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  1. I'm very much honored to recieve the high honor of the Architect badge, and I'm glad we could revive the shuttle challange for it's 7th iteration!
  2. bro got done dirty Anyways, Currently Almost all of "Phase 1" as we call it is complete. Phase one missions are the one that come after Duna-1, Mun-1 and Minmus-1. Only remaining missions are the 4th Mun. Minmus and Duna missions, and the Summer and Christmas missions. Those should be relatively easy. As sturm said, we're looking for beta testers! Especially for JO-5 and EV-6
  3. STS-3 Mission Report "James Kebb" Full Report Link: STS-3 "James Kebb" It's been a long while since I, or anyone really, has done mission reports so i've taken it upon myself! These will be the last mission before the influx of new missions. I've spoken to Sturmhauke and we might just get a lot more missions, with a potential reboot (It's been 3 years since last reboot, it's high time). Pretty standard mission but that shuttle was really hard to design, even if it looks quite trivial. I encourage everyone to look through the mission report to see if i've committed any inconsistencies, if not, I'll take the badge for now. In the meanwhile, if you have any ideas for missions, Please tell us! Currently my goal is to get every planet 4 missions. The additional suggestion count for each planet are the following: Moho: 2/4 Eve: 4/4 Dres: 4/4 Jool: 2/4 Sarnus: 4/4 Urlum: 2/4 Neidon: 1/4 Plock: 1/4 Asteroids: 3/4 I won't reveal the specific missions per se right now, but i am happy to announce that the limited time <CHRISTMAS> missions will be getting a revamp (get ready Eeloo!) and we might just get limited time <SUMMER> missions aswell.... Happy shuttling!
  4. A cassini-type mission was high on my list. For Sarnus i also though that "Bring an Egg to Ovok" could be a fun challange! Regarding mech jeb, *all* atmospheric flight has to be done manually *or* programmed by oneself, so that would be a No.
  5. I've reached out to Sturmhauke on potentially adding more missions. If you have any mission ideas that you think could be interesting, Feel free to give your ideas! Asteroids/Moho/Dres/OPM are all welcome. So are missions that are limited time, such as the Christmas one we regularly have. Perhaps a summer vacation on Laythe? Well then!
  6. Oh wow i was just checking out this mod, first update in 2 years, Jackpot! Question - I remember there were eve-breathing engines, I assume no plans for something like that to be added to this mod?
  7. mod packs are not the issue, they can be used of course. if its just a planet pack (RSS, OPM, etc) then you would get a stock other-planet badge. if you used non-stock parts then it would be a modded other-planet badge. it's just that i do not have the resources to give such badges out, i only have vanilla stock ones
  8. its not about it being allowed or not, i don't have a badge to award you in the first place
  9. Looks good man! I love the sleek design of your shuttle My shuttles dont like to glide either, I'm not a great designer i must admit ...
  10. Congrats on completing every STS challange to date! If you're itching for more, i can reccomend completing these 3 missions. You'll get an officially unofficial hand drawn badge. Personally i think these 3 missions are the closest to actually become canon, as even the prev host don is in favor of it
  11. @OJTCongratulations on obtaining the most badges in a single message i suppose. Its a quirk of life but i'll bet this will hit you hard with dopamine I loved the design of the shuttle for the Skylab mission. I had somewhat of a similar design in my original 2B aswell. It was an MK2 shuttle which had a front and back section. In the middle it had a payload. It would take that payload up, disassemble itself, take the payload out, and the dock. So it's a plane again just a lot shorter. Then it would just land. No cargo bays needed! Of course now with all the docking mods and t he fact that you can rotate them its a lot easier to do it. Maybe.... Sorry for the late reply. Trajectory mod is indeed allowed. Basically any mod that doesn't directly help you in the game (Like hyperedit) but passively (Trajectories, Thrust balancer, Mechjeb in space) can be used. If you do have a question though feel free to ask again!
  12. I've had exam week this week after coming home from vacation (no rest ey?). I understand your frustration. Feel free to continue doing missions as if the badges were awarded. i'll take a look on Saturday, that's a promise!
  13. Sorry! I'm currently abroad for two weeks and the net is quite.... yeah. None of the images load. When i get a better net (maybe an internet cafe) i can grade them, but i'm confident in your skills! Now only the Bonus and Test missions are behind right?
  14. If you can fetch an asteroid and do all the test pilot missions i wouldn't object to such notions. You have clearly shown a great deal of understanding and respect to the Shuttle Challange
  15. It's very nice tosee how far the shuttle has evolved. Few commanders make it this far, wear this as a badge of honor!
  16. Yeah i..... i can't allow that man. The craft has to stay largely in piece. A solar panel or two can rip off but... but not the entire wing...
  17. Well flipping a craft like that is def. now allowed. But if you reload the save and land the craft than that would be perfectly allowed
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