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  1. awesome!
  2. is the ITS titan, and the service module(?) for the v1 dragon?
  3. which end is nice work.
  4. rock on man! that said, not everyone likes sending capsules up without parachutes, built in descent motors or no. 42....the answer to life, the universe, everything. *snorts* hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.
  5. given my predilection towards parachutes, I relish the challenge of figuring out how to get them onto the new iteration here XD
  6. I dont suppose a hard reset or whatever the equivalent is, has been attempted?
  7. part tools?
  8. *grins* outstanding!
  9. so, no more arguing with getting a docking connector in there(with the nose's goosey hitbox..) I take it? rock on dude!
  10. many thanks.
  11. @EmbersArc good god do those draco engines of yours just rabbit...I slapped together a test rig with the mk3-9 pod..and this thing hit 6000 meters up before fuel depletion. well done!
  12. still needs custom sized remote control, or to have that functionality built in, for those who like to test crazy buckwild launch stacks with better than average chances of spectacularly large sized poofs..
  13. dropbox would be a good place to stash it. one drive is another..
  14. pretty sure there are logs you need that can help the mod developer troubleshoot the problem, heck if I know where those logs are located..
  15. is it possible to have several smaller boards?