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  1. @benjee10, @Grimmas, I confirmed an NRE/functional bug in the USI-LS patch that was submitted for PR #8 on GitHub. GH user sac-winged-bat noted that Resources, such as Machinery and Recyclables, were not included in the patch. I tried out his additions and they appear to make hab modules function correctly, without NRE spam. I think the Hydroponics module also has some bugs; it's not switching agriculture type Resources so, for instance, you can't feed it Fertilizer and Mulch to get Supplies. Both the long and short 1.875m habs have the same crew support and life support timer capacit
  2. I think you're spot on; it's probably intentional, to be realistic. In theory, true bi-modal NTRs should have enough radiator capacity to handle a reactor in steady-state electricity generation power levels, and minimize (or perhaps eliminate) the need for propellant quenching. But I've read docs suggesting bi-modals make some engineering compromises for power generation that can limit max isp. Plus they're more complex, hence many NASA Mars mission designs stick with plain NTRs for thrust and solar panels for power. @intelliCom, the trick with radiators is to find the balance between
  3. Good question. I followed @lemon cup's directions (that was SO needed) and successfully conducted an NTR burn with an Eel and four YF-15 radiators. I was then trying it out with a MechJeb-controlled burn and realized I'd have to control reactor power ramp-up and ramp-down within a few seconds of the burn starting and finishing, respectfully, to avoid a core meltdown. I haven't tried out automatic control yet. Let us know what you learn! I'm liking this approach to propellant-based core cooling so far, but I need to check out other engines. P.S. - I also learned the hard way that upda
  4. You're both talking to how real, non-bimodal NTRs are supposed to work. When there aren't a plethora of radiators, the brute force solution is to run propellant through the shutdown reactor. Many non-bimodal NTR mission profiles include a propellant fraction that's just for cooling. Unless propellant is being vented symmetrically, those same profiles probably also assume that useful thrusting is still happening during cool down (at rapidly degrading Isp). Unless you know exactly when to hit the shutdown button, you're either going to need another thruster to finish/correct the burn, o
  5. Alright, this is going to be a tough one: I've tried plain Stock 1.11.2, in a new career Save Game, with just FMRS, and with ToolbarControl, ClickThroughBlocker, SpaceTuxLibrary, RecoveryController, and StageRecovery. I threw in MJ and KER, just to do fast flight iterations. Not able to duplicate. I started with Stock contracts, then I added Contract Configurator. Still not able to duplicate. I threw the two Stock Expansions back in. THAT DID IT. Contracts got blanked out, after I did "Revert to Launch" while active in the *dropped* stage. I'm still tying to nail this down a
  6. @linuxgurugamer, I've just seen this behavior as well. It's also cleaning out all contracts (at least while using Contract Configurator), both active and archived, and MJ settings get reset. Steps to duplicate: 1) Build a Falcon 9-like rocket, with probe control on dropped stages. 2) Drop first stage (booster) before fuel runs out and complete flight with second stage (I do this all with MJ Ascent Guidance). 3) Once in orbit, use FMRS to jump and revert back to the dropped stage. 4) From the reverted, dropped, stage, use FMRS's "Revert To Launch" function. 5) Go and
  7. For anyone who knows their syntax, do these lines, in the new Waterfall effects for individual engines (looking at Waterfall Restock)... !EFFECTS {} !MODULE[EngineLightEffect] {} ...basically say, if you have the EngineLight mod, delete that module for that part, to give precedence to the new effect? And if so, does that mean leaving EngineLightRelit installed allows engine parts, like SRBs, KA NTRs, and NFP Ion Engines, or other third party engines to still use their EngineLight patches, without screwing up the Waterfall lighting effects for those that do have it?
  8. @Nertea, I don't know if this is a function of NFE or SystemHeat, but I'll post here since it came up as I was testing out SH 0.3.8, with all the Extras installed, NFE 1.2.1, and Heat Control 0.6.0 radiators: - I'm seeing my NFE reactors all default to Enabled upon launch (I haven't tried KA engines yet). This is problematic if radiators are not actually active at that time, because the cores destroy themselves within seconds. There's no Reactor Enable/Disable button in the PAW while in the VAB, only in flight, so I can't launch the reactor in a shut down state. I tried to set the Auto
  9. @Exo's LabI'm looking forward to your next project, but I think MPE is a fantastic addition, to fill in what Stock and OPM were missing. While I was hoping for a Parallax texture pack to go with this, I'd say, from comments above, that many of us would appreciate whatever can be done to de-bug and continue maintenance for future KSP releases.
  10. @CDSlice, I'm not seeing it. I'm using KSP 1.11.1 x64 on Win 10 with Restock and RestockPlus 1.3.1, Waterfall 0.5.0, and WaterfallRestock 0.2.0. Are you using all of the same? Note, there were some pretty significant changes within the last week, so you'll want to make sure everything is up to date (I don't use CKAN).
  11. @Nertea, I think I found a visual bug in WaterfallRestock. One layer of the engine plume for the ReStocked LV-T45 Swivel, closest to the nozzle, is visible through spacecraft structures when the engines are surface attached, not node attached, to a part. The LV-T30 Reliant is not visible, as expected, but I haven't checked all other engines. I'm running KSP x64 Win 10 with Waterfall 0.5.0, WaterfallRestock 0.2.0, EngineLightRelit 1.6.3, and ReStock 1.3.1. I confirmed the problem is fixed when WaterfallRestock is removed. I have not verified if there's a similar problem with Stock Waterf
  12. The config changes were pretty easy after I did the first one; just a matter of consistent parameter scaling, and I didn't care that they were the same models. To really make it clean, it would just be an additional fuel mode selection, and maybe some cost penalties and/or an additional tech level upgrade prerequisite (like NearFutureSolar). I was lazy and copy-pasted into a new, unique partname config which otherwise referenced everything the original config did. That's probably not Nertea's style though.... I wanted to do plume coloration, which should probably be something between L
  13. Actually, Methane NTRs have come up before (see KA forum in April 2020), for the same reason Methalox is the Great New Thing in combustion rockets. As @Spaceman.Spiff points out, you have better performance than kerosene, but less than Hydrogen. It also runs cleaner then Kerosene, and doesn't freeze into solid goo after you've been in orbit for a while. It doesn't require much power to keep cryogenic, and you don't have individual H atoms making your tank walls brittle or diffusing all the way out to the other side. It's easy to source raw materials, since Carbon can be be found just about
  14. In reference to some earlier Kopernicus Stable vs BE vs Parallax excitement, which resulted in active craft having their solar panels closed, documented here: ...I have some additional details on my conversion of an active KSP 1.11.1 Save Game from Stable to BE during Parallax upgrade - my solar panel extension hot keys got erased. I tried out a previous craft file, after clearing the missing KopernicusSolarPanels module error, and the hot key assignment was gone. Easy enough to replace it, but it may explain why active craft wouldn't re-extend the panels with a hot key press. EDI
  15. @Gameslinx, @R-T-B, how tied at the hip are Parallax and KopernicusBE vs the relatively recent 19+ Stable versions? I had previously been using Parallax 1.2.0 with a Stable version of Kopernicus for KSP 1.11.1 (R.28). Then after I upgraded to Parallax 1.2.1, I got the dreaded "You've got a planet pack running and something's broke in Kopernicus, don't open your current Save Game" warning (I'm using OPM 2.2.9). I resolved this by downloading KopernicusBE 19+R.80, but all my Save Game solar panels got borked, fortunately not lethally as far as I can tell. Craft files had a warning about
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