the game to change the vessel height, but you will have to do this with every change made to the craft).
  12. Has anyone had an issue with the Day/ Night terminator appearing as a yellow orange transition instead of the orange red transition shown here? https://imgur.com/F3WVKKZ EDIT: Never mind, copying and pasting the cfg for the Kerbin's atmosphere from AVP to Ad_Astra\scatterer\Planets\Kerbin fixed the issue.
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