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  1. @akron As always, I love what you have been doing with Probes Plus and glad that you are still with us! Enjoy a coffee or whatever, my treat!
  2. It's been more than a year for me since I last used SSTU. Do you find the SSTU solar panels to be functioning properly in 1.10.x or should I just use Shadowmage's fuel tanks and conventional motors?
  3. I took too long a break from KSP. Even tho I am some months late to comment, this is awesome news! Like so many others, I look forward to your latest efforts, RoverDude. Thank you for the incredible mods that you have created for the community.
  4. Many positive emojis! I look forward to playing with your mod and designing ever more attractive, yet lethal, rockets for my long-suffering Kerbals to test!
  5. @bcink As always, your work is delicious. Like donuts. Space donuts... MmMmMmmm... spaaace dohhhnuts... (drool)
  6. If you aren't using Kopernicus 1.7.1-5 for KSP 1.7.1, then you might encounter difficulties. Thomas P. ran into some difficulties in releasing for 1.7.1 and he released several consecutive bugfixes that culminated in https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/download/release-1.7.1-5/Kopernicus-1.7.1-5.zip. If you are on KSP 1.7.3, then you should get Kopernicus 1.7.3-1.
  7. I just took a peek at the release of RSSVE for KSP 1.6.1, from PhineasFreak's GitHub, and it does have an EVE config for clouds. I did not see any release for KSP 1.7.3 tho. If you installed EVE manually, then perhaps try removing its default configs before installing RSSVE. If you installed EVE's default config via CKAN, then uninstall it from there. PhineasFreak has an installation wiki for RSSVE, located here: https://github.com/PhineasFreak/RSSVE/wiki Hopefully, this is of some help.
  8. I ran into the error messages after updating via CKAN to v2.4.3.1 and when I checked the Tweakscale folder in Gamedata, I also found that it was missing Scale.dll. Like @Rafael acevedo I installed from the Github release and now everything is A-Ok. If I have time, I will try to replicate the problem with the CKAN update of Tweakscale and report it to the CKAN dev, but someone will probably beat me to it.
  9. Re; 1/10th scale - You had mentioned "kerbal size Real solar system" and that is what led me to mention 1/10th scale RSS. I apologize for misinterpreting. While I am not a modder, I was thinking of things that might be of use to Blackrack when you send him your log file and details of how you found the issue. For my own experience, I have not seen high altitude z-fighting since KSP v1.2.2 and Scatterer v0.0320. I realize that Blackrack noted that he had a fix for that problem in Scatterer v0.053 and KSP v1.6.1 and that some players run into it even now while others, like myself, don't. I have played KSP with RSS and RSSVE installed a few times over the last 2 years; however, even when doing so, I never saw the z-fighting issue. I don't have a good explanation of why I rarely, if ever, encounter these problems. My desktop PC is NOT a gaming rig and does not have high-spec components. It's just a workhorse for photography and technical writing, and it's now older than one of my nephews.
  10. I realize that this can be a PITA to check, but what happens when you run KSP with only 1/10th scale RSS and its dependencies installed? Leave RSSVE out and then try again with it.
  11. This is great news! Thank you for all you do! To bring so many old-yet-useful mods forward to work with the current revisions of KSP must be a stupendous task.
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