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  1. Today, I created my first ever part, an engine, then exported it to unity and created a model. However, even though the model is in the correct folder and the folder it being loaded, the model isn't loading. I checked output.log and found this - Here's is the Config file of the engine - Any clue on what's happening and how to fix this? I hope i didn't mess up big time ...
  2. If they ever implement Life Support, I hope they don't put some sort of Habitation feature, because I hate it. Its far more complicated than the other LS variables imo and then it tends to disable your kerbals somewhat randomly. Kerbals should be okay living for long periods of time goddamit!
  3. Xurkitree

    KSP Rewind 2018

    Near Future Tech - the entire suite, and Outer Planets Mod. These 2 mods have completely changed the way I play KSP now. My career is great, and I've gotten better at KSP to. Its challenging, but not tough. Shoutout to Nertea's Project - Restock! Also, For the OP - Will this have what the people want? Will you read the comments? Will you load a quicksave? FOR ITS REWIND TIME
  4. Xurkitree

    What did you do in KSP today?

    These are the parts I was able to mod today. 1) Set Ion Engine - An engine that works better in high atmospheric pressure - fails in space. 2) Anti Fuel Cell - Converts EC to LFO 3) Anti Fuel Cell Array - Converts EC to LFO 4) Ore Recharger - Recharges Ore into the ground - actually makes it vanish 5) ReConvert - o - Tron - Converts LF/O/Monoprop to Ore. Go Green! 6) Constantine Liquid Fuel Engine - Runs with the same ISP, same thrust, at all altitudes, at all pressures. ISP = k, where k = 300 always. I hope to make more of these ridiculous parts, but first I'm making a new model for the Constantine Engine.
  5. Xurkitree

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I did some texturing and config work on some impossible/joke parts
  6. Xurkitree

    Derton vs the System - A Grand Tour - Update 3!

    The Albatross and Hummingbird undock together. And then dock together! I execute a series of burns to match inclinations with Derton Kerman and lower then lower my Periapsis to start the chain of Aerobrakes. 'I'll try spinning, that's a good trick' - Albatross Probe Core And we now have to catchup to our lonely Kerbal. Derton Kerman, delighted, climbs aboard the Hummingbird Lander! Its time to go to Moho! I use MechJeb's advanced transfer tool to get a good escape burn and encounter. This may seem high, but the circularisation burn is lesser this way, so more DV for meee... I use multiple periapsis kicks to eject from Eve, using burns of 4 minutes each time to ensure a good balance between time and efficiency. Its on now folks! Derton is happy to leave this purple hell... And reach his next destination, Moho! Sigh... The good news is that because I'm so close to the sun, the Ion Engines are directly powered by the Solar Panels, meaning I can do this burn in 1 shot! trying to fix my periapsis before i crash into moho Wheee!! After some more retroburning, we capture around Moho! Circularised into a low orbit. The Hummingbird lander and its happy pilot detach from the Albatross and start landing. Since this lander has low TWR and has to kill a bunch of velocity efficiently, I'm going for a constant altitude descent here. I slowly kill all my horizontal velocity... And then settle in for the the final touchdown. And Derton had landed on Moho! IN YA FRICKING FACE MOHO! HA! Obligatory flag. Lift off time! The ascent is quite easier than the descent. Circularising our orbit... and bam! We're in orbit! The Hummingbird rendezvouses and docks with the Albatross waiting in orbit. Its ejecting time! In 2 burns at periapsis, Derton lines up his escape vector for the final burn. Now, for the final escape burn. Derton looks so small against Moho... Correction burns to finalize my Eve encounter. Derton arrives at Eve and starts capturing in to an highly elliptical orbit, but even that takes a while. Crazy paths huh? And we get ourselves captured around Eve. Now, to get back to the Regulus Alpha, on the opposite side of Eve... Same old maneuvers ... Match planes, lower orbit, raise orbit. But eventually, we get back, with 1000 m/s of DV to spare. A quick Redock later... Derton climbs aboard his Lander Can in preparation of the next leg of this trip - Getting to Kerbin. Next Time: Hitting a bunch of moons.
  7. I know it doesn't make sense, which is why I'm doing it. I'm trying making things which completely break the programmed laws of physics within the game - utterly bizzare, practical joke like, stupidly op at time parts. I know rocket engines don't increase in efficiency with velocity, while high speed jet engines like ram/scram jets do due to the increased air supply. Anyways, apparently after some further testing I have found that velCurves only apply when the body is flying and therefore doesn't apply in space.
  8. Thanks, I found my problem was not compressing the texture properly.
  9. Reloading that fast causes it to jam completely I wish to have a superpower, that does nothing, but can still be passed from 1 person to another. [props if you get that]
  10. Xurkitree


    569 @Gargamel Look at that 18 number prime gap
  11. No, I'm not trying to make an Air-Augumented Rocket Engine, I'm trying to make a vacuum optimized engine that gains better thrust the faster its going in space. The problem is that on adding the velocity curve, it seems to behave a like a jet engine, in the sense that it only works in atmosphere, upto a certain altitude, but since its a rocket engine, it only consumes liquid fuel and oxidizer. Is there any solution for that? Is is a lazy quirk of the way Squad coded in the jet engines, linking jet engine behaviour with velocity curve, even though it shouldn't be this way?? [Yes I know its weird and impossible, but hey! its something]
  12. Xurkitree

    1 Year....

    No, I mean the Ultimate Challenge - Take 1 kerbal, land on every body, return to tell the tale. Also, I think RSS epoch starts in 1950
  13. Xurkitree

    1 Year....

    RSS Grand Tour Spend your next year doing it. Good luck. LMao
  14. Xurkitree

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Definition of rocket (Entry 1 of 3) : any of several plants of the mustard family: such as a : ARUGULA b : DAME'S ROCKET I found out this