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  1. Is Galileo's planet pack supported?
  2. Does this work with 1.2.2? EDIT: How do I install version 1.5.3 there's no gamedata in that download?
  3. Thanks for the advice, but when I look at the action groups it also turns off the engines. Do I change this manually or am I just really bad at flying winged spacecrafts xD
  4. When I try to roll the shuttle after liftoff it goes everywhere and it crashes back into the ground...????
  5. Does this mod work for 1.2.2?
  6. Great planet pack, I love it. One question though, are you planning on adding planets around that red star Grannus?
  7. Thanks for the advice, the reason why I posted it here is because I just registered and I thought I was on BDB's page, so that was my fault.
  8. I made a Saturn V but it flops around a lot when I take off and it just has enough power, how can I fix this?