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  1. 0.5 Update New Basic and Advanced Fusion Rockets nodes added Enhancements to USI Suite - Focus has been on MKS IDFlags Mod Support - Added Plantary Base Systems - Added HabTech2 - Added Updates to Localisation Optional Science Rework - Incomplete - Reduction and re-balance of Science amounts to support the "Unkerballed" start of this tree. File exists in the mod but is flagged as disabled, use at own risk, not tested fully. Greatly reduces Science gain, if you use this do not lower science below 100%. Kerbal Experience Change - Change to Experience gain for Kerbals, allows Kerbals to gain level 3 without leaving the Kerbin SOI
  2. JNSQ Real Date 1.1 Mod updated on SpaceDock, CKAN should pick it up soon. ChangeLog: Config update to resolve issue experienced by a few users that prevented the Day being reset at the beginning of the month. Thanks to @OhioBob
  3. Thanks for this, I'll make some changes to the config. I have an updated version ready to go already when your update drops. I'm using the master on my own play through right now and already caught initialRotation issue and corrected JNSQRealDate in preparation for the update. I'll push out a small update to fix the D / Dm issue people are seeing.
  4. I couldn't get that to work myself. I, and the PBC did it by naming the values to match. @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION:HAS[#id[atmosphereAnalysis]] { @baseValue = 10 @scienceCap = 10 } But I was changing the values anyway so I just used Excel to write the code string.
  5. With the costs for all parts set to zero, the expenses that remain are Kerbal hire, fuel (?) And facility upgrades, is that it? So some mechanic to get just enough funds to upgrade the facilities is required. World firsts might work, or a strategy to turn science to finds. I'm excited to experiment and see what we can build.
  6. Now this I would enjoy. I like career and some of its limits but after you have done the contacts a thousand times it gets stale. I'd rather impose my own limits based on the archivements of science mode. I sadly do not know if it's possible.
  7. You can use Community tech tree as a dependentcy in your mod. That's fine. As you said KiwiTechTree, as well as Probes before Crew, Unkerballed Start and my own CSI TechTree do this. We all use the CTT and change node positions, create new ones and swap things around as well as move all the parts around.
  8. It's not a Kerbalism thing as far as I know. You can try Kerbal joint reinforcement, or maybe even World Stabilizer, but I think that's for ground bases.
  9. We will need more information to offer any support. Please read:
  10. I think that's the best approach. I did that myself to confirm that JNSQRealDate works with the latest Kronometer.
  11. It works fine with the very latest Kronometer, as in LGG fixed version, not the bundled one with JNSQ. If your using CKAN just install JNSQ, Kronometer and this and it will work fine.
  12. Final frontier is a ribbon award mod. Kerbals are awarded mission ribbons, that's simply either the ribbons or mod info for Final Frontier.
  13. Hello there, I wrote JNSQ Real Date. I don't believe Kronometer is officially updated to 1.12 yet so I can't offer support at this time. Can you test on a fresh install with the temporary update and no other mods and let me know if you still have the issue.
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