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  1. I am currently running GU in conjunction with JNSQ (I'm getting a few texture issues, but I can live with them), this works because the Kerbol system is currently unmolested by GU When you do decide to reconfigure the Kerbol system, will it be a separate module, and part of the suite? IE: NK1.x and also KB1.x (for example) Or, will it be a continued part on the NK chain? (NK2.x for example) Simply put; will I need to avoid updates of NK once the stock changes are implemented if I want to use other planet packs that depend on a stock system?
  2. Our intrepid crew aboard the H.Houdini on the surface of Eeloo drilling for precious Karborundum!
  3. Samantha and Neldos are loving their adventures in the new pods!
  4. OK, I've downloaded the latest release, and also installed JSIAdvTransparentPods_V0.1.20.0 (I didn't realise it was a dependency, so my previous shots were what it looks like without it!) I took a short video because I noticed that it was only when certain parts were required to be visible. To confirm: I removed TR (just in case it was a conflict) and I also launched unmanned (again, just in case) neither of which made any difference.
  5. Cheers mate, I'm not sure exactly what you'd like to see, so I'm just trying to put together shots that I think are cool. Here's an example with only one pod on the pad, and only stock parts (just in case that was an issue), I also tried to use a pod with a single, simple pane to try and minimise the 'too much glass' possibility. It seems that the effect brings the IVA view to the front of everything regardless of what it might be, and I'm not sure how that might be overcome. No RPM or MAS installed, but for clarity I've included a shot of my GD folder just in case something presents
  6. Good catch on the references. I downloaded the updated file was preparing some shots for you to consider when I noticed a weird effect when switching to transparent. Anything in front of the IVA appears to be deleted also. I don't know if this is normal, or an issue to be addressed?
  7. By this time tomorrow I'll try to have a selection for you. Thanks for your efforts on this, it's a great mod!
  8. Any chance of some massive solar flares from one of these stars?
  9. I'm using this one: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/tag/release-1.7.3-1
  10. If you do decide to pick this up, I know many people who would be most grateful! Regarding DeepFreeze compatibility, this is something that would be very useful indeed, especially for those of us who have planet packs installed that require centuries of travel. Regardless, I am glad for this mod, and appreciate the work you have done.
  11. I'm loving this mate, really appreciate the effort you've put in! May I ask: What is involved in changing the name "Sun" back to "Kerbol"? I kind of liked that, but I'll understand if it's not something you'd support. My CPU lives in fear of your next release.
  12. Take your time mate, this release looks like it's worth waiting for! I gather it requires Kopernicus, and will run on 1.7.1?
  13. Roger that, happy to wait. Your efforts are appreciated.
  14. It's exciting to see this being developed, and really looking forward to a release! I'm happy to volunteer for testing too
  15. @Fengist mate, I love what you've done with this mod! Edit: Currently having fun with it in 1.7 and can report no issues or conflicts
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