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  1. Upon landing, your rover will establish a landing spot. Driving farther away from where you originally landed will increase chances of finding a science spot. Science spots detected far away from the rover will have a bonus multiplier added to them. Ouch, did I understood this in reverse? Going farther away, will "increase" the science reward and chance to find science spots?
  2. wow, never thought of that one, thanks for all the effort
  3. my log file is in the first post here : Also, I tried installing with ckan and when I got the error, I tried removing it by ckan and then installing manually from git hub, didn't work, again when people talked about rpm, I tried using ckan, same issue exists
  4. In my case this version didn't solve the issue, the modal box is still there, will try lower versions to see if they fix it or not
  5. Hi thanks for the warning, removed the upload as you suggested, although I thought I collected only those that would not conflict with each other, but didn't know that OP had an upload, I had done it to keep a reference for my future self lol, anyways, deleted now.
  6. honestly I didn't try playing to see if parts and mechanics are ok or not, as soon as I install the mod, when I start the game, on the main menu there is a warning modal box saying that something seriously wrong about deep freeze installation happened and tells me to close the game and reinstall the mod properly!
  7. Hi Have a question, is there any option to disable multiple usage negative effect on the amount of science? It would be nice to have the ability for switching that mechanic off for a save game
  8. until @JPLRepo can find a time to see to this error, can anyone help me getting rid of it with an unofficial build? I want to play interstellar and honestly, without deep freeze it's almost impossible to send kerbals to other stars in galaxies. If there is no way to fix this for time being, can anyone help and recommend an alternative way? Personally was thinking about playing with civilian population hand in hand with deep freeze, but now, I don't know if I can use civilian population for years away from kerbol system!
  9. @JPLRepo Today I downloaded deep freeze from github, and I put everything inside the game data folder, so, lacking of a dependency is not an issue here, how ever, when I run the game, it complains about something went bad and about bad installation! Here is my player.log file, please help LINK thanks for your help
  10. Hi I was developing a little module plugin and it's inheriting from ModuleLight, it was my first time doing a module plugin so, I tried to look into the stock module code and learn from it, how ever, when I tried to used resharper, the code that was generated was not much readable, many sections inside any method is obfuscated and decompiled as something like calling internal methods! That rise a question in my mind, is there any way of properly decompiling a single module class like the module light for learning purposes?
  11. I mean it like, would wolf be able to handle the mining or not. I think we still need the good old drilling for gold. Honestly I prefer it that way. Wolf essentially removed the need for drilling in time for most of resources. Having one or two mechanics that would need drilling is not bad. One more question, do we need to baby sit the drilling / processing or will it work in the background (at least like what mks does, revisit and everything will be calculated properly like you had baby sit the craft)?
  12. Hm, tested the code and it works, published the mod But there is no child search functionality, just the simple code above being compiled, tested and published. If anyone can add the code for searching the children and adding them to the list, I would like pull requests.
  13. Hi everyone. Stock KSP game has a ModuleLight. Let's have an example, think about a part that will sit on the surface of your vessle and behave like a mountable four direction light. Naturally you would have four spot lights in the modeling phase. You would like to turn all four of them on or off at the same time. Also, you would prefer to make all four lights blink at the same time. The stock ModuleLight, will only accept a single light geometry from your model. So, you would have to add four ModuleLights to your part file to handle all four spot lights. This will cause a huge headache for you. Using four ModuleLigths, means that now, in the part action window, you will have four buttons for turning lights on/off, and four buttons to make them blink. Unless you bind these actions to an action group, this won't work as intended. Also, now you would have four light color options. In some cases that is exactly what you need, then by all means, use the stock module. How ever, if you want to turn many light objects on/off and blink syncronously with a single button click, this little module is for you. How to use The syntax is similar to ModuleLight, how ever, when you have lightName in ModuleLight with a single name of the object, here you can have as many objects as you want, separate names with a comma and you can even use single space between comma and names to make things readable more. The final result will be something like this : MODULE { name = ModuleMultiLight lightName = light_obj_1, light_obj_2, light_obj_3, light_obj_4, light_obj_5, light_obj_6, light_obj_7, light_obj_8 lightRange = 10; useAnimationDim = True animationName = ANIM_NAME_TURN_ON lightBrightenSpeed = 2.5 lightDimSpeed = 2.5 disableColorPicker = False toggleInEditor = True toggleInFlight = True canBlink = True blinkMin = 0.2 blinkMax = 2.0 blinkRate = 0.5 isBlinking = False useResources = True resourceName = ElectricCharge resourceAmount = 0.002 } Notic, beside having many object names, now you have one additional parameter that you can set, the light's range value! The default number for this value is set to 60. This default value would work properly in case you have one or two ligths, but with more lights in close space, you may want to tweak and nerf this value down like this example. You can simply download the mod from SPACEDOCK The source is published on GITHUB Keep in mind, the license is MIT. If I was not able to keep this repo up to date in future for next versions of game, anyone who wants to maintain this, already have permission! Version History : - Added the functionality for searching child objects for light, now, if you want, just put a single name (the parent) of the light object holders, the code will find all the children that are lights - Added the slider for light range into the part action window both in editor and in flight Known Bug : When you turn on the light on an active vessel and then leave it and go for other vessels, if you come back to the vessel, only the ring in colored and no lights are active, simply turn off the light (single light or on the whole vessel) and turn them back on, it should work. Unless someone can help me with this issue, no matter what I tried, nothing fixed this. If anyone can help with a pull request that would fix this issue, by all means please do it.
  14. ok, one little thing, when I was talking about light intensity, I was thinking about intensity AND light range being tweakable from module code in part file, I just wrote the intensity, because I didn't know if light range was available or not and didn't have enough time to dig into the code. Any one has any idea about the whole code and possible solution for multiple children under a single parent?
  15. I put together some code, didn't compile it, and didn't test if it's working or not, I just did it to give you guys a rough idea of what I'm looking for and a possible starting point : using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class ModuleMultiLight : ModuleLight { [KSPField] public float lightIntensity = 60; public override void OnStart(PartModule.StartState state) { base.OnStart(state); lights = new List<Light>(); string[] temp = lightName.Replace(" ", "").Split(','); foreach (var name in temp) this.lights.AddRange(part.FindModelComponents<Light>(name)); foreach (var light in lights) { light.intensity = lightIntensity; brightnessLevels.Add(lightIntensity); // Not sure if the reflection bellow will work or not! light.color = (Color) typeof(ModuleLight).GetField("lightColor").GetValue(this); } } } If this code works, I had covered the multiple names, how ever, I was a little confused on how to look for children case. If this was pure unity game development, I would know what to do, how ever, this is an API for KSP and I am not familiar with this API at all. If someone is familiar with this, please take a look at this piece of code and if possible, add the ability to look for children of objects and find lights to add to list, and, please confirm if the reflection code is correct or not! thanks
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