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  1. i wonder if this still active or not
  2. Thank you dark for the great story you have written for us to read. Hermia may not race in here but your writing legacy lives on. Thank you now for your story that helps me copes with things in life
  3. "Tiger may have decent armament and Armor but it's still is mediocre when we're talking about reliabilty" I kid you not that sentece is enough trigger any Tiger tank..Or maybe "King Tiger armament armor is good but it's a bad tank for the transmission and reliability". Boom
  4. 4.5/20 I only see you once
  5. "I've got better things to do tonight than die" - Springer (Transformers 1986 Movie)
  6. Here's an Idea... Colonize the Entire System with a complex colony using only Stock part with TAC LS or Kerbalism.... Enjoy the challenge
  7. *Mood intensifies* Anyways from what i heard from Discord. Dark is currently busy with life atm and is currently taking a break from KSP so yeah. once he's back he'll probably continues this. Still waiting for that Hermish GP dark
  8. I MADE A NEW ONe..... it's boring i know..... Anyway here's the video:
  9. So i create an IFV for my Nation's Ground force in Kerbal Powers RP and i record it so yeah Here is it If you guys have a constructive criticism, please say it!
  10. F1 Drives around in circle (believe me, because i got triggered to one of this) NASCAR is more boring than the entire boring community that has ever existed. Space isn't real and we didn't go to the moon (say this to all space enthusiast i dare you XD)
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