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  1. No this is not currently possible.
  2. To get started you can set your uncontrollable rocket to spin. Angle the fins on the rear end so it rotates / spins in flight. This will keep it straight. Google spin stabilization for ideas. That should get you enough science to get a plane in the air. Then visit all the nearby biomes, landing, flying over etc. That should get you enough to get a rocket together with some RCS for control.. Onwards and upwards! (Don't forget that each KSC building is it's own biome too!)
  3. Currently no. Most of us would love this feature but it doesn't exist at the moment. You'll need to run through your automation settings on the launch pad as part of your preflight checks. I currently still tie my solar panels and antennas to action groups as well because sometimes I can't be bothered to set automation again, I'll manually control instead.
  4. Have you tested this on a fresh install without Kerbalism?
  5. It should be installed in GameData\KerboKatz Make sure you also have it's dependencies installed, KerboKatzUtilities.
  6. @_Zee Scansat was updated so your ScanSat patch is no longer required, I believe the ScanSat new parts (15 in total) are nicely placed already.
  7. The disassembly of parts is an MKS thing and mention in those video tutorials you suggested I watch...
  8. Thanks. I resolved it after an epiphany. When I tried to remove RCSBuildAid I must of miss-clicked and dragged it inside another mods folder. It was sitting there inside a subfolder giving me issues on CKAN. Deleted it, properly this time, and everything works as it should. User error, apologies all, carry on.
  9. CKAN believes I have installed RCS Build Aid, it has AD next to it. This is preventing me from installing RCS Build Aid Continued. I have nothing in my GameData folder related to either mod. Is there anyway to get CKAN to forget/ignore/RemoveTheADflag on the original RCS so I can install the correct version?
  10. Press the tiny little save icon near the bottom right. And keep the padlock red, or it it will change itself again.
  11. Hello All! I quite fancy a break from Kerbalism and to try something new and more 'stockish'. I have never tried MKS but I have used USI life support a few years back. Can anyone link me to some good MKS tutorials and give me some info on how this plays with JNSQ? Thanks all!
  12. 1.10 came out TODAY. It's highly likely it will be followed by 1.10.1 and your asking WHEN will this be updated already! Sit back and relax and enjoy 1.9.1 and Kerbalism. It will be weeks until this is updated if at all. Don't poke the mod developers. Don't be that guy.
  13. But TETRIX does adjust positions of parts in the tech tree to where they fit TETRIX, not necessarily where the mod author put them in the entirety separate CTT. They are two entirely different Tech Trees. TETRIX redoes everything, it's not the same as Unkerballed start that changes tech node positions and a few parts too. Engineering Tech Tree, SlMPLEX, TETRIX are tech tree redo's. Unkerballed start and PBC use the CTT as their base. CTT does not fit with SIMPLEX and TETRIX goals. (Apologies if I'm talking out of turn @theJesuit )
  14. That makes no sense. The Community Tech Tree mod adds nodes to the existing stock tech tree. This mod completely reworks the entire tree and is specifically designed to work standalone. I do not understand what you mean by integrating the CTT. What do you expect to happen? Why do you want to use both? What outcome are you expecting?