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  1. will intercolor version 5.4 work on game version 1.12.2?
  2. so..is it possible to use the existing partset, and things like BDB to build an EUS for the SLS?
  3. looking pretty snazzy. ------- brief off topic..is it wrong and should I be ashamed of myself..that the second @Angel-125 mentioned the word 'goat' that my brain went 'wait..why the heck is he trying to put a goat in kerbal? last I checked this aint goat simulator'
  4. I look forwards to seeing this mod pack mature. looks promising.
  5. I may have to search out 'Rocket Motor Menagerie' as I've had occasion of late to not be very happy with the motors I have available to me.
  6. yeah...it just wont let me build the rover....or use any of its parts. I'm yanking it. cant place parts, cant delete parts, VAB outright unusable with this installed. I reverted to the old habtech props after removing this mod. heres hoping my vab starts working again.
  7. welcome and thank you, and now I'm having issues mounting the rover wheel mount arms..it wont latch when I click to place.
  8. installation question: should I replace the habtech props that came with habtech2, with the habtech props that came with this?
  9. and I had it installed wrong! I'm SO smart... -facepalms-
  10. copied the mk 33 folder to the game data folder and none of the parts are showing up..install help please?
  11. then we're clearly building it wrong, is my conclusion...and could use a tutorial on how to attach the critical bits properly, angle and tilt properly....please?
  12. @SciMannegative..I dont Run FAR. aside from kerbal joint reenforcement and atmospheric autopilot..I run exclusively parts based mod packs
  13. I encountered the exact same problem with a hand built, and the prebuilt example craft. I took it further and experimented with using fuel transferal between the tanks in each part(the ones that have fuel tanks) this DOES seem to improve things, but not much...any maneuvoring pitch wise past 30 degrees, forget it, write off the craft and crew. gave up on bringing her back down again and just use her as a transit vehicle between kerbin and the mun. easier and less stress. edit: I even went and got atmospheric autopilot because of this craft thinking it'd help...well it does, keeps her stable during lift off, ascent, and later reentry, but the same problem of not enough pitch authority comes into play when its time to begin riding the belly heat shields...resulting in a vertical summersault and subsequent breakup. keep her under 30 degrees +/- pitch and she overheats and explodes. my conclusion? seems tailor made for an on orbit CTV..but ill suited for a reentry capable craft. second edit: yes this testing was done with stock equipment across the board, NO other trimmings/accessories past lighting so I could see the fudging thing(keep ending up with night time reentries for some reason)
  14. just making sure I wasn't overlooking them SOMEHOW ^^, thanks.
  15. once I've finished moving, I fully intend to put kerbal back in, and I have every intention of building an ISS of my own. this pic has inspired me.
  16. ..its the space worm! ..its the space noodle!
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