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    Is everything more breakable?

    @NewtSoup You can also go to main menu > settings > general settings and checkbox "Advanced Tweakables" Then use autostrut to strengthen all the joints. You do this by right clicking any part of the vessel and press "autostrut" It then toggles between 3 modes. "Heaviest Part", "Root Part" and "Grandparent Part" A orange lines will show where a part is then strutted to when toggling through these options. Using Heaviest part is useful to select for a part that is far away from the heaviest part so that the vessel is stiffened over the whole length. So a cockpit on one end could be autostrutted to "heaviest part" that is then connected to a largest fuel tank or heaviest engine on the other side of the craft. Consequently autostrutting "root part" on the other side of the craft where engines are (away from the root part which is usually the cockpit) will stiffen it also. Using both Root and Heaviest part on boosters, drop tanks or side mounted hardware will make them unwobbly. Using Grandparent part is best used to any part directly attached within a stack. Or, any part that is directly sidemounted to that stack. That means any part within a serial stage (all the parts on the main fuselage of a rocket or plane) Also grandparent radially attached parts like decouplers and the tanks or parts directly attached to that decoupler but usually not the other parts within that sidemounted stage. These are better used as "Heaviest" or "Root" to stiffen that parallel segment. Never use Heaviest or Root autostrut on vessels you intend to dock as the struts will then change to the root or heaviest part of the other vessel and physics problems may occur. Only use grandparent autostrut on such vessels.
  2. Aeroboi

    Stock game communications range

    IIRC it doesn't work like that in real life. But I'm not sure of all that is possible so I might be wrong. It would be nonsensical anyway because if you need more range you just get a bigger antenna. Regardless, it doesn't work like that in KSP. One antenna has a specified strength and range. Just as in real life you would want to get a bigger one. In real life there is signal delay. So vessel controls and instrument inputs were transmitted in advance based on the precalculation of the probes orbit. If you install the remote tech mod this signal delay function will be simulated. KSP commnet is simple. If you really want to know all about it you can read this For a interplanetary probe you want a relay satellite around Kerbin and a Satellite dish on the probe. But because the satellite around Kerbin can also be on the other side of Kerbin you want several satellites that relay to one another around Kerbin to make sure your probe can always connect with the KSC. To create full relay coverage there are 2 ways. The 1st way is simple. Just send a dozen satellites into a high kerbin orbit that all have 3 dishes on them. That way your bound to always have a connection. The 2nd way is more elegant but more tricky. It is much cheaper though. That is to launch 3 satellites around Kerbin in a Semi-synchronous orbit. These are 3 equatorial satellites that have the same orbital period. That means they take the same amount of time to make one orbit around the planet. That means they always stay at the same distance relative to one another. You can use mods such as mechjeb to auto calculate the orbital period. If the orbital periods of all the 3 satellites are similar they shouldn't drift apart. To create a semi-synchronous orbit around Kerbin you want to read this
  3. Aeroboi

