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  1. Mythical Donuts

    [1.6.x][Kopernicus]Morimee System 1.1!

    Have you got Kopernicus, Modular flight integrator and Module manager? Those are three mods this needs
  2. Perhaps do it now, because the only updates for a while will be a Shayle fix and 1.6.x support
  3. Mythical Donuts

    Doing It Constellation Style

    Ok that's fine
  4. Mythical Donuts

    Doing It Constellation Style

    what I meant was basically a super tiny planet, so it would have it’s own gravity and would be on a resonant orbit with Kerbin. If that’s not allowed, then I might just do that and a stock asteroid rendezvous in the same mission
  5. Mythical Donuts

    Doing It Constellation Style

    hey, I'm thinking of doing this, but for the asteroid mission, would it be OK if I went to a Kopernicus asteroid (~100 metres across and orbits in a Near Kerbin Object orbit) which has a class E asteroid for a moon? would that be OK or would it be disqualified
  6. Mythical Donuts

    [1.6.x][Kopernicus]Morimee System 1.1!

    @septemberWavesI've added pictures now Also, what do you people think of adding a ring system to Morimee?
  7. Mythical Donuts

    [1.6.x][Kopernicus]Morimee System 1.1!

  8. Mythical Donuts

    [1.6.x][Kopernicus]Morimee System 1.1!

    Morimee is a big lumpy ball of rock and shiny blue stuff, orbiting out a little bit further than Eeloo. Morimee has two moons, Panca and Wotwey. The Morimee system is loosely based on the real-life Quaoar system, but is really only similar in size. The Morimee Discord I threw together in 5 minutes System Download link. Requires Kopernicus and ModuleManager (downloaded separately) Pics for Clicks Just a note, this mod will be updated to have more stuff. suggest anything that you want on this thread or on the Discord and it'll probably be added in.
  9. so when you create a save, you know the difficulty options thing? go into Advanced in that and it says All SAS Modes in Probe Cores or something like that, just tap the button next to it
  10. Y Yeah I do that too. But on the Kopernicus forums, it’s going to be a riot
  11. And now, the endless screaming for a few days until Kopernicus is updated. Brace yourselves
  12. Mythical Donuts

    Kopernicus PQS Canyons?

    okay do you know anyone who can?
  13. Mythical Donuts

    Kopernicus PQS Canyons?

    thanks! I know how to do them with height maps, that's easy, but I'd like to know how to make them with the pqs if possible
  14. @Snark he means the new feature where you can set it so not all probe cores have all SAS modes @TrackerAerospace you can change that in the difficulty settings from the pause menu