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  1. try using this, arm the master switch, turn on rocket mode, disable moderation. steering movement stops the moment you let go of the controls
  2. I may be only in the game for 6-7 months but I do have some wisdom to offer..hey, dont knock the classics man.
  3. I mounted a decoupler and it pushed the LAS up and created a gap between the capsule and LAS shroud. I know SSTU has an LAS system that can do both decoupler and motor no problem, the only things that'd need to be set up are the abort command actions, but thats the case more or less with every other LAS I've seen.
  4. also, the orion launch abort system does not appear to have its own decouple function built in. the crew portraits dont appear either.
  5. RaiderMan

    [1.4.3] Near Future Technologies (1.4.3ish)

    potentially dumb/obvious question here.. can you clarify the thread title? it says 1.4.2 compatability, does that mean it works ONLY with 1.4.2 or its been tested and declared compliant, and will thus still work with the older ksp 1.3.1? I've had a read through of the last 5 pages and didnt see mention, hence me asking.
  6. RaiderMan

    [1.1.x] Canadarm v1.71 (5 June 2016)

    ..keep getting a big fat goose egg on getting this to work.
  7. RaiderMan

    [1.1.x] Canadarm v1.71 (5 June 2016)

    and kerbal attachment system? did you use that?
  8. RaiderMan

    [1.1.x] Canadarm v1.71 (5 June 2016)

    so this works with ksp 1.3.1?
  9. RaiderMan (Mod Hosting Site)

    getting 500 internal error when trying to download.
  10. RaiderMan

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'NAM' 2.0.4

    oh that is ironic and funny lol, what would be a good suitable substitute engine?
  11. RaiderMan

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'NAM' 2.0.4

    ok, I've been all up and down the parts list, what motor(s) did you intend for use with the cx-37b?
  12. sweet work here. are you perhaps taking suggestions for phase V?