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  1. I doubt it because that is tied in with the tech tree.
  2. @Briso SSTU has always been a staple with my play-throughs, so thanks for these configs. Spacedock claims it's available on CKAN, yet I cannot find it?
  3. Wow, what a cool idea to add this to KSP. I didn't realize the game had the mechanics to make this work.
  4. It's not basic power that I run out of, I carry solar and RTG's for that. It's the Deuterium that the reactor requires to stay online. If I forget to shut down the reactor prior to a long time warp, it can run out.
  5. @NerteaI recently added system heat and associated patches for the first time and am really enjoying it, thank you! Would it be plausible to have this feature on the fusion reactor from FFT? I've twice now run out of Deuterium by forgetting to shut down the reactor prior to a long time warp (3 or so years seems to do it for the 2.5m fusion tank that holds that resource).
  6. 3 posts above yours, @linuxgurugameradopted this over 2 years ago.
  7. This sounds great! Does it remember through a game restart?
  8. You're going to need to post a link your player.log file. Also need to tag @linuxgurugamer so he sees it.
  9. Why not just map your controller inputs to the appropriate keyboard keys?
  10. Or just create your own patch, copying the text for the WarpPlugin patch and replacing it with NEEDS[CryoEngines].
  11. Best to tag @linuxgurugamer so he sees it. You also need to post a link to your player.log file.
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