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  1. I did it! I have a few pictures, but i can’t post them yet. It was the most terrifying thing ever as I reentered, because I had only 5 minutes left to go when I hit the atmosphere, and it got so close to exploding! I had to try a couple times, but I survived. Then I realised. I had gone over the time limit. 2 hours and 1 minute for nothing? Then I realised. Hooray for that time multiplier rule! Including time multiplier, i did it in 1 hour, 55 minutes and around about 40 seconds. There were plenty of challenging bits, like when I almost fudged the final launch up or how I forgot to put solar panels or batteries on the lander which had no RCS either so I had to use the engine for turning as well as flight. I really recommend this challenge, it was heaps of fun!
  2. It uses the same code as XPC, so i’m Not sure why it’d do that. I’ll look into it.
  3. Ok, that will be done soon. Actually, if you download it and open the file and then open the Kopernicus file in there, you can just delete the planets you don’t want
  4. Has anyone tried this out yet? Anyone who has, please tell me about any bugs or things that need to be fixed
  5. I find it weird how i’m working on like my 6th planet pack, but there’s people like Wanderer who’re making planets much better than mine in their first packs! This is absolutely awesome!
  6. He’s alive! Probably...

  7. Hey! Many of you may know the mod Xen’s Planet Collection, the developer of which has left, taking with him support for a really, really, cool mod. So, I, @Xurkitree, @Shawn Kerman and @LushChicken(a bit), decided to make the mod work again and we have now decided it is ready for release! For those of you who don’t know, XPC adds in 11 new bodies, including moons for Duna, Eve and Eeloo and two new planets, Mios and Richell. Pictures: If you want to see descriptions and more pictures of the planets, go to Here are more pictures: Download link: Revived Discord link: Download instructions Installation: Step 1: Install latest version of Kopernicus. Step 2: Drag XPC folder into KSP's GameData folder. Step 3: Run the game and enjoy! (XPC had an MIT license, and this version is CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0)
  8. Heck yeah Revived It works for later versions now!
  9. It’d be best to join the Kopernicus discord and start there.