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  1. This is actually the best mod. Edit: BTW, this reminds me of the fun mechanic utilized in Stellaris. It would be awesome if KSP had a lore-friendly mod with chance / resource / career based decisions during the missions with small rewards.
  2. Gotta miss the terrain feature. Is it ever coming back?
  3. Not sure if I should use a modular structure again or just make one good build. Either way, if you don't install TextureReplacer the skybox will stay stock. Edit: No, I decided to hold off on that for now. I might release a closed beta later.
  4. Hey there! I just started a thread which doesn't have much atm, but I guess it's a start. Edit: How do I link a user?!
  5. How do I quickscope add an album inside a post? I'm guessing you can't on these new forums. Anyways, this is the official album which will change a lot over time. CONFIRMED FEATURES - BEING UPDATED New super-ultra-mega-high quality city textures now span Kerbin. Mind the traffic! The Kerbol system is now drifting through a majestically colorful nebula! 2048x2048 4096x4096 volumetric snow particles that showcase the stinging fury of the frozen poles. 8k auroras have been reimagined with volumetric support! A new "UHD" volumetric cloud variant that wil
  6. Hey, guys! Thank you for keeping the mod alive! As you probably all know I'll be releasing a new version soon for 1.2 (on the same mod page, will start a new thread). I've already reworked snow and will bring back lightning as an optional feature. I can't think of a way to make rain with playable performance, but I'll try. I'll link to the windowshine mod from within the pack as one of the recommended mods though. Matchlight, it's up to you if you wanna lock this thread, but if you wanna keep working on this version as a stand-alone that's fine. Maybe rename it to something like "Matchlight's
  7. I don't have any substantial bug to report, but I've experienced what I suspect is a well-known issue. However, personally I haven't noticed anyone post pictures pointing it out. The UV texture causes lines such as this all over the layer. The strength of these lines seems to be slaved to the strength of the UV texture. There seems to be no way to make them disappear completely without setting the UV strength to 0. UPDATE: Forgot to mention that it doesn't seem to matter whether you use a custom texture or not.
  8. Great update. I haven't experienced any issues so far, besides this one on Duna. UPDATE: This seems to be one of the things caused by GUI changes.
  9. As much as I wish to keep the wishes of Nhawks17, I must clear up the fact that I have never stated that Galileo has stolen from me or has committed fraud against me. I understand the perspective you are coming from, but to quote myself here - I have made it very clear that it is not only my pack I am talking about: "a lot of assets originate from my visual pack, as well as other packs (please correct me if I'm wrong)". I could recognize the rest of the individual assets, but I did not know that they were all from Nhawks17's pack. And secondly I have made it much clearer that this is not a dir
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