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  1. Hey, could you make a flag for "Untied Kerbal Republic" which is situated on Solitude (After Kerbin planet pack)
  2. Alfred Kerman was an astronomer in the R&D senter. During a trivial inspection of the Duna's surface through the pictures taken from the sattelites, he found something very weird about one of the northern sectors: Although under visible light there was nothing interesting to see there, the background radiation in the area was a lot more intense than any other area on the planet. As well as that, the sensors picked up a strange signal coming at high frequencies from the sector. Excited to share the news of a new discovery, Alfred rushed back home to prepare his report for the next day. But as the sun rose, he didn't turn up... Five days later, his body was found in his apartment. All the files were taken, as well as all the footage from the sattelites. The only two leads that were found in the apartment of the cause of Alfred's death, was a cup of tea with high concentration of Arsenic, as well as high concentrations of it in Alfred's blood. The second clue was the "Ω" symbol engraved on his arm with a knife. Kimbly Kerman- eaten alive
  3. I will sneak into your house at night and replace it with a fake. MY COOKIE!!!!!!!!
  4. RC Drones: I will have a swarm of such things and will take over the world
  5. Yeah guys, I think KSP 2 is dead. I haven't seen anybody play it for a while, so sad to see such great potential wasted
  6. During his return from a routine rotation of the Kerbin 2 (a space station located in the LKO) Dade Kerman started the re-entry procedures for planetfall. However, a fluke micrometeorite managed to hit the life support control sytem of their pod, disabling it. But when the alarms went off, it was too late: the reentry has begun. When the ground crew arrived to pick up the kerbanauts, no one suspected anything, untill they opened the steaming capsule, only to find the ashed remains of what once were their friend... Bobly Kerman - starvation
  7. I present to you: my latest invention! Hawk Mk 3 Guardian: The third iteration of the famous line of fighters by Kerbal Dunatian, the company that brought you the Hawk Mk 2 and Falcon Mk2. This fighter utilises some of the most modern software available, putting it at the top of the areal food chain. Designed specifically with combat in mind, this plane can go up to Mach 3 at cruising speeds, can take off at only 50 m/s and is the most maneuverable craft around. It has 2 main and 2 secodary engines, which can be toggled independantly from each other. The craft has an additional autopilot in case your kerbal loses conciosness during a dogfight. It has been proven especially effective during the Free Space War. Flight manual can be seen on KerbalX. *No weapons included* Download from KerbalX Known bugs: No bugs as of today!! Flight advice: use SAS. When landing, don't turn the brakes on untill touchdown. I am open for suggestions on improving and creating new content. If you have any ideas, please feel free to post them in the comments.
  8. I guess you could place them and then remove symetry on one. Then work with them as separate things.
  9. I am working on fixing the floppiness edit: the floppiness is fixed
  10. It looks cool, but if I had the money to buy a car, I would go for model X