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  1. I had the same problem on a Salyut look-alike that I'd already placed in orbit. I just changed Retractable from "false" to "True" on ModuleDeployableSolarPanel in the cfg file and it added a new button for the panels, separate from the antennas, in the flight PAW. Didn't see any corresponding change in the VAB hotkey selections though. The PAW button for the antenna still works independent of the panel (so far). My hotkey to extend the panels still works as well; I just have to manually retract them each time. As noted earlier, the problem of the panels reloading in the "broken" position remains, but at least this seems to allow everything to be cosmetically reset.
  2. Has anyone put together a patch to fix NF Spacecraft life support modules for compatibility with the new swappable converters format in USI-LS v1.0.0, distributed in the 20 Nov 2018 Constellation? @Pulsar and/or @Boamere did one for SSPXr (haven't seen a PR yet). Looking for an existing patch before I jump down the rabbit hole of syntax mimicry, and I may do a first try on a smaller mod that also needs an update.
  3. As far as I can tell, this is working fine in KSP 1.6.1. Great little mod.
  4. KSPrynk

    [1.5] Rocket Emporium 1.8.3 (2018-12-17)

    Happy New Year! Like JHC4, I've seen the same problem with the SOAP cameras only imaging the skybox when in orbit. Surprisingly, I've been unable to find any other small, snap/save-a-pic-and-get-science, camera parts. The closet examples I've seen are associated with giant space telescopes, such as Tarsier Space Technology and Cacteye Optics. Branching the RE science parts into a separate mod sounds reasonable, and may be appreciated by those of us who have to micromanage our RAM consumption.
  5. KSPrynk

    [1.5] Rocket Emporium 1.8.3 (2018-12-17)

    @Katten, confirmed in no other mod install of KSP 1.5.1 - the shrouds still get offset in the flight view. Also, the "Jettison Shroud" buttons don't seem to do anything.
  6. @Katten, @MaverickSawyer, I saw something similar when trying out the pre-release of the NFS biconic as well in 1.5.1; elevons on the edge of the skirt getting randomly relocated after vessel loading into flight. I didn't originally attribute this to AA, but I've recently seen similar effects when attaching USI airbags to the RB-1 capsule. It didn't seem like I was snapping to the petal attachment nodes (are they on the inner or outer surface?). In some launches to flight, the air bags would suddenly get relocated in random, asymmetric, locations around the capsule body. I've had a little better luck so far attaching the airbags on the outside first, then OXSTATs on the inner petal surface seem to grab the airbags, but it may be that I'm just lucking out in not crossing some invisible line. I'm wondering if there's a common collider-related problem.
  7. KSPrynk

    [1.5] Rocket Emporium 1.8.3 (2018-12-17)

    @Katten, I think I've found an issue that may be related to part overhauls in KSP 1.5.X. The shrouds that join spherical containers to the objects they're attached to keep getting relocated beyond the attachment point. The easy way to replicate this is with an Okto and RB-1 or RB-2, attach a stock coupler (I used a 1.25m; need to check when they went thin-profile), then attach a few 0.625m tanks underneath to follow what's going on. In the editor, everything looks as it should - once in flight, the shroud is visible well below the coupler. I didn't catch this with larger diameter tanks until I accidentally moused over it and it showed through in green outline. I'll create a bare install of KSP 1.5.1 (probably this weekend) just to verify it isn't something another mod may be causing. I've also seen some animated attachment weirdness, which I'll comment on over in that thread. EDIT: FYI, this doesn't appear to be constrained to the couplers. Just adding a stack of three 0.625m tanks directly to the the pod produces the same result. It also happens with both the lower and upper shrouds.
  8. KSPrynk

