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  1. Xurkitree

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I started a Jool-5! But I haven't even gotten an Eve encounter yet and I have 50 minutes of footage already.
  2. Xurkitree

    Do you know what Advanced Tweakables are?

    Advanced Tweakables need to be on by default because Autostruts is a godsend and more people need to know about it.
  3. Xurkitree

    So what is Serenity?

    I would kill for a stock off-planet launchsite. Just imagine the possibilities! The closest I can come to is my Minmus Base, with Extraplanetary Launchpads setup. It's actually pretty good and saved fuel overall.
  4. No, there's no bug, its just that some of them hadn't completed 3 missions yet But, when did get back my crew from my 9 year old Minmus Base, and did some shuffling, I got 11 Kerbals promoted to Veteran Status for completing 10,000 hours in space. Some have done much more than though... Also, I would recommend just adding this to that popup that comes on hovering on crew potraits - LOGGED FLIGHT HOURS : X
  5. Oh my god I wish I had this a month earlier but better late than never I guess. Now that Recyclers work unloaded, I don't have to repeated switch over to crafts which run solely on recyclng food!
  6. MER-B Oppurtunity Easter Egg for KSP 1.7 Please make it happen.
  7. Xurkitree

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I tried starting a Jool-5, but KSP started bugging out af.
  8. Xurkitree

    Opportunity Easter Egg on Duna, please

    nope, all the easter eggs have been checked to ensure they haven't sunken in or anything. Earlier versions had Easter Eggs deep underground but they have been fixed as far as I can tell.
  9. @SQUAD@UomoCapra We still haven't heard whether the thrust vector on the Puff engine has been realigned yet. Any answers?
  10. No they don't. What you do have is timewarp. They'll charge allright.
  11. You really don't need RTG's on the Eeloo Lander. Solar Panels work just as well - the main factor of landing is Battery power
  13. Xurkitree

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I made this for practice.