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  1. *click* Noice! Any plans for scatterer?
  2. Wow. Amazing is an understatement when describing this. When I switch versions, and in the process lose my saves, I will for sure be using this.
  3. wow this helped! especially setting the priority to high, that made a MASSIVE difference for me.
  4. Does it have to be a plane? I can stick with jet engines but i would prefer not to try and build a plane.
  5. So I have been having an issue where in space the terrain disappears. Images: The strange thing is this only happens around Kerbin, not Laythe or Eve. I checked inside the config settings menu and it said that Kerbin was using Laythe atmosphere configs. I tried to change it to Kerbin, but it wouldn't let me type. This is honestly really confusing me and i don't know whats causing it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! My visual mods: Scatterer 0.0331b, Spectra V1.1.7, realplume, planetshine, distant object enhancement.
  6. having a weird bug where terrain seems to disappear from space, any way to fix it? pictures: help appreciated, thanks!
  7. Reusable stuff in KSP is always fun to watch. not to design though. I wish I still had a picture of my first reusable booster, sadly lost it after I spilled water on my old laptop.
  8. sorry to be annoying, but when do you assume you will be able to release Kopernicus for 1.4.4
  9. Two of them are uploaded. Tomorrow i will upload the last one (a crewed mun mission, with a refined first stage for a hopefully better landing), and then something special
  10. Sorry, but you put me in Modded - Orbital. Shouldnt i be in Modded - Suborbital?