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  1. Ah, alright, I tend to misunderstand things so I took it as you suggesting just using pure SE on it's own, without modification, rather than adjusting them
  2. While Kittopia's only officially up to 1.8.1, it works on 1.9.1, not too sure about 1.10.1 (I know there's a few errors with kop and that version). PQSMods have had a few changes, but I'm not sure of the extent your knowledge of them goes. If you were just using VertexHeightMap, VertexColorMap, VoronoiCraters, HeightColorMap, VertexHeightNoise and VertexSimplexHeight/Absolute, then you should be fine. Also, the time warp altitude thing hasn't been removed, just it defaults to 0 for all values. I'm a fan of your older mods, and I'm excited to see where you go if you decide to make more.
  3. I like it! nice mod, but the day-night line thing is from screwed up normal maps, for your information. If you install the mod KittopiaTech, you can generate normal maps ingame by pressing ctrl+p, clicking on the planet you want to change, clicking scaledspace, then textureoptions, change the normalStrength to 2, change the resolution to either 1024, 2048 or 4096, change the textureDelta to be around the height of the highest peaks, then go back to scaledspace and click rebuild scaledspace textures. Then, you can go to the PluginData folder in the KittopiaTech folder and you can take your norm
  4. That’s a really cool image, and certainly one I’ll reference, but I wouldn’t mind some system concepts, particularly for small red dwarves
  5. i've been thinking of that for a fair bit, and i do have a few planets 'in reserve' from long-unfinished mods that could be used for that, but what specifically did you mean? more gas planets? dwarf planets? sub-mohoians?
  6. Hello people of the forums, i have been working on a variety of planet mods for just under a year now, yet i have a lot of trouble with ideas and concepts, so i have come to you to ask, what would be some good ideas for cool planet packs/system replacers that would be interesting, original and most importantly, fun to play?
  7. Finally, an excuse to make a Dunan-Joolian comet mod with Kopernicus! Oh wait, I’ll need to wait a long time for Kop to reach 1.10, but nevertheless, I’ll probably make one in the future
  8. What mod is that from? the only spherical tank mod I know has grey tanks
  9. Agreed, that would be awesome! I'd make them both lfo and lf so they could be used for nuclear craft
  10. I did some work on some planets for a mod I'll probs never release lol
  11. I did it! I have a few pictures, but i can’t post them yet. It was the most terrifying thing ever as I reentered, because I had only 5 minutes left to go when I hit the atmosphere, and it got so close to exploding! I had to try a couple times, but I survived. Then I realised. I had gone over the time limit. 2 hours and 1 minute for nothing? Then I realised. Hooray for that time multiplier rule! Including time multiplier, i did it in 1 hour, 55 minutes and around about 40 seconds. There were plenty of challenging bits, like when I almost fudged the final launch up or how I forgo
  12. It uses the same code as XPC, so i’m Not sure why it’d do that. I’ll look into it.
  13. Ok, that will be done soon. Actually, if you download it and open the file and then open the Kopernicus file in there, you can just delete the planets you don’t want
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