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  1. I have a question - will the new stock versions of KAC and TWP smoothly integrate with modded systems or will each system have to create a patch for their own orbits?
  2. Please tell me you're releasing a final batch of engines for the game...I'd love to see new engines added for stock. Something new to explode spacecraft with. man i feel bad about not playing ksp now...hopefully this update comes with a bunch of performance improvements so i don't feel as if i can't just fire up and play. I'll definitely try doing something new for this update, just you wait!
  3. Kerbals and controlled explosions??? IMPOSSIBLE!
  4. Is there any way to extract Keplerian orbital elements from principia orbits at a particular time? I'm hoping to try out something and I'd like to know whether this is possible.
  5. The fact that the music ONLY plays in space and not consistently is why i have it shut. Having a void in atmo is really boring. I'll definitely be trying this out!
  6. Finally, i can classify my kerbals with suits without requiring Making History! WOHOOO!
  7. A question though - is docking port rotation subject to physics interactions? Or are they more sturdy than BG robotics?
  8. Will Gigantors be getting an update? Or more massive solar arrays? Will Gigantors be getting an update? Or more massive solar arrays? Speaking of electronics, is there hope for a mid-game RTG? Nothing powerful, it can be super inefficient but come mid-game tech-tree to serve as backup power supply for distant probes.
  9. Define all science experiments to be done around asteroids as well. Done.
  10. My Upsilon Initiative Submission. Its name is Silver Chariot.
  11. Learn to go to Duna. Duna's nice. The launch window angle is a nice 45 degrees, easy to remember. You can aerobrake and it has a moon. It looks cool. 10/10 go interplanetary.
  12. well i know what's ill be fixing today. Didn't realise this was a thing tho.
  13. Question: Why does the X-800 tank not have an ESA variant, while the other do? SQUAD please fix this incosistency - i have a few broken stock textures on those tanks and have been using the ESA variants.
  14. I hope 1.10.1 Comes with an option to toggle comet tails off once in physics distance - the framerate tanks hard very close to a comet, so putting large ships up there is asking for disaster. Also, is there a way to preserver the pieces of a comet once it passes through atmosphere? We could split up a comet into pieces and use one of those as a cool refuelling station.
  15. So Apparently the Moho Polar Orbiter Probe is the most effective probe core to date - 1) Enough fuel to use a spark and get +2000 m/s of DV 2) Internal antenna is relay, not direct 3) Significant power reserves 4) Full SAS levels and Reaction wheel You can make a relay sat that's good for the entire Kerbin system with just 3 parts. This is great stuff, exactly why I was totally for these more replica stuff. The integrated capablities of both the new probe cores are so great it experiment with.
  16. * Comets can explode into smaller fragments while entering a CB's atmosphere. EXCUSE ME WHAT
  17. They'll be putting out bugfixes for DLC's anyways.
  18. Midday mexico time is 10:30 pm here... Looks like i'll be waiting for quite a while.
  19. Use Ion lander lmao. Moho is practically baked in sunlight, you barely need panels to run a full array of ion engines.
  20. Maybe she's going to be the external face of the KSC? Prime Kerbal Science Communicator to the general dumber kerbal masses? Or for the world irl? Very strange post indeed.
  21. I wonder if it needs to be updated for 1.9? Im still using the old copy because anything will do tbh.
  22. You should probably look at Shadowzone's video of the comet mission included with the game. That would give a more accurate idea of what the KSP team's idea of Philae grabbing the comet looks like.
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