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  1. IDK how to reproduce this so this is not a bug report. I just could not not share this screenshot of Bill getting cloned?! xD When I switch to the clone (whomst I cannot control) in the bottom right I see this: Since I could not control the clone I had to dispose of him through the tracking station. For anyone curious how this happened: I was building on the station while holding the ladder of the hitchhiker then boarded. The 'dead' Bill was still on the ladder obstructing the hatch, while the living one was inside the hitchhiker.
  2. Thanks! I did not give explicit permission to anyone to maintain my mod, but given my long absence this is fair. Will there be AVP2? We'll see ;).
  3. Yes, I am using KS3P, Scatterer, and a few others.
  4. You're a potato. I get good framerate with a 2080 Super, but the stutter is still there and freezes the game for half a second every 2 seconds.
  5. When approaching the surface of Eve (1km or below) I get stutters at regular time intervals once every second. On the surface it is once every 2 seconds. Does anyone else get this or know what might cause this?
  6. Stock textures come included with Parallax 1.2. Sorry if I misunderstood. Is there a file that is now gone?
  7. Nice! BTW, NVIDIA just dropped a new driver few hours ago.
  8. Yes this can happen and I think that's okay. Would you say "IRL" is fundamentally more important to you? I don't think it is wrong to say that IRL is more important, or to say that IRL is not important at all. Both views are valid. Personally I do not see IRL is fundamentally more important or meaningful. Or at least I don't see the fundamental reasoning behind it yet. Perhaps it is a more philosophical question about what makes real life real? Is IRL actually real? What makes life worth living?
  9. I see. I respectfully disagree. Way I see it emotional health is subjective and depends on each person. And if gaming is what fulfills emotional wellbeing I think that is more important than other things in life.
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