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  2. *silently waits for the abomination of a circuit called Hermish GP*
  3. Ninpo: Kuchiyose no jutsu @Admiral Fluffy
  4. I know something that'll trigger Halo fans (specifically those who only played the game and haven't read the novel) Master Chief is not the best nor the strongest spartan, infact when compared to his peers (especially those who are identified as a potential leader like Jerome, Kurt or Fred) Master Chief is actually pretty mediocre with Kurt being overall better than him in almost every way. I rest my case
  5. granted but your PC exploded that destroy the entire continent I wish for F-15E to be added in DCS
  6. "At least my mom took me to NASCAR" - Ray, GK
  7. No, they be Nuclear Why is plane go woooosh instead of go REEEEEEEEEE
  8. Yesn't. I live in where it's technically a large city but it's actually a province, and i live in one of its city which isn't technically a city but still considered as a large city... i know it's confusing TUBM denied that Space Shuttle ever retired
  9. Affirm on that but i haven't clicked it TUBM has seen one of my Minecraft PvP video
  10. Nah you won't summon them, I will @Stormpilot
  11. No unless Technoblade told me to do it, then i'll enjoy it TUBM thinks F-35 looks chubby like a penguin
  12. Introducing the FJ-105. FARH's Premiere Generation 4.5 Heavy Fighter. Designed by the Bahamuto's Dynamics using the principles of the Energy-Maneuvering Theory, and equipped with Flankland Corporation's state of the art Avionics, Electronics, Radar and ECM module, this aircraft was designed to be the backbone of FARH's Heavy Fighter Arsenal. The FJ-105 was armed with state of the art, AIM-9X Sidewinder, AIM-120D AMRAAM as well as 20mm Hidden Vulcan, this aircraft could take any fighter in the air and defeats them (albeit with sufficient ai tuning) (FJ-105 test firing its AIM-9X) (The FJ-105 maneuvering with its EFT still attached) (the FJ-105 ejecting its EFT) Mods Required: - BDArmory Continued - Kerbalfield - KerbalFoundries Download: https://kerbalx.com/Mukita12/FJ-105 OP's Note: This was essentially me Re-arming @BahamutoD's FJ-105D2S and make it look as close to the original one as possible whilst putting more missile to be as accurate as the Real life F-15.
  13. Props to my friend RandomGuy from discord for this amazing Screenshot I might post it on KerbalX soon but procastination is a pain and hell i can't even spell it correctly
  14. I have 84 hours on steam install and countless hour on the one that i copy paste out of steam TUBM can pvp great in Minecraft
  15. Hmmm Alright, thanks for the input, i'll edit it soon after exam
  16. Hello everyone. So i've just wrote the first chapter on my forum story which essentially is a prologue. Can anyone be kind enough to give feedback on it and tell me where to improve? The link:
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