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  1. FASA Work on 1.3 :v
  2. so is there Water Suppression system Mod? for 1.3 pls answer
  3. THX
  4. but how do i get version 1.2.2 I only have Version 1.3
  5. Flip
  6. So i try Install Realism Overhaul (Just for realistic sake) and i realise this mod was for 1.2.2 So i decided to test it out to find out if it work with version 1.3. So i followed all the instruction carefully and BAM!!! The Realism Overhaul ,Real Solar System ,etc Installed but when i open the game It suddenly quit so in my brain tell me that it didn't work because i use the Wrong version (This go noting like the title) So i ask you guys "Is there any Realism Overhaul for 1.3?"
  7. OK Well that's help A lot because i'm still noob thank you for helping
  8. so i'm going to do a Probe mission to Eeloo but since im using earth timing on setting It might take a couple year so How do i Flyby multiple planet like cassini pls help i want to do my mission next week PS.Sorry for bad grammar
  9. Kerbin ah yes the Flat disk we know and we love today you see when you launch rocket you suddenly explode when you hit 70k it's not because of MIGHTY Kraken nonono it's because The atmosphere of the flat disk no letting you through so they block the rocket until exploded
  10. What if i use 1.3 version
  11. AH yes Like that
  12. How in the Kraken you Make those thing?????????? Pretty Cool
  13. LIke voyager 1 i mean
  14. so I want to do what we call "Interstellar Quest" But i don't know how to do it any tips guys???
  15. ay is there Any Imga that i could see???