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  1. I don't see how micromachine car corrupts my wishes but ok *Cough* Granted but the taste will be the same as Red Hot habanero I wish for spinach
  2. Granted but everyone creates a giant super weapon and suddenly have a large asteroid that could cause mass extinction I wish for a car
  3. "Too bad Buddy, this twisted game needs a reset. We'll start over with this V2 and entrust the Future with the next generation" - Pixy (at least that's what i remember from the line)
  4. I wrote an insanely detailed post on why the Scorpion is a bad tank in quora literally complete with calculation
  5. the problem with scorpion is that the four independence set of track is not in the hull but rather outside the hull.
  6. I don't know, you tell me Why Kerbal taste like vegetable?
  7. " Bad science in fiction" Hmmmmmm Oh yeah. i know what's up The flipping Scorpion MBT from Halo. Halo itself has a novel so technically it counts as Sci-fi so yeah. Anyways Here's a long chart that i made in Quora when debating someone on why the Scorpion is a stepbackward for MBT aand there's more reason
  8. *cough* So i decided to start this discussion to help fellas creating and developing Ground Vehicles to be used competitively in BDArmoury ground combat. Most of the thread i found after browsing the forums mostly help with Planes but i never saw anything related to ground vehicles. So therefore this thread will be the place. Now i'm not an expert in KSP BDArmoury ground combat however, the reason i make this so that far experiences player could share their techniques and way. This will certainly help evolve the BDArmoury ground combat. Now let's start with my techniques on developi
  9. By Invading and blending Kroman How do i stop blending Cloweish, Orion and Kerman?
  10. i wonder if this still active or not
  11. Thank you dark for the great story you have written for us to read. Hermia may not race in here but your writing legacy lives on. Thank you now for your story that helps me copes with things in life
  12. "Tiger may have decent armament and Armor but it's still is mediocre when we're talking about reliabilty" I kid you not that sentece is enough trigger any Tiger tank..Or maybe "King Tiger armament armor is good but it's a bad tank for the transmission and reliability". Boom
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