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  1. i just wanna inform you that all atmo flight helping tools are banned as far as i know. Although the rules might have changed since i last did this
  2. well you said you code so..... If you write your own ascent code you can use it
  3. actually you gave me an idea. maybe i should stream too. can you save a stream?
  4.ű here is a snippet of our convo and you can see when i send the pics i am using a 40t custom pot to fit my mk2 design. when i posted the reason it didn't got eccepted it bc the pod wasn't in a precise enough orbit While looking back at it, i don't see a point where you specifically said you can, it justh as to be 40t but i don't see a point where you had a prob with that. Also i didn't look in the thread so maybe it is proven or disproven here as i said, i am not an expert, just an enthusiast,
  5. just a quick q, aren't you the guy who did the duna mission? that insane one?
  6. i am in no way an expert but i have been in this challange for a liittle while so here is what i can tell you 1) If mk2.5 is modded, than yes, you will just get a modded badge 2) I have seen shuttles in fairings, and ii dont see any rules against it 3) I personally have redesigned the fuel pod and there was don didnt have a problem with that. 4) Yeah I may be wrong about this but as far as i know this is it
  7. here it is Also does your rule apply to every mün mission? like in sts 2 do i have to land the shuttle once, three times or none because the pods are doinhg precisionn landing. Love some enlightning "I you're talking about the first Mun mission, I'd say yes, you may deploy the outpost while flying, but the shuttle has to land on the Mun at least once to complete the mission."
  8. holy excrements. i was about to qoute you on a question You are in no rush, feel free to return when you like Is this allowed on mün mission? i wanted the shuttle's manned station to be deployed in a cool way and came up with this. just wanna ask if this is ok before you know, i do it