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  1. I would love a return to pre-0.21 Duna, as demonstrated by Duna Restoration Project. But we all know this isn't possible, but combining the new textures with the old terrain would be amazing.
  2. There isn't any hope for a terrain pass, due to the simple reason that people will be liquided when they realise their favorite Duna/Mun/Laythe Base is now hovering in the air/sunken in ground. One thing that really stands out from the video is the sudden sharpness of the texture fades. I hope this is improved upon before release. I'm totally hyped that there's finally 1.8 news. Good luck!
  3. now if you actually improved duna's scaled space textures...
  4. Plot Twist:They're going to make a new planet to go along with this.
  5. technically, you could strap a kerbal to a seat and fly... but different types of chutes would be good.
  6. At this point, all i expect from 1.8 is adding version number 1.8 to the main menu screen. I've been waiting for 1.8 for months now dammit! BG is good, but i've been tricked!
  7. The worst part about KSP is lag. Complete, mindnumbing lag. I've gotten used to it so much.
  8. Honestly, just use the power of G R A V I T A T I O N A L and get there with stock parts bruh. As for GU itself, it's great! I'm eagerly waiting for the patch that allows star systems to become the homeworld - i'm just playing this causually and don't want to spend time getting there haha!
  9. Today I finished my Tekto landing and by extension, the Sarnus 5. Landing was eventful to say the least. I couldn't get a group shot due to my lander slipping and sliding on the surface, so i quickly planted a flag and got back in. I shouldn't have landed here but still. I have NEVER seen a Science Def match my mood so hard wth This has to be the silliest ascent I've ever done, but I'm literally jumping to Tekto orbit.My lander is unstable nose front and flips beyond 50m/s - but I can pick up enough vertical speed that I can slow down via drag to a stable speed, correct myself, burn and flip and still gain altitude overall. As my altitude increases I can burn for longer and longer and eventually I'll reach a near vacuum altitude when I continue the ascent normally. Eventually i gained enough altitude to put myself into a high suborbital trajectory and circularised at Apoapsis.
  10. Towards the end of last year, I decided to take up planet modding and started building. Eventually, this came out - The SyeWertz system - This simple mod adds 2 bodies - Sye, a large rocky, vacuum world, and Wertz, its companion moon. Sye is located between Eve and Moho, at a distance of about 7.7 Gigameters from the Sun. Screenshots! Features - Adds 2 bodies in orbit around Kerbol! Fully functioning Biome and Science Defs! Cursed Images! Now, SyeWerts was a result of me mucking around with ideas one afternoon, while working on my main planet pack. I made it, and was pleased by their appearances and left it at that. But after a while, I realised while the concept and execution is sound, it didn't fit well in the planet pack as a whole, so I decided that moving it into a separate pack would be for the best. So I hunkered down to work and got the biomes and science defs and whatnot, up and running in two days and put it out for release. This is just garbage why are you here Future stuff (Soontm) Compatibility with other stuff HazardousPlanet Visuals (What visuals would this have?) Download from Spacedock! Dependencies - Kopernicus and its Dependecies License - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License If you find any bugs or issues, please notify me - I'll try to fix it as soon as possible. i hope you enjoy my cursed handiwork
  11. This isn't 1.7.3, it's 1.8 in disguise! It's July people wake up
  12. @5thHorseman I was thinking about doing this challenge as a relaxing vacation from more serious efforts, and was wondering if I could use this mod - All it does is collect all the Science available at KSC, for all instruments one has unlocked. I want to automate this so that my first update isn't a boring drivearound KSC. My issue is that on stock settings, it can give a whopping 1800+ Science from KSC alone, with all the Science instruments. So for fairness, I would like to put Science rewards at 50% and play with it. Is this okay?
  13. Gods, this is great stuff! Can't wait for Volcano assisted launches! But I really really have one request - Can we have a way to RESCALE the BG scatters? The current volcanic features are far too small imo and i would like to see them bigger. Much bigger.