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  1. @DuoDex Aw man. It's too bad that you have to pass this on to another, but real life always comes first. Usually. For most people. er. Maybe not for NEETs and shut-ins. Whatever. To you and @Olympic1 and the rest of your team for bringing this to fruition, many thanks! I also thank the many who contributed the often very funny science results!
  2. @Thrimm Should we, perhaps, also keep an eye out for new videos on your YT channel? IIRC, the last one you posted was the Eeloo colony ship.
  3. He lives!!! I shall be watching this thread, eager for new developments.
  4. @Phoenia When reporting issues to the makers of mods, please follow these guidelines posted by @NathanKell It will help blackrack immensely.
  5. You are welcome, but @Violet_Wyvern deserves credit for first posting about the Magnificient Kotobuki. I do love enabling other anime-fans though, even as a wingman. It does not feature airships, per se, but the 1987 film "Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise," DOES have an aircraft carrier, pusher-prop fighters, jet-powered fighters, and even a lovely rocket, inspired by, ironically, by Soyuz. I say "ironically," because the director and senior staff had gone to the USA to visit NASA for source material and watch a shuttle launch (Discovery, for the STS-51-D or STS-51-G mission, I think).
  6. As stated previously, the only cfg's I could find are KF-RepulsorStandard.cfg and KF-RepulsorSurface.cfg. Using KF-RepulsorStandard.cfg as the example, there is nothing that seems to resemble EC usage.
  7. @Shadowmage - Halloo! I've been perusing your KF and KSPW wiki's on GitHub. I may be completely blind, but I have not been able to find any information about EC use by the standard and surface-mount repulsors. I also looked inside KF-RepulsorStandard,cfg and KF-RepulsorSurface,cfg for values that would indicate how many EC units are used over time, but I did not find anything. I find myself with a few questions. What are the EC requirements for the repulsors? Does the rate of EC use depend on the current load on the repulsors? Does the value for "maxLoadRating" refer to the fully-loaded mass of the vehicle or something else? Does each repulsor part handle a portion of the load, so that 4 repulsors would allow me to float a vehicle of 20 tons or less? Thank you for your time!
  8. I LOVE the PBR textures. If they were waffles, I'd eat them without drizzling maple syrup over them.
  9. First, I tried to build a flight deck and hangar on the underside of an airship using with current Heisenberg parts and the result was not lovely. Having a flight deck through the length of the airframe, like the Kotobuki version of Hagoromo Maru, would be cool. In a similar vein, I've been playing with the idea for an airship version of the Battlestar Galactica - if it doesn't look like dog-vomit, I'll post a pic of it. The original Hagoromo Maru was a minesweeper of the Nihon Kaigun. She was part of Task Force MO, in the invasion group commanded by Rear Admiral Shima Kiyohide. She was sunk during the Battle of the Coral Sea. When Kotobuki started airing, I was a little shocked to learn the name of the protagonists' airship. After WW2, Hagoromo Maru has been a barge (lost at sea) and most recently she was a liquid waste hauler. Awkwaaaaaard.
  10. @linuxgurugamer You, sir, are a titan of rescuing mods from the cold, life-draining tentacles of the Kraken of Entropy.