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  1. Like you said, any .dll that's not part of an installer is going to get flagged by most antivirus software. You can always use dnSpy to browse the code before using a strangers recompile.
  2. A config that would cover ALL parts would be hundreds, if not thousands of patches. Most part mods that want to enable TweakScale functionality already include MM patches with their releases. Keep in mind there are different "types" of TS modules for a reason. For example, engine resizing must utilize specific formulas to scale thrust and fuel consumption. Using type=free on an engine would produce unrealistic and possibly unusable results.
  3. I looked at the MM patch. The "type = free" will break proper TweakScale implementation on most parts. Sorry to tell you, but I would not recommend anyone to use this.
  4. @JacobJHC This looks interesting, and well done. I'll check it out! Agreed! I literally spit coffee on my keyboard (and a little on my monitor).
  5. @linuxgurugamer Thank you for doing this. It will be a welcome addition to my game!
  6. I'd imagine that those are both very lightweight. Not a valid complaint, IMO. But --\O/--
  7. Do people complain about it? Many of your mods require it. I think it's a fantastic dependency.
  8. My toolbar is up top to the right of the time warp indicator. I have problems with click through in map view. No biggy, just an idea.
  9. @linuxgurugamer Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the function of the collect all button. The way I understand it is, when pressed it collects results that are stored in the experiments and transfers them to an available science storage container. Is this correct?