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  1. Kerbin STS-1a Mission, "Breeze" Hello everyone, this is my first submission for the v6 challange, with my newest shuttle "Breeze". The spacecraft itself is a Mk2-bodied plane, equipped with dual Nerv engines. While the spaceplane itself isn't the most creative, the shuttle itself - in my opinion - is. The shuttle is a horizontally launched 2 staged rocket, launched via the runway, then pitched into vertical after taking off (Yes this works!). Onwards to STS-1b! The full album is can be found by clicking here. No mods or cheats were used that would give an advantage to the m
  2. Glad to see the old challange is revived again, will try to submit my first couple runs next week!
  3. guy who submitted a lot here back in the day unsure if deploying a parachute is allowed in mid air. the rules could have changed since than other than that its really cute
  4. i just wanna inform you that all atmo flight helping tools are banned as far as i know. Although the rules might have changed since i last did this
  5. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/messenger/135152/&tab=comments#comment-304917ű here is a snippet of our convo and you can see when i send the pics i am using a 40t custom pot to fit my mk2 design. when i posted the reason it didn't got eccepted it bc the pod wasn't in a precise enough orbit While looking back at it, i don't see a point where you specifically said you can, it justh as to be 40t but i don't see a point where you had a prob with that. Also i didn't look in the thread so maybe it is proven or disproven here as i said, i am not an exper
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