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  1. once I've finished moving, I fully intend to put kerbal back in, and I have every intention of building an ISS of my own. this pic has inspired me.
  2. ..its the space worm! ..its the space noodle!
  3. I actually had to take two of the engines off...she was literally cooking on her way up... as to coming back down..I followed my standard reentry profile for shuttles, transferred all fuel to the aft tanks to lighten the nose..so she wouldnt try to nose down into the entry heating..but I couldnt shed enough speed fast enough, I actually cooked through the heat shield which I didnt think possible in this game. that said, I absolutely LOVE flying this up.
  4. it runs in 1.7.1 @Angel-125 I ran it yesterday. as far as self destructs on reentry..I was running atmospheric autopilot...I got the nose up, did a fuel transfer to the back to lighten the nose further...overheat explosion.
  5. only tried the crew dragon..its so badly unstable I cant fly it.
  6. it wants to roll..like BADLY. standard falcon 9 crew dragon.
  7. currently arguing @Angel-125's x-33 into orbit..this'll be my next test.
  8. ....I did not know it had one...and added a pallet for fuel for the cell. it does go up at least.
  9. ok, it goes up but I'm encountering a bit of a problem...it EATS battery. FAST. by the time I make orbit..I'm negative electrical power.
  10. assembly evaluation: wings need more defined 'snap to' attach points for the flight surfaces. going on 30 minutes now trying to get those on.
  11. I am pleased to report that the parts appear in program version 1.7.1 I am proceeding with vehicle assembly and will be testing flight capabilities soon. may I request a screenshot of the back, and side, for assembly guide purposes so I build the ship properly?
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