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  1. I'm no C# pro, but I'll dive in deeper and see if I can't send a PR your way.
  2. I briefly looked at your code but couldn't find where this occurs. Thanks for your time.
  3. I'm surprised I'm the first. For some reason I built a KPBS base with 2 launchpads and I face this every time I build something. No big deal, just thought I'd ask. Thanks for the reply.
  4. I can confirm. This is indeed strange. Looking at the code, it seems like some method other than bulkhead size is used to filter. Perhaps @linuxgurugamer can shed some light.
  5. @zer0Kerbal FYI, the GitHub version file referenced still shows a max KSP version of 1.7.9. KSP AVC is catching this.
  6. This. There are quite a few stock parts with incorrect bulkhead profiles. There are even more mod parts that have errors or are missing them entirely.
  7. @taniwha Is it intended behavior for EL to return its focus to pad-0 after finalizing a build on another pad? Meaning that the user has to manually switch back to the build pad in order to release the object. Video of what I mean in spoiler:
  8. What assets are ARR here? I took the source code and compiled my own DLL.
  9. Originally written by @pizzaoverhead. The mod hasn't been updated since game version 1.6.1 and the author hasn't been around or replied to my email inquiry. I enjoy the mod so I'm adopting it. Original thread here: Features This mod adds code to display an unused stock particle effect for reentry, featuring a plasma trail and sparks. Pics: Video: Installation Unzip to \GameData Dependencies None Downloads Spacedock GitHub Source License Continued from orginal: GPLv2 Change log Please report any issues here or on GitHub, thanks!
  10. Toolbar Controller's max KSP version in CKAN is 1.9.1. You'll need to add 1.9 to the compatible versions for it to show up.
  11. What version of KSP are you running? @linuxgurugamer The metadata in CKAN still points to this thread and AndyMT's fork.