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  1. Artienia

    Dual Screen support help

    will try! thanks!
  2. Artienia

    Dual Screen support help

    so you cant have it full screen?
  3. Artienia

    Dual Screen support help

    -popupwinndow niinjaedit: ohno
  4. Artienia

    Dual Screen support help

    I have 2 monitors. Everytime i have ksp running and i click on the second window, ksp goes away. Yes i have tried -popupwindow but it didnt help Is it possible to have ksp in fullscreen without this happening?
  5. thats been present since Artemis I all of my missions had links through titles
  6. Artemis V-I Shuttle Launch Gonna be short. Part one out of four for the final mandatory badge on kerbin. I took a lot of pictures here so don't expect this much next time. Went for a small stations instead of a massive one no image promos because noone watches the albums so you have to go there to see it motivation by @4x4cheesecake thanks V-II is coming soon
  7. hey look mama its me i added jjet engines because 1) it looks cool and 2) i cant really glide not because the shuttle is very heavy, but also that i am somewhat of a begginer but you inspired me to do the space station one GET READY FOR ARTEMIS V EDIT: I have to admit i also developed a system to lift a shuttle into orbit with a horizontal launching system. It was very unstable sadly. After days it became stable enough but that is a gray zones, and didn't save that much fuel so i dumped the idea. Although tthat was powered by rockets
  8. Well i mean slapping itt inside a fairing and either put it on the LV or the shuttle. Both would be fine for me
  9. On the Space station , i am sturuggling to get all the stuff in the bay. can you not use the cargo bay?
  10. i want to make a space stations so i can move on but i am lazy to do it welp. don't know what design to go with
  11. Should i just releauch the entire mission or do only a specific part? also you gave badge for No. 2 and 4, but forgot about three. by that i mean forgot to qoute it?Ű Just saying if you accidiently forgot it also thank you for the badges EDIT: I just come back from school (first day) And i overlooked it (probably bc it was between two badge, sending pic in a minute)
  12. Not really. i dont use the ingame menu beccause Hyperedit is more percise, and works an Altitude rather than Semi major Axis.