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  1. I dont want a checklist. I just want "trophies" for my accomplishments. Just somthing to collect during ur endless journey through the kerbol system.
  2. I've been wanting KSP achievements for the longest time and i think many others do too. We need to get squad to add this as it would add a new goal to the game if you will. Currently the game is fun as hell but if there was achievements in the game then we would actually have a REASON to go all these miles away to land on these empty planets and moons. Achievements for Landing on all the moons and planets like an achievement for each one as well as an achievement for landing on every body in the "Kerbol" System (except all asteroids maybe just one or something) or an achievement for crashing i
  3. Ok this is somthing i think is IMPORTANT for KSP, being able to trim you planes Have you ever made and airplane and started flying it around the world (or just a long distance) and had the plane slowly start pitching downwards? If u just left the controls alone you would eventually crash right. Well this is why i want AIRPLANE TRIMMING please help me notify squad and get this to be a feature ingame because its so frustrating doing long straight flights on kerbin. So please help me notify squad about this If you want more info on what trimming is just read this little bit of info
  4. Dude that excrements would actually be a really cool mc mod bjt thats almost impossible the closest mod to it would be galacticraft and thats far from a full blown minecraft space program mod
  5. Cant wait to play with this mod. Also why can I down - date my ksp to 1.4.2 on steam anymore cus I used to be able to. It's a little buggy on 1.4.3 for me
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