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  1. Aha! Another one!

    1. Rover 6428
    2. HansonKerman


      that was what I was expecting moar or less. Think on it for awhile

  2. ooh nice to see my name there
  3. Does anyone know about the UK border policies? Its just that I have a bad feeling that I am going to be stuck here
  4. This is great, thank you!!!!
  5. So... how do I do it?
  6. Is there a mod/way to make solar panles less effective? It's just that is sometimes feels like cheating because you don't really need panels that much.
  7. Jool's atmosphere is made of vape (get it?). That's why its toxic
  8. Did you know that the Moon is bigger than Jupiter. You can see this by looking at the sky!
  9. I believe there should be some kind of MechJeb, but not a full one. For example, it can get quite tideous to keep manually doing tons of resupply missions to build that one interstellar spaceship. It would be nice to do one mission, kind off "record" it and then just put it on autopilot so it runs in the background while you do more interesting stuff.
  10. "good morning" - Jesus, probably