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  1. Hi all, I have a problem with the KSP planes and I don't know where to ask, so please accept my aplogies for asking here as I'am using the autopilot for my test fligths to fly as precisely as possible. I am trying to construct a plane that can fly in heigths of around 20000m (around 65616 feet) at very high speed long distances very fuel efficient. Made a plane that flies around 1340m/s (~Mach 4.3), but the main problem is that the wings start to overheat more and more which draws my current line for the speed limit. I tried to add radiators to the wings, but the radiatores do not work at all. The radiator stays at 500° core/skin temperature and the wing is at around 950°/1050°. Switching it on/off during the fligth does not change the wings temperature at all. I s this a bug or what is wrong ? Have you found another way of cooling wings ? TIA, Joe
  2. Hi Brigadier, tried to switch off reaction wheels with the exception of one ... still started shakeing until one of the ports could'nt hold the torque any longer, broke apart and the unit/block flew away. Hi Roverdude, I have mixed 1.3.1. several Near Future mods with USI mods. Is there a chance that they don't like each other ? Tried a similar scenario in a copy of my Ver 1.2.2 game and had the problem thateach time I landed a ship on the mun, it's steering orientation changed and was no longer pointing up into the sky, but soutward to the mun's south pole. After I removed the USI mods everything was ok again. Well I know its 1.2.2 but could it be that both mods have something basic in common which can lead to a conflict situation where both try to change the same parameter with trying to get opposite results ? Well of course there is also a more scientific theory than the kraken for this kind problem: One may assume that the Kerbin universe has a parallel universe neighbour with a giantic black hole and due to multi-dimensional quantum fluctuations the black hole is able to create small, instable whorm holes , so that the black holes gravity can cross the border to the kerbin universe and all objects which are big enough suffer then from the big gravitational differnces and ... start shakeing ... ;-) Ok, let's put the feet back on the ground. I will now play on 1.2.2 with Near Future Mods and on 1.3.1 with the USI mods. Joe
  3. Hi Roverdude, thx for your reply. I 'll try it now in 1.2.2 Hope I can get all 1.2.2 versons of the mods I used in 1.3.1 Will report then. Btw. thanks for that weldable ports ... love them Cheers, Joe
  4. Hi there, I am playing on both 1.2.2 and 1.3.1. Don't trust 1.3.1. fully ... I have started in 1.3.1 in sandbox mode from the scratch and have amongst others also included USI construction because of the weldable ports ... I started to build a station in orbit of kerbin and after I had the 4 major blocks/units welded together the station started to become alive. Switching back and forth to the Space Center seemed to help; it stopped shaking. So I started the next rocket with the 5th unit. Approaching the station I selected both docking ports (weldable) and ... the station became alive again and it was shaking so hefty that after 20-30 seconds one of the before installed & welded parts flew way. The rest of the station stopped shaking. I did a reload and tried it again and again, different ports, nothing worked. So finally just switched back to the station, no 5th part around and was thinking what to do and ... after around a minute or so the station started to shake again, until the same part, as aeach time before, flew away. It its always the 1.part with the PXL-9 Command pod which separates, may be this connection gets the most stress or ... Is that a known issue in 1.3.1 ? Is it a problem with the weldable ports or ... ? yes, yes of course, the kraken, have heard of it ;-) Is there a maximum no. of weldable ports allowed per ship/station ? TIA, Joe
  5. [1.4] Modular Fuel Tanks v5.11.0

    Hi Taniwha, thanks a lot for the hint. Will give it try ! Joe
  6. [1.4] Modular Fuel Tanks v5.11.0

