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  1. I'm holding on for the next update, should eliminate the need for KIS I think?
  2. I wouldn't install things that you don't know what they do or why. It's likely to really mess things up. I saw you have RSS but no Kopernicus so that's odd. What version of the game are you playing? Have you tried a clean install with just this mod, is the issue still there?
  3. This is not the CKAN version of [X] science. Have you tried this one or just the CKAN one?
  4. Are you using Rational Resources? That removes or reduces ore.
  5. Very useful stuff, can't wait to get far enough in this career to give it all a go!
  6. Are you aware the bleeding edge version of Kopernicus is on CKAN as well...
  7. Does this patch still work? I still have to complete the mystery goo three times. I'm an idiot with multiple games on the go, it helps if you patch the right one! Sorry!
  8. Thanks. I'm about to start my first MKS play through, I'm a Kerbalism fan usually. Hardest part of setting up a new mod collection is checking all the potential conflicts!
  9. Does Nertea's suite of mods work nicely with USI Constellation?
  10. Updated to 1.4 This has been updated to 1.4 and UnKerballed Start and Probes Before Crew are now supported. I was generously allowed to use the upcoming Kiwi Tech Tree mod's fonts for some header and footer tier titles. I think it helps the layout immensely. All credit to @hemeac, thank you. File structure has changed so please delete any previous version before installing this one. Change Log: Unkerballed Start support added. PBC support confirmed Header and Footer Tier numbers added to all trees Behind the scenes tidying up
  11. Kerbalism doesn't support the field science contracts.
  12. The work like stock. Kerbalism doesn't do anything with them.
  13. Reading into it further I think I've done everything I should. I just got to wait!
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