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  1. I would happily fly this all the live long day.
  2. I love this mod, its so much fun to use.
  3. you also have to mind I've had thrusters cook off and explode off my craft because I wasnt careful to shield them properly or use specially designed thrusters. it takes some jiggery pokery to imitate a 5 way on a space plane...I've seen people stick thrusters on the vertical tails just cause there was no other spot for roll control thrusters on the stern.
  4. I've even used this to great effect with capsules, I'll shed rcs I'm not expecting to use, by dumping it into the service module. that said, @Callistoan I would propose adding canards to the forward fuselage, and perhaps lengthen it a hair if possible, to accomodate those canards. please mind your fuel distribution during reentry, as while SAS can cope with ALOT, if your fuel load isnt balanced, no matter how much power SAS throws at it via rcs thrusters, you're going to have issues. also consider experimenting with alternative rcs thrusters, as the 'oreo thrusters' I noticed you using may not be powerful enough to cope with the forces acting on the airframe. side note...I typically overdo it with thrusters until I know how its going to I'll put a set of two on the nose, two on the tail, and two on the wings, and then throw things at the wall and see what sticks. @JadeOfMaar is that what you meant? XD. now..bog standard space shuttles, thats a case of russian roulette.. darned if you do, darned if you dont, with stability assist mods...
  5. -glares at keyboard- I KNOW I typed more than that...I'm not in the habit of just chucking a mod at every problem, such as an issue to do with the design causing flight instability for example.. to be fair...some of the super shuttles I've flown that a friend, K1, designed, are seriously unstable during reentry if the monoprop distribution is left alone, a simple fix in that case is to just redistribute the fuel to achieve the desired performance..for example, his get REALLY light in the nose during initial entry phase, so I shove the monoprop all foreward, then once in atmo proper, I start moving it all back cause at that point I WANT the lift. I may even light the oms engines to eek out some more speed and lift at times.
  6. this works wonders for shuttles and lifting bodies. I forgot what modes I used, but rocket mode was one, I turned off moderation...
  7. I cant wait to play with these new station parts...and that lifting body capsule...well done!
  8. gotcha.. after implimenting the other suggestions to try and fix my booster smackage issue..I am hung on one thing. timing. I cant nail the timing required with the prograde trick to properly and cleanly stage the boosters, so I gave in and concealed a stock seperatron in the nose cones of the boosters, which gives them just enough force to make a 'nose out aerodynamic pull' on the booster, which in turn pulls it free..which was exactly what I wanted in the first place. in the end, it all falls on the timing..which I just cant hit. thank you for your time in helping diagnose the issue.