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  1. Well i mean slapping itt inside a fairing and either put it on the LV or the shuttle. Both would be fine for me
  2. On the Space station , i am sturuggling to get all the stuff in the bay. can you not use the cargo bay?
  3. i want to make a space stations so i can move on but i am lazy to do it welp. don't know what design to go with
  4. Should i just releauch the entire mission or do only a specific part? also you gave badge for No. 2 and 4, but forgot about three. by that i mean forgot to qoute it?Ű Just saying if you accidiently forgot it also thank you for the badges EDIT: I just come back from school (first day) And i overlooked it (probably bc it was between two badge, sending pic in a minute)
  5. Not really. i dont use the ingame menu beccause Hyperedit is more percise, and works an Altitude rather than Semi major Axis.
  6. 1) Will remove the badges, as requested 2) I only have hyperedit so i ccan test the shuttles. Like STS 4 i wasnt sure if it could dock, so i used hyperedit. Than when they ould, i launched the real mmission
  7. 1) Badges are placeholders, no Stars are there. I just put them so i dont have to redo every timem i get a new badge. The Center ribbion is just to look cool. it shows how far i went in the world, it was mainly used to show my "'badge" without you judging it (cause you were away) but now u are here so it's only pourpuse is to look cool 2) - I just took a picture of STS 4 from my save and this is what it's things are. The icon i left blank is Janitor's toolbar. ) Hope this anwsers some questions
  8. Also what do you think about gettingg new badges? Any hope we see new (or expanded) badges? Any ideas? if you have would you care to share it?
  9. HE IS BACK Also have you considered hiring someone to help you review? (EDIT: just wanna clarify i am not virtue-signaling for me to get hired, but for other people instead
  10. Look on the side of CCcommand deck and Engineering. It is there Also i wanted to put a 6 way but there is only one part in stock and it is 1.25 (or something like that). SSRX has a correct part but i fear if i incclude it i will go overboard on the mod : stock ratio and get a modded badge