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  1. Notch Buys KSP and selled it to Microsoft and then merge it with Minecraft then delete KSP altogether BTW WHERE THE HELL ARE WE?
  2. i mean. atleast i nailed the landing
  3. What the heck did you just bring upon this cursed land?
  4. I just Armed my Bahamuto's FJ-105 Replica (what i mean by this is i made replica for Bahamuto's Replica on F-15J/FJ-105) AND I NAILED THE LANDING what do you guys think?
  5. I haven't sleep for the last 2 days.... I will try to sleep today though
  6. I make myself a replica of @BahamutoD's FJ-105 or F-15J How to distinguish it from bahamuto's F-15? Look at that Afterburner angle, Bahamuto angle are straight while mine all floppy and yes mine are lot dirtier
  7. 76- I myself will be considered casualties of war so DON'T EXPECT ME TO REPLY BACK Anyways boi