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  1. "Reset" KAS Harpoon for Re-use?

    Hi there, have the same problem. Have built a small space tractor with a winch & a magnet. I wanted to use it to re-arrange parts of my space station. But this ship turned out to be a use and throw ship, as I never again could get the winch/magnet in a position to eject/shoot it again. Thus the use of these winches is very limited. Joe
  2. Hi RealGecko, have carefully updated to 1.3.1 and ... and I could meanwhile get updates for all but one mod for 1.3.1. Fortunately the one which reminds me each time during start that I need a newer compatible version , is still working without any problems (SETI probe parts) and this is very good, as almost all of my satellites are build with at least one of the parts... Some mods have still some bugs, but overall no crashes ... And now ... further good news ... yes, now 'not so simple construction' is indeed working as described above, it's just awesome ! Thanks for this mod and your support ! Greetings from Luxembourg, Joe
  3. Hi RealGecko, meanwhile ... yes. Now I could see a red bar near the survey stake when I used it. The window now appears, but with exception of the title line it is all empty - just grey. I tried it in combination with a docking port ... no difference. When a stake is in the ground ... grey. I still use KSD Version 1.3.0 (1804 ) as certain mods do not yet run on 1.3.1. I used ckan to install my mods. If you need a certain log , a list of all mods (~40) or similar output, no problem, just tell me what you need. TIA, Joe
  4. Hi there, just installed 'not so simple ...' because I hoped to make use use of the Survey Stake and the Mallet. But ... although my Kerbal could hammer that thing in the ground and I gave it a name (tried also without changing the name) it is not recognised as a production point (Ex. Launchpad) But whenever I add a docking port the window appears, but the Survey Stake is not in the list. So if I build something it appears bound to the docking port, with the sometimes even catastrophic results releasing the produced vessel on a planet ... wrong position, jumping away from the port, exploding etc. Any ideas what went wrong ? Have I missed an essential procedure to make those stakes work ? No, no black cat crossed the Kerbals path before it planted the Survey stake ;-) TIA, Joe