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  1. well i know it is from one of the mods. when i removed all than it worked. so i am just gonna install the very few mods i need to complete it Also about the new missions, i get that you wont be able to compete/fly the mk2 designs, only buran style but does the LV has to be buran styled too?
  2. Thought the hyperedit would fix it, but sadly my apo still decreeses and changes even in space with no rcs. Of course i am very honoured to get this chance so i will refly it for sure. i only put it on the top of it because i was lazy. I will try to get it the most precise i can (because the kraken/bug doesnt allow me for a whole lot because it can change by Kilometers by seconds, so i will try my best :))
  3. To be short, This is the mission Everything (inclduing why this is so short) is included there. I am sorry that i didn't post much here about this mission (this post) but my mental state is in shambles rn. Sorry -Me
  4. Yey! Also about the hungarian translation, how can i do more?
  5. Can we have an adapter between KBPS and FUR? It would be really usefull
  6. Can we have an adapter between KBPS and FUR? It would be really usefull
  7. These one. Any idea? I have seen multiple of them around the forums but never knew the origin
  8. And is Tweakscale allowed for aesthetic reason? I have an asteroid cather idea but for the roof 1x1 is too small but 2x2 panel is too big
  9. sounds good! Also has anybody actually done a STOCK STS-9 COMMANDER level? im interested
  10. @michal.don Thanks for the reply! also i want to ask where it says you can send a shuttle you can refuel that right? Also i guess you can mine ore on the moon and duna and these stuff
  11. Thanks! also one thing, i see you completed the asteroid one. can you link it? i want to do that and i need craft designs
  12. sigh I guess i do it over Some Question Station assembled in STS 5-8 will recive a badge. can you use that base as a refueling base? Also is mechjeb and Near future solar allowed? Im excrementsty at docking so mechjeb would helped (i tried docking indicator but not much improved) and the solar for aesthetic. their blanked and circular solar panels look dope. by allowed i mean still within the 'stock' badge