    Hi , I am using Near Future Mods and ran into the problem that some of the props use Lithium and the tanks provided in the mod are 10t and 20t size. This is quite big, in fact to big for what I wanted to do. So I thought that I could use Modular Fuel Tanks to store Lithium in other tanks. that But it seems that its not supported in this mod. For me Lithiumwould have the great advatange that in Near Future the Convert-O-Tron's are able to create Lithium out of ore. For me it would be a perfect scenario: flying somewhere, land (planet or asteroid), do some mining and ... refill the tanks. But I need smaller tanks. Litium is a metal and becomes liquid above 180.50 °C = 356.90 °F Any ideas / suggestions ? TIA, Joe
  7. Hi there, there is strange phenomenon that sometimes appears on my space ships: The space ships shape suddenly has multiple discs integrated into its structur. These discs seem to have only 2 dimensions, they are circular, seem to be of metal (no colors) and if one tries to use the ship in any way strange things may happen. One ship desintegrated into several parts. It is not reproducable - it simply sometimes happens and If one restarts the game everything is ok again, if one could control oneself and has not touched/done something with that ship. I had it in both ver. 1.2.2 and 1.3.1 about 4-5 times in the 8 month since I play KSP. Is that a known problem ? Any "kerbicine" that can help apart from restarting the game ? TIA, Joe
  8. Offline playing

    Have tried KSP offline starting both on my notebook and my PC and in fact it is on both the same problem. Not the loader, but KSP_64.exe itself is loading all the differnt modules and during this process it seems to expect an internet connection for whatever reason. Will try this evening to find out how many minutes or hours it takes and whether it then really runs or crashes and I will try to find out which connections it wants to establish (ip numbers, domains, etc. ) Joe
  9. HI there, yesterday I tried to play on my notebook without an internet connection. Already the launcher was slow, but I gave up during the games start because it was soooooo slow that after several minutes not even 5% of the yellow bar indicated that this would take hours. No errors though ! I told all the mods that they should not try to update during start, but it did not help. Is there a way to accelerate the loading, while offline ? A parameter like "Connection time-out" which could be set to 10 ticks or a "Connection Flag" that could be set to 'false' ? TIA, Joe
  10. Hi there, am also happy that I have kept copies of 1.2.2 and 1.3 , and I''l switched yesterday back to 1.3, as there still too many construction sites in 1.3.1 & mods and I couldn't continue playing. It's an excellent idea to make copies of the different versions. Joe --------------------------------------------------------------- For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled. (Richard P. Feynman)
  11. "Reset" KAS Harpoon for Re-use?

    Hi there, have the same problem. Have built a small space tractor with a winch & a magnet. I wanted to use it to re-arrange parts of my space station. But this ship turned out to be a use and throw ship, as I never again could get the winch/magnet in a position to eject/shoot it again. Thus the use of these winches is very limited. Joe
  12. Hi RealGecko, have carefully updated to 1.3.1 and ... and I could meanwhile get updates for all but one mod for 1.3.1. Fortunately the one which reminds me each time during start that I need a newer compatible version , is still working without any problems (SETI probe parts) and this is very good, as almost all of my satellites are build with at least one of the parts... Some mods have still some bugs, but overall no crashes ... And now ... further good news ... yes, now 'not so simple construction' is indeed working as described above, it's just awesome ! Thanks for this mod and your support ! Greetings from Luxembourg, Joe
  13. Hi RealGecko, meanwhile ... yes. Now I could see a red bar near the survey stake when I used it. The window now appears, but with exception of the title line it is all empty - just grey. I tried it in combination with a docking port ... no difference. When a stake is in the ground ... grey. I still use KSD Version 1.3.0 (1804 ) as certain mods do not yet run on 1.3.1. I used ckan to install my mods. If you need a certain log , a list of all mods (~40) or similar output, no problem, just tell me what you need. TIA, Joe
  14. Hi there, just installed 'not so simple ...' because I hoped to make use use of the Survey Stake and the Mallet. But ... although my Kerbal could hammer that thing in the ground and I gave it a name (tried also without changing the name) it is not recognised as a production point (Ex. Launchpad) But whenever I add a docking port the window appears, but the Survey Stake is not in the list. So if I build something it appears bound to the docking port, with the sometimes even catastrophic results releasing the produced vessel on a planet ... wrong position, jumping away from the port, exploding etc. Any ideas what went wrong ? Have I missed an essential procedure to make those stakes work ? No, no black cat crossed the Kerbals path before it planted the Survey stake ;-) TIA, Joe