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  1. previous to 1.6.1 I'd been a long time 1.3.1 user...update for mesh switching is my vote.
  2. well, this explains why the 30 unit monoprop fuel tanks are marked as depreciated now..
  3. try adjusting the decoupler force down to 10, or, just zero it out, use the dragon's rcs to pull clear of the second stage.
  4. tried to load ghidorah heavy + rodan and its telling me it cant as its missing part rodan. am I perhaps loading an older craft file? and this is the second error it gave me.. falcon heavy error by XRaiderV1.7, on Flickr
  5. RaiderMan

    Universal Storage II [1.3.1 and 1.4.5 - 1.6.0]

    this'll work for 1.6.1 yes?
  6. and what SHOULD be a quick 20 minute build and fly has a way of ballooning into a 3+hour long head scratcher session ^^;
  7. I used this mod to build a delta IV heavy you'll need to merge the contents of the mk III block II optional addon into the cormorant aeronology folder(contrary to every single other mod..but this is the way its done for this one), as you need the liquid rocket boosters from the block II to make it work.
  8. ok, three things... 1, COOL as all heck csm/booster. 2, now how the frell did you build it and what parts did you use? 3, I WANT IT!!!
  9. who built the energia stack with the tantares parts? ...I WANT!
  10. I actually removed the saturn rescale files from my bdb extras, and the real fuels, as the saturn rescale gave me fits with skylab, and realfuels produced some real resource shortage issues during coast phases prior to circularization.
  11. RaiderMan

    [1.6.1] Knes 0.8 - All Of Them Update

    those mini boosters..the things I could do with them...