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    Kommunity Space Station 1.4.1

    Totally forgot about this but sure, Why not? Where can i get the file?
  2. Project Ilus This project is Heavily based on The Expanse Book Series. Sadly we don't have much info on the planets other than the Fourth Planet. What we know: There are 6 Planets Ilus I Ilus II Ilus III Ilus IV (Home world, oftern called New Terra) Ilus V Ilus VI All of these worlds are rocky except VI, And no there are no nicknames There is Also a Star, Called Ilus's Star which is very similar (in color) to the sun The only info on the rest of the planets (Except New Terra) is about Ilus VI, Which is Large, most likely referring it being larger than Jupiter, or in case Jool Now, Things we know about Ilus IV It's gravity is 1.1g Diameter is 13000km Day lengh is 1.25 It has 13 moons all in thes same orbit (It had alien tech don't judge) It is one giant continent with thousands of islands on the coast, some of them seem from orbit It has no tectonic activity (No mountains, Valleys, Rivers, Entire continent is flat) 50-50 Land to water ratio South West of the Continent is desert and dustorms are daily It has some very noticable ruins (Alien stuff as i said) It has a Black Grass-like stuff which grows in the continent It has a Sunfower like planets, which has a green top and always faces the sun It has a Red Fungi-like trees The oceans are full of bioluminecence filled bacteria, making them glow in the dark; some of them spills onto the coast making it highly visible from orbit It's coulds have a faint green hue due to bacteria and stuff I just wanted to archive all the sutff i found it, With the final goal of making it a mod. The Stuff i think would need to be changed: Grass color, which imo should be Eve-purple The Number of moons, which is just ridicolous (3 Main moons should be enough) And Rivers and mild hills added. Thank you.
  3. well i am loveing around with the code and got Vega to work. Not to excrements on your work tho, i love extrasolar (only interstellar mod i use). would be nice if you were on discord tho
  4. No, I have to go away for one week. i have about 3 weeks of chool
  5. i wanted to post a review today but sadly i have a family emergency. i know i havent been active lately but school is on the brink of end. This means i wont be able to post for one week. after that i promise i will post a lot more
  6. what a nicw weather we are having today dont you think?
  7. i didnt put an *, i left it out if you check my post i just used the happi
  8. Gay = Happy Gai = Happi very creative i know
  9. Well when i first submitted my plane one very kind reviewer review it instantly, so i will do the same to the people. The first three planes i will review (without names) are the P-4 787-10 GRJ-001
  10. I didn't built the plane so have no idea why it has an intake. Neis said i can go to the next planes and i will sure use the things you suggested to make it better thanks
  11. Test Test Pilot Review: @CrazyJebGuy's - GAI Turbo-XL Classic WARNING! Since this plane was released many of its specifics changed (price, Fuel Burn Rate). The Plane will be judged as it was released yesterday Price: 21,484,000 Fuel: 1300 Kallons Cruising Speed: 208m/s Cruising Altitude: 1,000m Fuel Burn Rate: 0.12 Kallons/sec Range: 2,253km The GAI HAPPI plane is very interesting. It's old design would make you think that it is slow and badly manueverble, but it is the opposite. For its size and engines, it is fast and this is by far the easiest plane to manuever. Our professionals at the KSC have tried to put it in a dive and pull it out at the last minute (They have experience in that) and it was nearly impossible to crash. The only thing we feared would happen that it's wings wouth break off, but that never happened The HAPPI plane is very good for small airports, as it can lift off at 65m/s without any pilot intervention. Right after takeoff it can be easily manuevered and flown. In the air it slows down a little but that is no problem! A plane that can do its job is the plane we need. Now when we first tested, we flew it in rainy weather this is why we got low range (AKA i have no idea why it changed, i removed all mods except the ones which i need for the airplane) Passanger comfort is an other problem, because the two hot streams of air blow from the engines further up, the majority of the noise goes to the people further down. Also the hot air could, over time damage the plane's paint and windows The verdict: This plane is great. Beginer pilots could pilot it with ease, Its hard to loose controll and its somewhat fuel efficient. It's over-the-top range is excelent for long routes, as well for short ones. Overall, We will be buying 5 for buissness and 2 for tourits purpouses.
  12. maybe if you try it? I belive you but i tried mutliple times and nothing happened Man i dont wanna be disqualified to review bc theres some buggy excrements with my ksp