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  1. there is a secondary reason for the monoprop. case I kark up the initial ascent, I've got a backup. so..I THINK I can strip it down to two tanks and have enough to limp if limping is needed. and on the ULA pack...if it was current, I'd love to play with the parts in that. finding decent modern parts like what's used by ULA has proven to be a bit of a pain.
  2. ok, this attempt left me with 41.16 oxidizer and 33.67 liquid fuel. improvement
  3. right, lets strip some kibble off, see if that helps, along with a better pitchover. 45 degrees by 10-15k right? should I change the monoprop capacity or leave it as it is presently? also, your signature..the ULA pack, that page does not exist
  4. could well be what I'm doing wrong. wish the gauge at the top of the screen gave it to me in km, rather than me having to find that out by flipping to the map and back like a loon XD how's the rest of the stack look to you? reasonable hardware load for what I'm asking of it?
  5. here's the launch I just recorded. I did actually start to notice some friction heating during my first test launch with this stack, so, I do tend to throttle down a bit.
  6. shooting for roughly 100,000 to 120,000km apogee/perigee, typically nose over a couple ticks once at 200 meters per second speed, and at 5k meters off the deck, throttling down gradually once the atmosphere begins thinning, with throttle up to full power on hard vacuum, to use whats left of the first stage to push as high as I can. had a curious issue when mounting srbs for a mercury capsule version where it seems to want to self destruct my fins. fixed that by repositioning above the pad's hold down clamps. nose over to the 45 line on the nav ball once midway up, and all the way to the divide when out of atmo, which is when I usually make my final first stage push to orbital speed. with the relay satellite, I had something like 20-30 units of liquid/ox left in the second stage, which is a closer shave than I'd like. am debating reducing the monoprop bottles from two to four. only need a little bit for ascent/on orbit maneuvering. I'm not the most graceful flier to ever play kerbal, but given my successes with the proton-k(ended up with way the hell more fuel than I needed for kerbin orbit) and the soyuz stack(ended up throwing away an entire stage's worth of fuel), I was expecting similar performance with kosmos. p.s. when I say throw away..I mean every launch, I end up tossing away fuel. I'll put together a video of the next launch attempt, show you what I mean.
  7. I dont know what you mean by 2.5 x.... utilizing parts from both bluedog design bureau mod, and tantares mods.. from the bottom up.. booster: c-14u motor c-765 fuel tank 1.25m stack decoupler c-s3m motor c-162 fuel tank rc-001s remote guidance unit(to deorbit spent second stage remotely) x4 hlr-15 solar batteries x4 pioneer 5 solar panels x4 per stage at the bottom of stage t-ma1 mooring and orientation engine(3 groups) x4 per stage t-5id illuminator (for visibility during night launches) 0.625m decoupler to release payload from second stage edit: replaced originally equipped monoprop orbital fuel tank with x4 A-s10 small monoprop tanks (0.1575 tons) to save weight. original tank was a fl-r-a185 monoprop tank(0.84 tons) payload: top down here: ra-2 relay antenna(0.15 tons)(primary long range transmitter to outbound craft) probodobodyne okto(0.1 ton)(primary body of satellite) lunar orbiter probe core(0.22 ton)(used as structural element) X4 l-r90 folding high gain antenna(0.0085 ton) (primary transmitters to/from control station on kerbin) x4 pioneer 5 solar panels(0.0045 ton) total mass of payload: 0.602 tons. LIGHT as a blooming feather. so I must be doing something wrong, particularly as I havent even given the satellite a propulsive system of its own(which would see me easily exceeding the max est payload weight of 2.5 tons). note: all weights do not include weight of fuel itself.
  8. gimme a bit, I'll get a parts breakdown on the satellite.
  9. Kerbalized SpaceX- (WIP)

    ...jaws lives! get out of that water!
  10. barely managed to get a heavily stripped down satellite into orbit. then again the sole specific purpose is as a comm relay.
  11. well that..explains alot.....back to the drawing board.
  12. whats the largest load I can send up with that configuration?
  13. let me rephrase...what combination of the parts would make a decent launcher? I can find the parts just fine..just cant get a booster worth anything put together...
  14. @Beale is there a recommended combination of parts for the new launcher, when one wants to put together and launch a small satellite?