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  1. Would it be possible to provide a config option in the XML to tweak the default height above terrain to spawn? Most of my rovers tend to be big, chunky, and able to survive a 50m drop. Default it to 0 so behavior doesn't change for most people, but give those of us with frequent problems an option. (alternately, and obviously more complex, an option in the BV window itself for spawn height above terrain)
  2. I love cats as much as the next person (and perhaps even more,) but would it be possible to at least put a message in the log that says "Nyan Cat - no, your install isn't broken" for when the Nyan Cats show up as an easter egg? I just blew an hour on trying to figure out what went wrong with my install when the answer was apparently "nothing" >_>
  3. Bug report - and the conditions are pretty simple, though the solution probably isn't. Disabling damage on Kerbal Foundries wheels causes Bon Voyage to read tracks as "not online" Reproduction steps: Use a clean 1.10.1 install Using CKAN, install Kerbal Foundries 2, KSPWheel (dependency,) and the last version of BV compatible with 1.10.1 (although I've reproduced this with the 1.11 version on 1.10.1) Start a new game. Set KSPWheel settings for "Wear and damage" to "NONE." It doesn't appear to matter whether this is done in the initial game setup, or later on. Use
  4. For what it's worth, I wasn't calling you out - just testing the values and found that it didn't match what MechJeb was saying.
  5. Eh, it's a valid (if vague) question. I had trouble with Sigma Dimensions myself - you might try blowing away your KSP folder entirely (as in, delete it from the Steam folder and THEN hit the uninstall button in Steam,) installing it fresh, and then installing SD/RESCALE/Kopernicus BE. Do NOT transfer configs or anything else over. It's working fine for me now, but there was some sort of crud leftover that made it not work in very weird and curious ways.
  6. I've run into the jumping orbit bug myself, during regular gameplay. One way to trigger it (for me) is to "jump" your timewarp from 1x to something high - if you click the warp bar to go straight to 100000x, or use the "warp to node" feature that comes with KAC (I think that's what gives that function, at least,) I've noticed it'll mess up the orbit.
  7. I had a hell of a time with Sigma Dimensions a month or three ago. My eventual solution was to do a FULLY clean install of KSP - don't transfer your configs, don't copy stuff from old folders. Install everything from a clean distribution. Edit: Clean including KSP. Delete the folder from your Steam directory entirely, run the uninstall from Steam, and then reinstall it.
  8. Depending on how far you want to go with the changes: OPM is one I personally use - it adds 4 planets to the outer Kerbol system and doesn't change anything else (except for putting Eeloo in orbit around one of those planets.) I like this because I can apply my own rescale mod on top of it, and I get "mostly stock" everything. I've read good things about the Beyond Home series, and it looks beautiful from all the screenshots. Unfortunately (for me) it replaces the entire solar system, which is something I didn't want when I was looking at planet packs.
  9. Yup, not a big deal, just cussing because I missed something.
  10. I don't think you specified what it actually was, so I figured it was what I'd already done at that point... whatever it was. :V I know I had to uninstall/reinstall for something.
  11. gdi Yes, that's exactly it. I used it pretty much immediately, because R-T-B did it at my request. I'll hit it up after I'm done streaming - thanks @HebaruSan
  12. It looks like CKAN isn't getting updated with the BE releases - I'm on 28 right now. Not sure if this is intentional or not.
  13. It's kind of what I've been discussing with @hemeac - you can see it clearly on his screenshot in the above post. L-Tech SkyLab experiments are biome-specific, but they don't provide the feedback of "Plant Growth experiment <situation>" in the results window. It doesn't keep it from working, per se, but it results in the confusion they're currently having.
  14. Only other thing I can think of is including biome information in the science window popped up by the SkyLab experiments. It's more of a "graphical bug" than anything else, but y'know, still obnoxious. :D
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