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Found 9 results

  1. So, I made a render of all the planets and moons in Kerbal space program 2 with their real textures from in-game, and also made them be true to scale. Here's a comparison between all planets and moons, and how large they are.
  2. So I was waiting for class to start and I had my school computer . So I decided to open up TinkerCAD and model up a Saturn V. Throughout my free time that day I kept going. After advanced science I asked my teacher (henceforth Mrs. S to keep my and her privacy) if she could 3d print it (she had a 3d printer in class) and she said sure! So I have finished it up and she'll print it sometime soon. For now, here's a picture of it (I'm not gonna send the link because its linked to my school account.) S-IC S-II S-IVB, Payload Fairing, CSM and LES The lil indent on the bottom of each segment fits into the last ones' interstage. It should hold together upright.
  3. as the picture shows If you know what the situation is or if you have encountered a solution, please leave a message, thank you in the unity in the max in the max in the unity
  4. Ok, so a few weeks ago I made a thread asking for help with 3D printing craft, since Eucl3D is sadly gone. People suggested I use @taniwha 's blender .craft importer. UNfortunately, Blender is giving me errors when I try to install it and I can't seem to find a fix either in the forums or Reddit. I also tried with @Dasoccerguy 's add-on, which I can actually install, but it gives me errors whenever I try to actually import a craft. I found one potential fix, but it didn't do anything (I have also tried with older versions of craft files and the same thing happens). I'm very committed to doing this, basically because I had a 3D print which was very dear to me and it got stolen. Given my recent failures--and I hope this isn't against forum rules--I'm willing to pay anyone who can just give me a blender, obj, or stl file of my craft. Can't promise it will be much, since I also need to order the print, which mean additional spending, but hey, it's something. Anyway, thanks to anyone who can help!
  5. How do I unpack the asset bundle? I need the kerbal 3d model from that.
  6. By chance does any one have a an accurate 3d model to print of a kerbal or a animation model? I have looked at shapeways but they no longer sell kerbal models.
  7. I haven't printed it out yet, and it needs to be painted afterwards, but here is my progress for now...
  8. I am making a command pod, it's 2.5m diameter, 2.7m long, houses 4 kerbals. How do I improve it? What else do I need to add. I understand I would need to add windows, on the opposite side.Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
  9. Hi artists, im looking for someone who could make me a "Space Duck" (the inofficial pet of Jeb) and a Kerbal as 3d model for use on SpaceDock. If possible fully rigged and usable in either 3D Studio Max or Poser. VITAS
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