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  1. This talk about delaying stuff just reminds me of the rushed released schedule Pokemon is currently under, and every game is now rushed, with the worst effects being in Sword and Shield. Game development i.e actual coding apparently started around 2 years ago. And now these games look nice until you realise they actually look trash.
  2. excuse me what why is this even a thing I wonder if a mod exists to replace the new function to the old one...
  3. Glass is heavy. Doesn't make sense to carry all the weight
  4. You thought I was Star Theory, but it was me DIO!
  5. Its perfectly possible for both retrograde and prograde rotation and revolution within KSP 1/Kopernicus. Adding a negative sign to the period in the Properties node will reverse the rotation, while setting inclination to 180 will reverse the orbit.
  6. Have ya'll not heard about PQS+? From what I hear, the new PQS system is great, and impressed even Galileo. It will even have Documentation! What more does one need?
  7. I guess I should post all the pictures I have from my current career through beyond gnome https://imgur.com/siHZwiy My Second Lua landing, right next to a broken terraformer! https://imgur.com/bORD4i9 Armstrong mission. https://imgur.com/egFYeet The Ash mission got stranded in orbit. https://imgur.com/hpy7YYD A rover mission on Lua. The Lua Script visited a bunch of biomes and explored the KSC. https://imgur.com/XDcJ7R4 Hydrus landing! I'm totally going to send a base there. https://imgur.com/RxkOgLX Biome hopping on Hydron. https://imgur.com/ehnqAIC The Launch of CamScanner 1. https://imgur.com/n8vvrGH Just a really cool shot. https://imgur.com/2Oj66wq The Hydrus mission ends by landing on Rhode, mothership, lander and all!
  8. dangit, why can't i like this i really needed this in my playthrough days ago and here it is.
  9. Good thing I saw this, for I do have a need for this in my current Beyond Home career. I promised myself no part mods, but I just can't get the normal sized Bay to fit right with the Mk 2 lander can since everything else can be fit in the side cargo bays. Good job!
  10. I mean... Why is this even a question for a game about flying rockets?
  11. i think we're missing the point of the topic here - this is a discussion on whether we should have Space Elevators and Mass Drives ingame or not. Anything about the feasibility of a space elevator in real life can go to another thread. In my opinion, while a space elevator sounds rather tedious to maintain except for a very small body, a mass driver would be perfect for colonies! One could use it for quick and easier returns or launching resources to orbit with minimal fuel. Having them on kerbin is a terrible idea since the atmosphere would probably break them.