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  1. I'd swear I looked for that and couldn't find it. Obviously I didn't look in the super hidden places like "the root of the TweakScale directory" :V Thank you.
  2. Random question: How do I interpret how TweakScale scales things? I see "ScaleExponents.cfg," but I'm not sure what formula said exponents would go into. In this specific case, I'm looking at reaction wheels. I see the following: TWEAKSCALEEXPONENTS { name = ModuleReactionWheel PitchTorque = 3 YawTorque = 3 RollTorque = 3 inputResources { rate = 3 } } Does this mean that for every doubling in size, it's multiplied by three? Or is it cubed? Or is it for some other step in size?
  3. One of these days I'll figure out how to use github for actual code, but I don't really do much in the way of code myself. I've opened the appropriate issue for you, though.
  4. Pseudo bug-report @linuxgurugamer: It looks like you put in support for KSPI-E at some point, for the "FNGenerator" module. It also looks like KSPI-E changed the name of the power generation modules at some point. These lines should be added somewhere in the modulealiases.settings file under the "Energy" heading: Item { name = ChargedParticlesPowerGenerator } Item { name = ThermalElectricPowerGenerator } Let me know if you want me to stick this on GitHub as an issue as well.
  5. Well, it certainly doesn't break anything. No clue if it actually works - I'm nowhere near the point where I'd be using the science modules yet.
  6. @linuxgurugamer: Is the reason for the M50 engine being separate in the most recent release because it's still broken? Also yay, yet another mod you've adopted! \o/
  7. Won't speak for anyone else, but this sounds good to me. I imagine anyone playing a rescale mod knows what scale is applied.
  8. To be fair, I don't actually mind trimming the fluff myself - the biggest thing I wanted was a description of why these things were included in the KSPI-E install. It's obviously easier if you've been using KSPI-E for a few years, but if I saw all this stuff as a new user? I'd A: just copy the install whole without knowing what I was installing, and B: not know why (for example) I was having KJR-related kraken attacks or TU-related crashes. I don't actually get those, but when you install a dependency, you install any of its potential bugs as well. In any case, that's why I kind of dumped the info at @FreeThinker - I think it's really useful to know what the included folders are, but it's ultimately his decision what to do with it.
  9. I'm continuing my comment here based on what was said in the support thread, because this is probably a better place for it. I'd like to request a "dependencies" list in the various OPs to reflect what are hard dependencies and what are firm or QOL dependencies, and also show what's downloaded with the package. Off the cuff, I'd expect something like this: ------------------- Hard Dependencies (pretty much required or KSPI-E won't really work as expected): WarpPlugin: Main KSPI-E Mod Folder TweakScale: Used by KSPI-E to resize all parts. Firm Dependencies (you'll almost definitely need these): KerbalJointReinforcement: KSPI-E spacecraft are big and heavy - this makes it less likely for them to fall apart. InterstellarFuelSwitch: Provides a number of fuel tanks which are compatible with KSPI-E. CommunityTechTree: Provides more science nodes to spread the KSPI-E parts out. CommunityResourcePack: Provides a base set of resources for KSPI-E (and other mods) to use. Included in download for Quality of Life: PersistentRotation: Provides stability for high timewarp factors. PhotonSail: Standalone photon sail mod compatible with KSPI-E beamed power. PatchManager: ??? HideEmptyTechTreeNodes: Hides tech tree nodes with nothing in them. FSHangarExtender: Allows you to extend the hangar size - KSPI-E spacecraft tend to get big. 001_ToolbarControl: ??? 000_TexturesUnlimited: ??? 000_FilterExtensions: Provides more and better filters for the VAB/SPH. 000_FilterExtensionsConfigs: Configurations for the above. ------------------ You can obviously arrange them as you desire, into hard/firm/QOL, but the above would provide a baseline. I'd also suggest links to the various mods in the dependency list so people can see what they do (I had to do this for TexturesUnlimited, although I still don't know how/if KSPI-E uses it...) Also, a big thumbs up to the idea of turning KSPI-E modular. Is this something you plan to do to everything, or just to new parts you add? It'd be really cool to see "KSPI-E: Beamed Power", "KSPI-E: Reactors", "KSPI-E: Propulsion", etc. as separate downloads so people can mix and match (again, kind of like the Near Future Technologies stuff,) but I imagine it'd be a pain in the neck to untangle the web of interconnection that's probably programmed into the code. Quick edit: You're welcome to use any and all of my wording above, but keep in mind I put that together based on old knowledge - I still haven't even gotten KSPI-E reinstalled yet. You'll absolutely need to edit it for accuracy.
