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  1. Mukita12

    WWI- Kerbin Royal Air Corps

    can i use Airplane plus?
  2. Mukita12

    Kerbal Tanker Warfare

    Blimey........ Well....... i'll edit that out
  3. Mukita12

    Kerbal Tanker Warfare

    UPDATE -Restriction For Medium and Light Tank Class Updated
  4. Kerbal Tanker Warfare Greetings Kerbalnaut and welcome to Tanker Warfare Before you start Playing this Warfare i would like to tell you some Info such as Rules, mods, and Style of the Warfare. Info There are 4 types of tank class you can choose 1. MBT 2. Heavy Tank 3. Medium Tank 4.Light Tank Restriction MBT Can only have armor at the minimum of 100mm and at max of 125mm Heavy Tank can only use M102 Howitzer as main Cannon and can only use Fixed 50 Cal MG Heavy Tank can only have armor at the minimum of 75mm and at max of 100mm Medium Tank can only use Oerlikon Millennium Cannon Medium Tank can only have armor at the minimum of 45mm and at max of 65mm Light Tank can only use M230 Turret 20rpm or 20mm Vulcan Light Tank can only have armor at the minimum of 10mm and at max of 30mm Required Mod BDArmory (duh) Kerbal Foundries (Optional) Module Manager Rules 1.All Tank must follow the restriction 2. To Join, Post your Tank bellow 3. you can only Use the Required Mod or the Allowed Mod 4. You can only use KSP Version 1.4.2 5.Enjoy Type of War KoTH Finalist Type Current Winner base on Class of Tank MBT Class: Heavy Class: Medium Class: Light Class:
  5. Mukita12

    Races! Hot Laps

    *Abu kerbi* Noice
  6. Mukita12

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    This stuck in My Head
  7. Mukita12

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Help me....... On this day of 31st August, I suffer a sickness called "Harry Potter Shipment" I keep Shipping Harry and Ginny even thoe in the book they were married and all that jazz I was still 14..... Please help....
  8. Mukita12

    Devolution RP

    quick note: This really a better version of it so yeah Welcome to Devolution Roleplay Server. What is it you ask? Devolution project takes place on planet Kerbin. It is roleplay based server, which means you need to understand and obey rules, but at the same time you can do everything you want with your state, as long as it obey the rules or any additional treaties signed by your state (which can be broken of course ). To start, you need to apply as a @Nation. Your application will be reviewed and you will be soon accepted into the RP. In case of your application not being correct, changes would be suggested to you. Discord: Rules 1) Server rules a) Be a nice person, don't be rude at others and listen to admin orders. 2) Roleplay rules a) We are on Kerbin. That means we don't have to have same technologies and event like on planet Earth. b) Please be realistic and stick to current technologies. c) Nuclear weapons are banned. d) Your state must be first approved in your application form. e) Your state must be normal at first, and work its way to more powerful state. It can't be world power from the beginning. 3) War rules a) Every state must have this categories of strengths in their application and lore. You have 40 points and maximum for each category is 5 pts. This determines your strengths and weaknesses. - Ground vehicles - Tanks - Airplanes - Ships - Logistics - Artillery - Surveillance - Space technologies - Infrastructure b) To wage any form of aggression, armed conflict or war, you must first justify it. (Liberation, Annexing, Conquering, Sabotage, other actions...) c) You can have civil war in case of internal affairs or external provocation and/or support of the rebels. My name is Mukita and Have fun Note: Thanks for @Toonu for helping me with the server. for the Admin and Staff. Don't worry the RP is happening on the discord server. no need to worry about .
  9. Mukita12

    The FAR Fightout: BDA Gunfighters!

    Thanks for Renewing mines
  10. Mukita12

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Y'ALL I'VE BEEN SUMMONED @linuxgurugamer Go on mate
  11. Mukita12

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    It was me the all the time JK It will be @dundun92
  12. Mukita12

    An Military Nation RP

  13. Mukita12

    An Military Nation RP

    Kasian Ente YNM. You don't have much time to play