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  1. Hi Kobymaru - I actually got the button randomly to appear 2 days ago within the blizzy toolbar settings menu. - I've been having mod buttons randomly appear and disappear in my play sessions since 1.8. No idea why. It seems trajectories was one of these. Once I ticked it in the blizzy toolbar... it's been available ever since. Still losing the CLS button every couple of sessions though, obviously not one for here. Thanks anyway - working great as advertised now.
  2. Fantastic - one of my favourite mods. Quick feature request: I have a large vessel with over 200 berths, it's a little tricky to manage the crew roster at times. I use Crew transfer a lot to move crew around various modules. However it can be a laborious process, as it's not possible to tell on the transfer window what each Kerbal specialises in. E.g. Engineer, Biologist, Pilot, etc... Would it be possible to add the profession to the interface ? Thanks - and appreciate you may not be making changes, but thanks anyway for maintaining it. Regards, SJ
  3. No I don't have that mod and can't see it on CKAN either. Is there a standard Squad (vanilla) Light I can simply use ? Cheers Actually according to the mission brief, it seems I have SOME lights already on the station, just not 24. Am I miss-understanding the requirement? Is "module = Light" mean that it's a component with Lights... e.g. a capsule or docking port ? Sorry I know it's probably a dumb question
  4. Hi thanks for the update, working well in 1.81. However, is there a hot-key to bring the interface / GUI up ? I do get it flash up momentarily when loading focus onto a ship in space, but then it goes before I can interact with it. There also doesn't seem to be any buttons on the menu (official or otherwise) ? BTW - Mod is working find for landings on Kerbin, but would be good if I could understand the settings or adjust things if needed. Anyone able to advise ? Cheers SJ
  5. Hi, I'm almost finished with my space hotel / casino. Can anyone tell me what the LIGHTS are I'm supposed to add. "With Module: Light" I'm struggling to find them ? Cheers for any advice SJ
  6. I'm running 1.8.1 with Trajectories 2.2.3 - with the 18.bin copied into the plugins folder. I'm not seeing any Main UI button on the main menu nor any red trajectories over planets? Can anyone let me know what I'm doing wrong. ? SJ
  7. I have another funny one. I am using a hydraulic Telescopic Piston 3PT and trying to re-attach a Jr Docking port to the end of it, to assist with lugging around objects on Mun. This was quite effective previously. But now I cannot re-attach the docking port as it says there is no Surface attach Note. Previously you could attach "H" or even better Press "R" and then "H" to get the docking port centred and correctly locked to the end of the piston. No idea what has changed (apart from the 1.7.3. to 1.8 obviously) Cheers for any pointers SJ EDITED TO ADD: finally
  8. I too had issues with comms, but it turns out its a call to Remotetech - see here.. Even if you don't have remotetech. but DO have research bodies.... Anyway It solved it for me. Hope that helps
  9. Brilliant, just commented out the filename, so will try again now.. Very much appreciated chaps YEP THAT'S SORTED THE BD ONE AND THE RN ONES !!! Wierd as I am running the exact same mod setup... maybe the load order is different? Anyway all solved :-)
  10. Hi Cobalt, thanks for looking into this and I appreciate it's a right pain in the proverbial to sift through these files. I've followed the advice and attached the player.log file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bQrpYlkRqgbuLIg2IckdRRFt_SHE4fYL and a save here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NOuwxn-LzWybVB33GJvaMnd5T5Z_SPk8 I appreciate I'm running quite a lot of mods, but NOT Remotetech. It's worth mentioning my US probes from Raidernick are also no longer functioning as Comms satellites either, so it must be something that has changed with the way they wo
  11. Looking in a save file where I placed a vessel with one of your working antenna and one of the non working versions, there seems to be missing "module" data in the file. E.g. the one that works has "can transmit" or something similar (i'm at work so not 100% sure :-) ) whereas the other one doesn't. Hope that helps J
  12. Hi - just migrating my save to 1.8 today and including your newest official build. I've noticed a possible bug with the antennae.. Certain models e.g. the WPT Scimitar don't seem to be functioning anymore. Odd thing is I also cannot see any data rates or module information in the VAB when you hover over an item - they used to be there. Other variants such as the Sonne-MBM-LGCA are working.... with associated data in the VAB. It could be a conflict granted, so before I go hunting can anyone else confirm or deny ? Cheers SJ
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