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  1. Hi @Angel-125, or anyone who could help. Is there any walkthrough in regards to the experiment research thingies (couldn't find anything yet... ) - dependencies - steps and exampleq Seems that depending on what are you getting in WB & Tools, this is not entirely clear, even though there's been some effort for it to be intuitive, at least to me. Thank you !
  2. YAWM ! Thanks @zer0Kerbal @Gaius ! I'll give it a try this eve!
  3. More information is required here, do you have a screenshot or a log to share ?
  4. Thanks for your honesty here. Appreciated! A.P.U.S. is a really good mod, it deserve just some attention. But hey, the only thing I hope is that you're able to make it on your prefered projects and get them achieved the way you like. Take it easy!
  5. @Gotmachine & community behind the scene. Just to tell you a BIG BIG THANK YOU !!! There are issues indeed, and these are well fixed over time. Keep up the good work guys - this keeps KSP experience well and consistent ! (even better than stock!!!!)
  6. Hia @linuxgurugamer - I presume this is not anymore in Beta?
  7. Hia @Lisias, hope you're doing well! Maybe this has been answered in the past, but for some reason, the search function of the forum today is disgusting... ! Anyway, I've got the following : deleting a DLL is something I'm always relunctant to do... and since they're not in the same location, that adds more of a suspicion to fail.. Afterall, didn't notice any issue, got this since a long time now, but this is like a fly teasing you at night, so I thought I may ask the question finally...
  8. @NESD, really great work on this mod. Not sure if the community is having issues with 1.12.3, but if everything is pretty much stable, would you consider to flag it as up to date with the latest KSP version ? Or maybe you got something in the pipe already ? like new features ?
  9. Thank you guys, much appreciated. I'll give it a go then and will let you know if anything !
  10. CKAN is updated and shows a conflict with JC if you try to install it. Can someone help my undertanting, since JC is showing/hiding... parts... and KAMP is playing around Mods icons, how these 2 are doing the same thing ? I was going to try it, but unfortunately, JC is more useful to me than KAMP, even though I would love to see my right hand tool bar better managed (ordering, would be the least)...
  11. I think @RoverDude mentioned being aware of the status of the wheels, being funky, but this won't be fixed in the near future.
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