    Stock game communications range

    @eatU4myT That's not true. You can't stack antennas of a certain rating to magically extend their range. You only need a minimum of 2 x RA-2 antennas on the relay satellite. 3 if that relay satellite has to connect with other relay satellites around Kerbin which I would advice. So that's one to connect to the KSC, another to connect with another relay satellite around Kerbin and another one to connect with your deep space Evian probe. The probe then also requires a RA-2 or better antenna to connect with the relay satellite (obvious statement) As for your particular scenario, If you do a normal hohmann transfer orbit Eve is always on the same side of the Sun as Kerbin would be by the time you get there. So the RA-2 will suffice. And when you then get there you do your mission lasting a couple of hours so you wont need any connection thereafter. Connection range of a antenna is pronounced in Gm (gigameter: 1 billion meters) or Mm (megameter: 1 million meters) So a 10Gm satellite can connect to a receiver 10 billion meters away, that is 10.000.000 Kilometers. A dish has to connect with a radio receiver on the other end. If the signal becomes to weak it cannot receive that signal. Stacking multiple dishes doesn't help as it's just sending the same weak signal but then multiple times.
  4. @Ezriilc Np. And it isn't life shattering There are more versions of KSP for me to test in using Hyperedit. I do hope this gets fixed soon and that you get the coding support you need.
  5. @Ezriilc It is none of the mods. I copied a fresh install of KSP (64bit) on Windows and also removed Making history just be sure to rule out it's conflicting also. I also downloaded Hyperedit again and the problem has remained. Whenever I set a current landing location which is then valid I save that location but that location becomes invalid when I want to load it. I tried to save a location on Eve with a latitude close to 0 or somewhere in between -2 and +2. When I load that saved location the latitude box is red and shows a invalid number of 359.999xxx and it refuses to load that location obviously. No matter where I save my landing location it always changes latitude to 359.999xxx when trying to load it. I tried this on Kerbin and Eve. AFAIK this problem is everywhere. When I try to change that latitude close to 0 I can use I,J,K,L but the ship animation behaves erratically and the movement is very slow. Manually editing Longitude doesn't work then, only manually changing latitude works in that circumstance. But that only works after changing latitude from 359.999xxx back to a valid number. Also, when I load a saved landing spot and the latitude changes to 359.999xxx I find 2 scenarios. I'm not sure what triggers either of them in that case. One of them is that I,J,K,L don't work at all. The other case is that all I,J,K,L commands work but the ship only goes eastwards regardless of any of the 4 key presses used. This is what ship lander looks like after I load a landing spot that was formerly valid to land at. When pressing I,J,K,L thereafter this happens. When changing Lat to a valid number I can only edit lat but not lon and every landing location I try to save reloads with the invalid lat number.
  6. @Rocket In My Pocket I think I need to play more career to really utilize all the benefits. But that does give me some good ideas for a planned career mode. It always happens I never continue most careers so let's see if I get at it lol
  7. The telescope is to scan for asteroids. I don't use it often because I'm not sure what I need asteroids for. I didn't know it's release version but I just checked and the wiki says version 1.3 I'm also a big fan of propellers and would want them in the game also. Still, a desperate man can make them using stock bearings and reaction wheels. Although it might be a bit tricky to learn. AFAIK they don't work well on Duna due to the thin atmosphere. ION planes do work there. It's only annoying to bring xenon from Kerbin all the way over there. I think most of the parts added since v1.x are very useful, but I don't really complain easily so there's that
  8. That's the OX-STAT-XL Photovoltaic panel which is not from Making history but since version 1.1
  9. I have the same problem as @Nightside Whenever I set landing location to "current" and then land it lands at the desired spot. When I then try to fine tune either by manually entering longitude/latitude or by using i,j,k,l it kind of hovers the vessel eastwards but then pops back in the same spot and never moved. These are my other mods. Maybe one of them doesn't work together well. I'm going to test but perhaps anyone facing the same issue has any of the other mods installed as that may be the problem. This does annoy me enormously but I'm sure @Ezriilc does his best to have it working for everyone. I do hope this gets nailed down and eventually fleshed out.
  10. Aeroboi

    Eve 3000

    What does this mean? I need to bring 3000 units of ore with me from Kerbin? What do you mean with 3000 units of ore at rollout? I thought I had to mine it on Eve? So what does Minmus have to do with it? Or do you mean that I can refuel the eve ascent vehicle at Minmus or gilly? If this part is cleared up I will give it a shot. edit: can the pilot and engineer be in a command chair inside a service bay? I'm pretty sure the answer is no as it doesn't fit in with the strictness but this is information people have to know for sure, including me.
  11. Where? I got MH but I'm missing these. Is it something with Steam?
  12. @adamgerd It also really depends on what parts you have unlocked. Bewing suggestion is a option and perhaps the only one applicable to your case. But since you have facility level 2 and 3 upgrades I assume you have already a few of the 45 science nodes unlocked. If you have the appropriate ones you can make this > That is a Reliant engine at the bottom. I would just launch this one straight up to the Mun. That is without trying to reach orbit first. If you wait for the Mun to go over the KSC and just burn straight up you will leave Kerbin at 4300 m/s getting you close enough to get into Mun SOI. Remember you don't need to get very close to the Mun to enter it's SOI. Entering it's SOI counts as a flyby. After you leave Mun SOI you will automatically be on a Kerbin SOI completing both contracts. As you can see there's a TD-12 decoupler at the top. So that costs 7,750 funds to earn 120.000. What a deal
  13. You can do a escape trajectory out of kerbin that meets the Mun SOI. So a single escape burn from Kerbin orbit can do both contracts at once. Especially if the parts required to bring along aren't that heavy. Some of the escape trajectory contracts require you to bring a radial decoupler along the way. That means a small probe core with just a single smaller part will complete both contracts. For this you will only need a small rocket costing nowhere near 97k funds. But you also have escape trajectory contracts requiring you to bring a heavy part along. It is better not to accept these contracts. Can you post us a picture what you tried to build so far? And what were the specifics of the contracts exactly? edit: iirc there's no way early career to make money besides contracts and recovering stuff. But I don't play career that much so I'm not sure.
  14. Not sure why something this awesome had to be bumped from 5 months ago while having only 3 replies. This is incredible and makes perfect sense. Now all the propeller bearings will be shielded from drag also.
  15. Aeroboi

    What did you do in KSP today?

    @panzer1b Very decorative and stylish