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  1. In my opinion this is the end of a great game. TT for sure will be able to create a Kerbal 2.0, but whether this will have the same ideas, logic and spirit as the original KSP program, is something they still have to prove. It's no longer about the passion, teaching and fun, now it's most probably about ... business. For me the way TT has acted, lets me assume that Kerbal X.y may inherit the name and perhapse certain interisting features, but I think it will be a completely different game. Well wait and see. Thanks a lot Star Theory for this really great game ( and its more than jus
  2. Hi taniwha, have tried yesterday and today several times to get this situation again, where KSP was losing the conenction to keyboard and mouse ... nada, now it was working each time. Seems so as if the problem was aware that I was try ing to detect it ... ;-) Joe
  3. Hi all, throwing 1.6 GB of CKAN cache away and reinstalling these mods wa successful : Finally I got the hammer and the stake. :-) Will try to use it tomorrow. Joe taniwha, I willl test tomorrow the 1.9.1 and will tell you later what I did before KSP lost control over keyboard and mouse. Joe
  4. rmaine, I have now reinstalled KIS/KAS with CKAN. Though I can find the electric screwdriver, the utility wrench and the explosives etc. there is no mallet and no stakes. Will reinstall KIS/KAS tomorrow again and force CKAN to clean the cache first. May be that helps. Will report about the result tomorrow evening. Joe
  5. Hi there, thanks for your comments. taniwha & Zer0Kerbal, thanks both for your work. I guess I have around 60+ mods in my game, so I can only say what happened in 1.9.1 while using Simple Construction and whatever caused the break between keyboard/mouse and KSP can also be a combination of different factors. If you would like to have any logs or any other further info, just tell me what you need. rmaine, thank you very much for your description, but I knew it already, but couldn't find the stakes. Seems that they aren't any longer in the inventory (1.8.1 and 1.9.1) T
  6. Hi there, is there a small desciption for this mod ? I have the problem that whatever vehicle I build with it, it's position is always wrong: Legs up, wheels up etc. I tried to put the construction port on an movable arm, so that I can define the position of the port: horizontal, upward , downward ... did not help at all. Oh btw. in version 1.9.1 it seemed to work until I experienced that several time suddenly input from the keyboard and mouse was simply ignored by KSP. Only solution was -> Task Manager -> End Process TIA, Joe
  7. Have also the same problem with firespitter installation via CKAN.
  8. Hi KCS123, thanks for your reply. That sounds to me that if I install FAR it should work as expected ? TIA, Joe
  9. Hi there, I have a problem with the deploy direction of mirrored B9 Procedrual Control Surfaces. If I push the Deploy button inside the SPH both deploy in the same direction. Also changing the deploy direction works fine. But as soon as my plane is outside and I press the deploy button the control surfaces deploy in opposite directions. One goes up and the other goes down. Changing the deploy direction changes the direction ... on both as usual. Thus both are still wrong, just the other way round. But this happens only using the deploy button. Anything else is working as expected.
  10. Nope, not yet. Just followed CKAN, but I am aware that it's sometimes not reflecting the real compatibility. Will try it today and report here.
  11. Hi guys, is there a chance to get a Mechjeb Verion for 1.6.1 or is this the end of the lifetime of this mod ? Honestly said this would be a "knock out" criteria for me for anything above version 1.5 as especially docking and landing is, if one has done it several times, becoming boring and I never was able to land as precise as Mechjeb. And frankly said, if one is able to fly to the Mun, the civilisation should be able to produce a computer that can automate certain things. Of course starting in Kerbal is good as it currently is. A good way to learn. But as from a certain level on t
  12. Thx kcs123 for your reply. Unfortunately un-installing and re-installing it did'nt help. Still same problem : 'J' Thx, Joe
  13. Hi there, I tried to use this mod in 1.6.1 as in CKAN it's labeled with "All versions". Installation and start - no problem. I can attach one of the three pieces in both SPH and VAB. But whenever I hover of the part and press 'J' nothings happens at all. If the key would be used by another mod, this mod should do something. But as said, nothing happens atall, Even after a restart of KSP - same result. Any ideas ? Joe
  14. Did not help too. It's still the smelter. I could open the properties window and see the temperature rising, the color was yellow and the nturned into red. Temperature value was at around 15-16000 ... as far as I could see, as it goes really fast. Guess it must be a nuclear kraken hidden in the smelter or something similar ;-) Joe
  15. Thx for the idea DStaal, went through all station items - max value of some pieces was around 350, but not more, most at 230. Too bad, but it was a good idea. Some struts had a temperature of -1 . Mhhh, could try this with the smelter - if something else explodes I may have an idea or ... am back at square 1. Joe
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