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  1. Check the Kerbalism forum post and perhaps download the Dev version?
  2. I believe this is resolved now from a Kerbalism side. Expect this in the next Kerbalism update.
  3. Science is supposed to take time, and not be instant. That's one of the big points of this mod.
  4. If you want help we will need a lot more information! See the link below..
  5. I think the issue here is the mission planning in a long career. A player needs to know what experiments to choose in the planning stage to maximize science. You can't take all experiments on all missions, especially in early game. I used to use [X] science myself for only the 'left to complete' list. I do believe a better science check list is required but I don't know if that's a Kerbalism requirement or a better R&D mod.
  6. It doesn't break Korpernicus as such. There was never a hope it would work. It's version locked. It will only ever work on the exact version it's built for.
  7. You need to check your ship type. Make sure it's the right type for the contract to complete. Was it labelled as a probe.
  8. It does. On the first post. The front page.
  9. Korpernicus has just been updated to 1.7.1 so ensure you have all the latest updates. I'm away on leave so can't share my files right now. I'm not sure rescale works with the latest Korpernicus anymore.
  10. If you want to know all about the Alpha and what is going on with Kerbalism then join the Discord (link in the title post). But as I stated above it works in 1.7 but Kerbalism 3.0 drastically changes the way science works and the team are assessing the impact of the new science mechanisms so don't expect it to work in 1.7.1 right away.
  11. I presume you mean version 2.1.2 or do you mean the alpha of 3.0? 1.7.1 introduced a host of new features including new science. When 3.0 it's released then it will support these new features. 2.1.2 may work if you have correctly installed the dependencies but if I was you I would just wait until 3.0 is released. 1.7.1 has been out for less than half a day and the team have barely finished assessing the impact, the same goes for all mods I am sure. As I said earlier be patient and wait for the update. It will be ready when it's ready.
  12. What version of Kerbalism are you using? This mod has not yet been updated for 1.7.1, work is in progress and you may just need to be patient and wait for 1.7.1 to be a supported version.
  13. This looks fantastic. Congratulations and thank you for what must of been a lot of work! Thank you!
  14. The title of this forum says Kerbalism supports every version of KSP since 1.4 and your playing 1.3.1. If you want to play Kerbalism 2.1.2 or future versions of this mod you might want to think about updating to a supported version of KSP, there were some large changes from 1.3 to 1.4 in the KSP code I believe which means it's harder to support versions before 1.4.