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  1. and here it is after its first flight test. the ares block II liquid fueled first stage configuration!As3q-IH2eZ89kUO2NNZmlY0hk7wt
  2. stock, and I managed a miracle. first stage is using the rd-181 motor, x4 cluster, and the tank diameter down to 3.75..and I left the upper with the original configuration, which has a 3.75 hydrolox tank and a j2x engine. ..I swore I'd beat this thing into submission.
  3. trying to build a liquid fuelled first stage for the ares I launcher, using liquid fuel/lox or hydrolox, and I just cannot seem to manage something that can get off the pad without use of not just one, but two F1 engines. I'm using the mft-a-standard tank with the following settings: fuel type-can be anything as long as it gets the thing off the pad body length 3.00x body variant-kerolox diameter-5.000 v.scale-1.0317 engine mount used: sc-eng-f1 with the following settings: layout-double mount-generic mount diam-5.0000 please help?
  4. plan survives first contact with the enemy.
  5. question...not a request there a retractable boom in the works for this partset by any chance? like the ones that were on the actual mir space station? see pic
  6. dammit I'm going to need to relaunch and rebuild my copy of space station mir.
  7. some people just arent happy without 100% perfection, which I've observed with kerbal..just isnt possible. mod makers and craft maker/fliers can get REALLY close but thats about it. people like cobaltwolf do the best they can with what they have.
  8. thank you ...hello sexy. oh this is going to save me so many headaches...
  9. @Kerbal01 can you post a screenshot of that Kohutek probe core/service module please? my desktop is in for I cant look for myself at the moment.
  10. Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    sweet work man!