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  1. Would this work with a resized solar system like JNSQ?
  2. I don't believe BDB is a supported mod... That said do you have one scrubber in the pod or two?
  3. I believe they do pop up just in a different style. Bottom middle of the screen on successful transmission. You can adjust how long the message is displayed in the settings I think.
  4. I have personally halved the sliders in the options and always use high quality engines now money isn't a problem. I felt they occurred a little to often. It felt like an engine failure was likely to happen on every mission and the surprise was when it didn't rather than when it did.
  5. I had this issue and had to uninstall world stabilizer or whatever it was called
  6. Please go back and read some of the posts before yours. No, this does not work on 1.8.x An update is in progress. Korpernicus is always version locked. The forum post title will be updated to 1.8 when released I'm sure. Either play on 1.7.3 or wait.
  7. I think combining antennas increases range but not data rate. @Sir Mortimer Can confirm I'm sure.
  8. So is Near Future Electrical, Solar and Construction Kerbalism compatible?
  9. A timer for what? Counting up or counting down? Why do you need this?
  10. Seems to work fine for me but I suggest you just try it and find out.
  11. Let us know what version of KSP and Kerbalism you're using and post your log.
  12. Reduce the number of electrical devices on your vessel? Everything uses power, only take what you need. The science experiments draw different power depending on the experiment so don't expect to be able to load up a vessel with every single one. Only take what you can manage. Use the planner to see your expected usage. It's all part of the challenge.
  13. [snip] You can see from the GitHub that it is being worked on. Let's just all agree that it will be out when it's out and we shall all thank the modders with wine and beer.
  14. No. Not at all. Far from it. How can you think that? It's only been days since the last patch update to 1.8.1. Modders have lives etc etc. Dead? No it's not dead.
  15. Something's wrong in your design if it's not making orbit after 5 tries.