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  1. Go back a page and you'll see someone talking about the same thing and as goldenpsp mentions it's been mentioned 70+ times. A quick search and you'll find the solution.
  2. Updated to 1.5.1 New support added: Better Early Tree Hide Empty Nodes Download: TechTree Kompacted on SPACEDOCK
  3. How do I update the conflicts for my mod on CKAN? It incorrectly lists TechTreeKompacted as incompatible with UnkerballedStart and ProbesBeforeCrew, this is no longer the case.
  4. Literally read the posts directly above yours.
  5. Just came here to check this very thing, thank you!
  6. Do you have connected living spaces installed too?
  7. Unfortunately it didn't but I did it another way round. I put nothing but USS and similar in the first file. Works like a dream.
  8. In stock you won't use all your ablator. Not even close, it's wasted weight. However speeds of re-entry in JNSQ are higher so the heat on re-entry greater. JNSQ is balanced for stock parts so if you run in to trouble it's likely your design or flight profile. :-)
  9. I assure you they can. I have been using JNSQ since launch and you'll need to adjust your speed, re-entry angle. Re-entry is supposed to be tricky, just like real-life. Definitely set your SAS to surface not orbit. Be prepared to wiggle a little and don't come in too shallow, take the g-force and get through the heat. I usually re-enter with my periapsis between 35 and 40k.
  10. I'm pretty sure that the stock inventory system is going to be used heavily so I would go for 1.11.1 if you can.
  11. That's in your control on the difficulty settings. Just click the USI button when in the KSC and check your settings.
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