  10. I'd consider TweakScale a pretty hard dependency - kind of hard to resize anything without it, but hey, at least it won't blow up on me if I don't have it. But otherwise, that's roughly what I'd hoped - it's just a bunch of really useful stuff that you're redistributing, not a bunch of mods with customized configs that will cause unexpected behavior if I install the original version rather than the version you provide. It pretty much means that I just need the WarpPlugin folder and I've got most of the rest of the stuff. Thanks as always for the answer! I can sort of lead you in the right direction on this, since I don't know exactly what you mean to "allergic." For a long while, KSPI-E has included some configs that make it aware of the NFT stuff. The "problem" being that the power scale between the two is vastly different - a "stock" KSPI-E 0.625m reactor is enough to run a fair number of the NFP ion engines at full efficiency. I actually kinda like this. Anyway, take a look in .\WarpPlugin\Patches\ - I literally just woke up so take this with a grain of salt, but I'm pretty sure it's the "NFTEnginesFix.cfg" that causes some of the behavior you're talking about. One of my first steps after reinstalling KSPI-E is to remove its awareness of certain other mods... and NFP is one of them.
  11. The problem with rescale mods seems to have gotten itself un-fixed in this version. :( I've opened issue #27 on your GitHub for it.
  12. I was about to install KSPI-E again (coming back for my yearly binge on KSP :V) and I noticed that there are a lot of mods in that zip file other than WarpPlugin. There's no readme, so I figured I'd ask here: Which of the mod folders have required information for KSPI-E to function? For example, TweakScale? The KJR install? FilterConfigs? Respectively, I already have it, already have it, and don't really want it, but if there's specific config information hiding in there somewhere that I might need, I'd probably want to copy it. Ditto for InterstellarFuelSwitch (which I'm actually fairly confident I don't need - I've got a different fuel tank switcher/config mod (and have a custom procedural tank for most of the KSPI-E stuff anyway)) For reference, here's the folder list: WarpPlugin TweakScale PhotonSail PersistentRotation PatchManager KerbalJointReinforcement InterstellarFuelSwitch HideEmptyTechTreeNodes FSHangarExtender CommunityTechTree CommunityResourcePack 001_ToolbarControl 000_TexturesUnlimited 000_FilterExtensionsConfigs 000_FilterExtensions That's a lot of stuff, and I've already got newer versions of at least some of these mods installed. Edit: Just so this post isn't ONLY me whining: I really am grateful to you @FreeThinker - this has been one of my favorite mods since I discovered it back in 0.23 or so, and I'm glad you've continued it. I'm just worried about the bloat.
  13. @magico13: Dumb "bug" report for you: The link in the OP for Kerbal Construction Time appears to be broken.
  14. For what it's worth, I've got one of these too: Made me laugh a bit when I realized it was including the deployed antenna (from DMagic Orbital Science) in the calculations. Needless to say, the vessel is NOT that big. I can give you the vessel itself to test if you want, but with all the mod parts I have, it's probably easier to download DOS yourself and use the "Undersized Signals Intelligence Satellite" on... pretty much anything.
  15. Looks like a value of 32768 for the thermal antimatter reactor worked to boost the response time of the engines to near-instant, at least. It remains to be seen whether it makes them play nice with MechJeb (and landing in general.) I'll probably edit this post so I don't end up like, triple-posting once I test how well it works for landing. Side note: KSPI-E engines tend to be pretty wonky when used with MechJeb - MJ doesn't seem to know how to deal with the way the engines work (changing ISP, TWR, etc. etc.) very well. I'm not sure if this is something you could make code tweaks to help with, but again - it's worth asking about. Edit: Yeeeeeah. Nope, no love. The throttle oscillates wildly and I end up landing at something like 800m/s because MJ doesn't know what is going on. It's especially hilarious with my current craft of course, because the grossly oversized landing legs bounce off the surface, blow up the engines/fuel tanks, and send me tumbling across the surface. I can technically recover from it, but... I still consider it a failure. Manual/assisted landings are a bit better, and of course response to throttle input is significantly better. It's hard to land precisely, but at least I landed in one piece. Here's hoping you can do something to them for the future. :cheers: