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  1. Hello Kerbals

    why you so russian (#indonesianenglishgrammar)

    Salam bro dari Jakarta

    Ampun Dia gak tau apa yang dia emang yang dia omoming. Ampun ya tuhan.
  4. Hello Kerbals

    you already know him indonesian by his username already

    Indonesia mu itu GUCCI!!!
  6. 1st of all sorry for All idsrespect to your post. 2nd of all if you want to share your craft put your save file with the picture on this thread and not put the link t toher thread pls @DiscoveryPlanet
  7. BUILD ON YOUR OWN @DiscoveryPlanet!!!!! if you what i mean know
  8. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Nope i'm the one who reply
  9. Put the planet into the star EASY RIGHT?!
  10. WWI BDArmory Dogfight [NEW] 8.1.18

    Ok most of them i agree but the battle style should not be Koth Style
  11. WWI BDArmory Dogfight [NEW] 8.1.18

    Every Biplane only allowed to have from 1 to 2 weapon AND you can Apply for Biplane For 5 times only
  12. Welcome to WWI Dogfight Competition INFO: This challenge is Round type of Challenge. Your Biplane will Compete with Others Biplane and try to get to final to win Styles:Stock Aerodynamics and Stock Landing Gear only How to Apply: Put your Craft download link on reply below Rules: 1.Must be crewed (No Moar Drone mate) 2. Firespitter Part is Not Allowed (Plugin only) 3. Stock Propeller is Not allowed 4. Use Airplane plus Propeller (No more than that mod) 5. BDArmory Core Mod only Allowed Weapon: 50 Cal Browning M2 Dissallowed Weapon: Turret (all kind), 20mm, 30mm, Laser Battle Rule: Normal:2v2 Fight, 3km Distance, Salvo Gun Road to Pre Final:3v3 Fight, 2km Distance, Salvo Mode Pre Final:3v3 Fight, 1km distance, Barrage Mode Road To Semi Final:4v4 Fight, 1km Distance, Salvo Mode Semi Final:5v5 Fight, 1km Distance, Barrage Mode Road to Final:6v6 Fight, 1km Distance, Salvo Mode Final:6v6 Fight, 1km Distance, Barrage Mode Road to Grand Final:2v2, 800m Distance, Both Barrage and Salvo Grand Final:1v1 Fight, 500m Distance, Barrage vs Salvo Battle Info:It was Match type of Battle. Basically your fighter will compete again other fighter for Atleast 3 Battle (not round) and winning all of those and then you will put to Road to Pre final fighter and fight for final and then continued until Grand Finale where you have 1v1 Dogfight with others Allowed Mod: Kerbal Foundries Destruction Effect Mod B9 Procedural Wings Aviator Arsenal Owners Note:you can record your own battle but That's not official Fight, and pls sometimes me @Mukita12 is Busy so @dundun93 and @dundun92 i'm counting on you for helping me uy Forgot. KSP 1.3.X
  13. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    NO ONE