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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong subforum. I'm trying to build a fusion-engine-powered ship with Interstellar tech, and I'm running into something that I think is weird, but maybe somebody has some tips? Or maybe it's supposed to work this way and I'm needing to design around it better. I have the ship in the screenshot below. The problem is when I throttle up the engine. The reactor and generators will gradually come up to the power level needed to run the engine at the selected speed, but this dips into my MJ reserves. Now that would be fine, except when the reactor/generators catch up,
  2. Even without costs, you still have an incentive (a LOT of incentive) to keep your part count low and be efficient with mass.
  3. I swear that station I had orbiting Duna just disappeared.
  4. You mean when you're re-entering Kerbin's atmosphere? That's weight distribution and aero. All things being equal, you enter heavy end first. But if one end is particularly more aerodynamic than the other, you'll get flipped around that way. Sort of like how raindrops work. (But instead of deforming to minimize drag, your ship seeks its lowest-drag equilibrium.) Setting SAS to the opposite of the natural position, and enabling RCS, or otherwise inducing a tumble, is actually good, as it will slow you down faster. If you're after stability, move fuel around to shift the center of mass
  5. See, if I'm going to cheat, I'm going to cheat and just enable infinite fuel. It's easy to justify, too, when you're just a few m/s short of your goal - "IRL, the people planning this mission would have been smarter than me. This is like a handicap in golf." or "Well, if I hadn't insisted that my first orbit be perfectly circular, or if I'd used a gravity assist better when I left Kerbin SOI..." or "Well, I'm not as good a pilot as Scott Manley." Making the "cheat" tedious is just punishing myself, and a game is supposed to be fun.
  6. Well, you just have to do a flyby. So it's actually not all that bad - coming back from Eeloo or Jool, drop your Pe enough, and aim it just right so you pass the moon too.
  7. Man. What I wouldn't give for a Halo-style "Flip Vehicle" button. But I guess this isn't that kind of game.
  8. 2-3 years isn't even enough time to get to Jool! :-D
  9. One of my space stations just flat out disappeared. Four Kerbals lost and no small amount of science/data, too. RIP, guys. I'll send a followup mission someday.
  10. Mining/refuelling rovers can be on a planet for a very, very long time. Just saying.
  11. Built a mining lander ship to refuel an interplanetary tourist ship (using Interstellar tech Nuclear engines). Launched both as a single unit, and was well past the point of being able to revert when I realized that the mining ship lacked some critical components. (Like, would never be able to re-dock because it had no RCS, parts-clipping issues, no fuel cell for backup power, missing radiators, no water tank, one of the drills was configured to separate Dirt instead of Water and I didn't have the parts to reconfigure it, was carrying around a bunch of dead weight, etc. tl;dr, I really sh
  12. You don't need an imgur account to post pictures. But there's also tinypic.
  13. No point. It's too easy to grind science with labs and time warp, and the tech tree is too short. What order you unlock things is basically a playstyle choice, not something that has a big effect on gameplay.
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