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  1. Or just create your own patch, copying the text for the WarpPlugin patch and replacing it with NEEDS[CryoEngines].
  2. Best to tag @linuxgurugamer so he sees it. You also need to post a link to your player.log file.
  3. Yes, that's what [1.11.x] in the title of the post means.
  4. This is a good place to start for most rockets, although specific rocket design could require changes to the numbers.
  5. Yes. Did you install any other mods right before this happened? A long time ago I had a part from a mod (can't remember what mod) that had a bad config for a built in antenna. Removing the part or correcting the config fixed the issue.
  6. I don't have this issue on 1.10.1. You both should provide logs. And when you do, ping the author so that he gets notified.
  7. @benjee10 I'm stoked to get this into my 1.10 game, thanks for resuming work on it!
  8. Yes. It literally renames part files so they don’t even load into the game.
  9. It's right in the OP. You need the bleeding edge version of Kopernicus:
  10. The GameData folder is in the source zip. Alternatively you could use CKAN.
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