    Universal Storage II

    I'd suggest not nerfing the US II fuel cells anymore than you already have. I'll agree that US I FC balance was a bit OPed, but I'd think that it should still be better than Stock as pure H2 reactions should be more efficient than a complex hydrocarbon (LF) that needs steam reformation and other nastiness filters to separate the H2 from the less useful molecules. A couple of suggestions I have, aside from revisiting the balancing: 1) The fuel cells should ideally automatically turn off when there's an alternate power supply available, specifically solar. The USI/MKS fuel cells have a feature where they only engage when overall energy drops below 95%. This eliminates the need to constantly have to manually switch the FC on and off when going in and out of shadows during orbit. Right now the US II FCs seem to sputter along at relatively low consumption when solar is available. 2) This probably was brought up at some point a long time ago, but it would be nice to have an alternate reactant mode for Liquid Hydrogen (as used in NFT Cryogenic Engines and various NTRs) and Oxidizer. Lacking that, maybe a converter for LH2 to H2 and Ox to O2. Also, if it hasn't already been brought to your attention, USI Life Support is supposed to have a pre-release out in the Constellation that includes a part-breaking overhaul of life support/converter modules. The MKS and USI-LS threads talk to it, and some users are assisting by either writing band-aid search-and-replace patches or offering support to work PRs.
  9. @linuxgurugamer, in reference to the EL and CLS updates above, are you also tracking the major update to USI-LS that breaks life support in habitation modules? I'd submit a PR except I have zero skill appropriate to the task. However, it looks like there are a few users offering to cover down if help is needed:
  10. KSPrynk

    [1.3.1] LonesomeRobots Aerospace: HOYO CSM

    I've tried this in 1.5.1. The parts seem to work so far, with the following exceptions: 1) Animated Decouplers v1.4.1, which was re-compiled not too long ago, doesn't recognize the HOYO CM Decoupler as an actual decoupler for staging purposes. This gets interesting as the part above it doesn't change in resource flow priority. It can be decoupled manually by right-clicking and pressing its Decouple button, or Animated Decouplers can be removed and it functions as a regular decoupler, without the umbilical detachment animation, and with resource flow working as expected. 2) The CM internal fuel cell seems to run at max output, regardless of the ec draw. This burns through monoprop rather quickly. I'm not sure how to edit the config file to make it self-throttling, like the stock fuel cells. I haven't tried out the various texture replacement mods; they all seem to have been getting some renovation recently and I don't know if what HOYO uses is still compatible anymore. If there's a refresh on this at some point, may I also suggest adding some simple crew-cabin lighting on the windows which can operate without a texture replacement mod. I'd like to see this one keep going: it's still my favorite for a very basic, high capacity re-entry capsule, that fits cleanly on a 3.75m rocket.
  11. Thanks to everyone on this topic. I haven't even tried out NF Aero yet and this had me doing research on the feasibility of upgrading my RAM from 16 to 32 GB. My Resource Monitor shows the reduction from >60% previously, down to 50% now (with the other mods I had previously).
  12. I'm not seeing what you're getting at. It looks like a very long, extendable grappling arm. A tube that accordians to compact size and a grappling face on the end masquerading as a hatch. Haven't tried out the connection function yet. Is it broken?
  13. KSPrynk

    [1.4.+/1.5.+] Kerbal Wind Tunnel 1.2.1

    I've been trying to learn about the relationships between Center of Pressure and Center of Lift. Is there a way to visualize CoP, in a similar fashion to the Stock CoM and CoL indicators? I've also been spending time on re-entry vehicle force balancing to create high L/D orientations, first with blunt cones (Apollo-style), and progressing to biconics and spaceplanes. Can there be an option to adjust the limits of the AoA scale, potentially all the way to +/-90 deg (at least out to 45 deg), or do the calculations deliberately get curtailed at +/-20 deg? FYI, I love the mod so far, but I've also seen the occasional stall at 0% and 100% calculation. I'm running a 4 Core i7-4710MQ 2.5 GHz on Win 7 Pro with 16 GB of system RAM.
  14. As far as I can tell, it's still fine in 1.5.1, but take a look above regarding a bug on SpaceY Expanded (unrelated to KSP version), and associated fix.
  15. The "other parts to be deprecated and removed" has me a bit worried - you're not planning on dropping your Gemini- and Soyuz-analogue family of parts in deference to Making History's parts, are you? I actually prefer your parts to MH's, as yours are more properly sized and fall logically within the tech tree. Thanks for keeping this going; it's one of my favorite parts packs for the early game in the Kerbin the SOI.