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  1. MaeharaProjekt

    [1.3.0] OPT Space Plane v2.0.1 - updated 29/07/2017

    Try moving OPT main to /GameData.
  2. MaeharaProjekt

    [WIP] Deep Space Surface Habitat Unit Pack

    Those look great!
  3. MaeharaProjekt

    [WIP] Deep Space Surface Habitat Unit Pack

    *sees bcink's latest updates* *goes to micro-G bunk...* *...dreams of building DSSHU bits with a clapped-out knee mill, a student lathe, and a Horror Fright angle grinder*
  4. So waaaay back on page 25 (middle-ish of July 2016), Bombaatu posted a concern about DMagic contracts not recognizing Coatl magnetometers and RPWS antennae. DMagic and Komodo both graciously replied with advice on how to write a patch to resolve that issue. @akron, I did find the DMagicContracts.cfg patch you added in \Coatl Aerospace\ProbesPlus\Compatibility to take care of that, but it does not seem to work anymore. I've been poking around in that .cfg to try and make it work again, but I've not had success. Original - DMagic contracts seem to ignore this. My latest fumblefingered edit, trying to implement my simpleminded misunderstandings of the MM syntax primer - And my other variations of the original have also resulted in no results. Well. One result. It still ain't werkin. I've had success writing my own patches for adding SSTU's Aerozine50 and NTO as optional output from various ISRU parts, so I kind-of, sort-of wonder if I am missing something subtle. Or glaringly obvious. Anyone have suggestions?
  5. @Toa Aerrow You should follow this guide when you report problems that you are experiencing with a mod - The logs are especially important to most, if not all, mod developers. Ven, or his designated partners-in-crime, will appreciate it.
  6. MaeharaProjekt

    [WIP] Deep Space Surface Habitat Unit Pack

    Looks a bit like a cross between the HERA mission hab and the 2011 version of the deep space hab at Desert RATS, with a goodly pinch of Lego. Are you going to keep the totally-not-an-airlock-hatch in bottom of the main module, seen on HERA and the DRATS hab? I think it'd fit with the typical ill-advised features of kerbal habitats.
  7. I've actually not experienced a catastrophic break with SSTU yet. At least, not one that prevents me from launching a replacement. Or just oogling the replacements in LKO and then blowing them up with another replacement. HMmmmm.... blowing things up. <drool> Why yes. Yes, I do. Between him, ToT, Scott Manley, Nurdrage, Clickspring, NileRed, Laura Kampf, Diresta, Tom Lipton, Abom, Cody, and Big Clive, it feels like I'm watching an entire team of Kerbals who are working on the biggest, awesome-st, overbuilt Laythe mission ever conceived in the dank, dripping dungeons of the mind of a canniblistic Kerbal underground dweller who hangs out in the bilge of my brain. And then I ruin the horror show by using SSTU, Near Future Everything, and BDB to make it pretty.
  8. MaeharaProjekt

    [1.4 / 1.4.1] James Webb For Kerbal

    I'll have to post a picture of me hugging the JWST. I love that some devs that I consider to be "favorites", whose mods I always use in KSP, have been helping the newest addition to my list.
  9. MaeharaProjekt

    [1.4 / 1.4.1] James Webb For Kerbal

    "Mod is the bees knees. Dev gets 5 of 5 Type 1A supernovae. Would launch again."
  10. MaeharaProjekt

    [WIP] James Webb for Kerbal [1.4 / 1.4.1]

    I can see how that may have been frustrating. Whether it was or not, your implementation of the animations is quite nice. One last spin of the hamster wheel in my head about maneuvering the bus vs aiming the observatory. What if the rocket motor in the bottom of the bus was a separate part that could be attached to a node on the body, in the exact same location at it would be in the current model, to provide a different axis of control during maneuvers? Ok, my mental hamster just died after running for 1.21 seconds. Moving on...
  11. MaeharaProjekt

    [WIP] James Webb for Kerbal [1.4 / 1.4.1]

    @bcink You may already have this on your To-Do list, but I was thinking it might be useful to have everything from the deployment tower and up (OTE mirror array, aft-optics, ISIM & thermal mgmt enclosure, secondary mirror & its folding support structure, etc) be a separate part that we plug into the main body (satellite bus, solar array, antennae, startracker, the "lobster tail"/trim flap, pallet structure, and sunshield). Currently, I can not control the telescope from the POV of the mirror array, the same way I can with the first TST space telescope. Control-from-here is aligned with the center-line that runs from the bottom of the bus where you have the main rocket motor to the top of the ISIM enclosure. If I am explaining this poorly, I apologize.
  12. yeaaaah... after shadowmage's latest release this week, I've started unloading some older parts mods that while cool, are effectively orphaned and need a lot of TLC from someone who has the time and skill to make them skookum choochers once again. The loss of these won't break my current savegame. @Shadowmage This is not a complaint - you've raised the bar again and, well, I've gotten tired enough lately to keep trying to see my reflection in some of these fuel tanks. My wife keeps asking me why I've got my face so close to the monitor.
  13. @akron Without a doubt, RL comes first. We hope all is well, or will become so! Love that Cassini teaser!