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  1. Xurkitree

    Ending 32-Bit Support with Update 1.5

    Good thing I'm getting a new computer, because my old one runs x32 better than x64.
  2. Xurkitree

    The Landing Legs & Gears Is Killing Me!

    I don't experience much bouncing, except when i retract my landing gear-landing leg substitutes on my large VTVL SSTO which im using for a Grand Tour. In that case it just springs up in the air like its kicking the ground before retracting itself. And the only reason I need to retract them in the first place is because Wheel Brakes are just not cutting it. CAN WE HAVE A BETTER SAFER BRAKE
  3. Xurkitree

    The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    You know you're playing too much KSP when you end up getting a cool mission idea stuck in your head and you haven't finished your current grand mission ... I really need to finish the Grand Tour. 2 More bodies to land and then i can return!
  4. Xurkitree

    The 1.5 Hype Train

    Excuse me, but where is this stock DV indicators you are getting hyped for, fellow rocketeers?? It doesn't seem to load for me... Other than that, loving the art boosts! Wishing the SRBs were less white though. EDIT:Nvm, found it. Posting it here incase anyone else can't se
  5. Hey guys, remember me? My last Jool-5 attempt didn't go so well, so I expanded! I'm currently in the midst of a Grand tour Run, currently orbiting Vall with no way to land. I've already visited Moho,Eve,Gilly,Minmus,Mun,Duna,Ike,Dres,Laythe. I've also had to send a refuelling mission because I ran out of fuel near Moho. Is this still valid? plz I've already wasted 6 months of my life I checked the Grand Tour thread and saw nothing about refuelling missions, so i decided to go for the 1 refuelling mission it stipulates here. Another question - I'm also collecting all the science from wherever i land, so do I have to show only science taken from the Jool system or can I just show everything?
  6. Xurkitree

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I landed on the Mun. May sound ordinary, but I actually did an Apollo recreation since today is 20th July! Its not very good though, but I do like the design of my LM. I also executed this perfect gravity turn.Loved it. Weird fluke - I landed very close to a Mun arch. Not EVA distance, but a quick hop is possible. I found out when I crashed during takeoff and rendezvous. Yay!
  7. Xurkitree

    What did you do in KSP today?

    You know that Mun landing I did a few days ago? I decided to redo that, because I found out my ladder broke off. RIP a day's progress So I reloaded the KAC Jump to ship save and aerobrake, but I was going too fast, so I had to slow down before hand. Aerobrake went well, but I managed to put myself in a retrograde orbit. After a small correction burn at Ap, I got myself a mun encounter and landed using constant altitude descent method. Anyways, next stop is Duna, so today Ill be time warping to the launch window, since i have nothing else to do in the interim.I have a rescue contract at Ike anyways.
  8. Xurkitree

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Yesterday, I was working on some contracts, and I found this rescue contract for Kerbin Orbit. Why do you even make an orbit that intersects the Mun's orbit so many times? The pod got 3 Mun encounters, and was in a retrogade orbit too. Heck, even I got 2 Mun encounters, trying to get an encounter. Eventually, Edeny's pod crashed into the Mun. Now What am I supposed to so with that? I also made a SSTO, the Tennessine. Today however, I landed my Grand Tour craft, KSS Hypernova on the Mun! It took the most intense suicide burn of my life and I ran out fuel around the 25m/s mark, which meant I had to tumble a lot. Thank god for Landing gear. And, I so landed precariously, that I not only ran out of fuel, I also ran out of Monoprop trying to stabilize the ship. via Imgflip Meme Generator Also, I had this contract for rescuing a Kerbal stranded in Solar orbit, which was about 2.4 million KM from the sun, so I made this to get her. Is this overengineered? Maybe. But If have stuff left, I'm going for Low Solar Orbit science.
  9. Xurkitree

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I finally finished docking the science equipment module to my space station. And it’s weird how it happened. me: spends 15 minutes carefully lining up docking ports and try to let them dock naturally only to find that the acceleration bangs it so hard the reaction flings it away. MechJeb: Give up and hand control of Space station to it, SWINGS the station in one movement and docks while traveling in a curve.All done within a minute. Me:What?!??
  10. Xurkitree


    Delhi, India
  11. Xurkitree

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for being senior.
  12. Xurkitree

    How much do you use drop tanks?

    I actually have used Drop tanks once, in my moho refuelling mission to boost DV from the 4 Nervs. I dropped them before the insertion burn. over the whole SRB hybrid thing - I really don’t think its anything close to an asparagus or onion design; I see as extra boosters lifting a drop tank for a while and then being dropped. And using Drop tanks usually means you have a single centred engine, with drop tanks arrange radially, so I don’t see how did the ‘extra engines’ enter the debate at all. Infact, I generally don’t use SRBs at all, unless I’m doing something like a very easy Kerbin system contract, when I pair SRBs with Skippers. heavy payloads end up being onion staged and even heavier ones like the launcher used for said Moho refuelling mission using asparagus. Pain to fly though, as the tanks were the size of your average mammoth rocket and kept crashing into engines. Just to send the payload (350ish tons) to LKO (86x96) took a total launch weight of 2.7 MT.LFO do offer more versatility, unless you really are short of funds. There generally comes a point in a career save that it begins to function like sandbox and even the largest rockets barely cost anything.
  13. Xurkitree

    What sort of KSP player are you?

    Rational, but next to no testing is done generally. I end up making strategies on the fly, solving problems again and again until I get it done. This can result in a lot of head banging and sometimes impracticalities. But I do get some pretty neat solutions. *7 year old Grand Tour crew complaining from Moho*
  14. Well, I have reinstalled Click Through Blocker and Toolbar Manager, and while Precise node is working fine, BetterTimeWarp is still not loading. Here's a log file - KSP Ver:1.4.3 ; Mods - MechJeb,TAC Fuel Balancer,KER, Precise Node, Click through Blocker, Toolbar Manager, Better Time Warp. http://www.mediafire.com/file/9c1w3hdjqco3zyz/output_log.txt/file