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  1. thanks for the reply. like i mentioned i already plopped it in the ksp matrix and was about to try it out. i just wasn't sure if it was supposed to be on there, so i figured i ought to mention it.
  2. i can't seem to find this on ckan, even after manually downloading it doesn't show up in my list of installed mods. also... have you had any issues since? i'm about to start up ksp 1.11.2 with mauz aim flite so i was just wondering
  3. thanks! super thanks! i started typing out a whole rant... but we all know what it's like to spend our "recreation" time driving across half a moon. can i have your autograph?
  4. did you ever try these out Neebel? or anyone who's reading this? i wouldn't think there would be any catastrophic results but... you. never. know. no really though i'll try it out at some point anyways, but it's always good to know. also thanks Grimmas for the link
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/t/49SZ4MSJ0P9kK71V well there's the output log just in case anyone wants to look at it did you happen to notice the edit in my last post? any ideas? SUPER EDIT 3000: the description says it wants the ksp log not the output log so here's that https://www.dropbox.com/t/YIiYhNAmUwD9U6jA
  6. yeah yeah yeah 1.2.3, double triple checked EDIT: more importantly at this point, why can't i delete those dll's?
  7. also i can't delete the dll's, says they're open in another program... where are these buggers still being used after i close ksp? what a mess
  8. yeah it's all up to date. i'm starting it up now without collisions on but i'm guessing that won't help anything will it?
  9. hey sorry i'm a little late, i was digging around trying to find answers about the same problem Syltus was having (walking around above the ground, under it, general height related strangeness), so here i am. would turning off collisions fix this in the meantime? or is it unrelated? i'm going to try it anyways at some point but i was hoping maybe you might be able to fill me in a little
  10. i believe i tried the manual install at some point as well... i really ought to remember but i'm not entirely sure. let me know if you want any particular information from me
  11. you must have done a manual install? i have the same issue but i used ckan. it looks like the dll is there
  12. did you install manually or with CKAN? i used ckan and i'm having this problem. i'm going to try downloading manually and seeing if the dll didn't get included EDIT: yeah it wasn't in there, at least not in the same place as it would be following the installation instructions in the readme. if you used ckan as well it seems like there might be an issue. anyone reading this used ckan to download afbw with no issues le me know
  13. conveniently Rocket88 is already asking about setting so while we're here, under the comfort/stress options, there are the stress factors. does a higher value make any given factor more or less important? i'm guessing a higher factor means a thing is more important but i haven't found anywhere that says for sure
  14. a slider would be super user friendly, but it doesn't seem like there's really much demand at all for weaker reaction wheels, and like you said, it's a bad idea, even though i couldn't guess why. and actually opening something with notepad is pretty user friendly already. i'd say if you felt like going through the trouble of popping a configuration in there that would awesome. if anyone wanted it it would be an easy option... anyone being me and a handful of other people, apparently... well i'm on the verge of getting off topic. thanks for reading my post, and if that's something you feel like
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