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  1. I take it the parts show up in the VAB fine when you are playing sandbox? Are you using any mods that change the tech tree?
  2. Yeah that's a cry of shame moment. Both USI and SystemHeat use custom modules that extend the ResourceConverter and ResourceHarvester modules. Someone would have to write an entirely new module that implements the functionality of both into one. MM patches can't do anything about it.
  3. As a complete IVA snob, I'm thrilled to see we are getting some more Nerta quality crewed parts to play with. I get that IVAs don't have much of any practical value, and that most players probably don't care that much, but I spend more time than I should considering the internal layout of my vessels, and high quality IVAs just make me happy inside.
  4. Nertea keeps a list of projects he's thinking of working on in his development thread, but I'll let you know right now that more spaceplane parts aren't on that list. There are some other mods out there that can help fill that niche though. Nertea's own MKIV Spaceplane System: and Orbital Portal Technologies:
  5. A quick reverse image search turned up this little number: https://wodeshu.gitee.io/roprop/text00023.html
  6. These production chains don't exist solely in wolf, dumping excess could negatively impact chains using regular converters.
  7. Yeah, that's what I meant, a typo in the part files. I actually went ahead a created a pull request to fix it in BDB the other day, and it's already been merged, so it should be fixed in the next release.
  8. This should do the trick. I tested it out with Vostok Continued and didn't see any errors or issues. And it's a damn simple patch so it's hard to screw up. @part[IronVostok_Control_A] { @bulkheadProfiles = size0p5, size0 } @part[IronVostok_Crew_A] { @bulkheadProfiles = size0p5, size0 } @part[IronVostok_Decoupler_A] { @bulkheadProfiles = size0p5 } @part[IronVostok_Control_A] { @bulkheadProfiles = size1, size0p5 }
  9. More or less. LH2 engines make for good upper stages, and LF makes for good launch stages. Normally the resource amount just slowly decreases. Every LH2 tank can cool itself using EC is you enable the coolers, and the cryogenic tanks cost less power to cool LH2 than normal tanks. What I like to do is design stages of my rocket using different engines and fuels and compare their statistics. Whatever best fits my needs gets used. But you can use the lower stage LF and upper stage LH2 as a nice general rule.
  10. The original Project Deadalus proposition was meant to reach 0.12 c and we know that engine design is going to be in KSP. While that doesn't necessarily mean we will be seeing the same level of performance, I don't believe it is off the table. I also think it's very likely that the distances will be cut down to "kerbal scale".
  11. That looks like a typo of "size0p5, size0". I also imagine all the #p#'s stand for #.#. I'll also throw my support behind this: Although @CobaltWolfcould probably best answer how the BDB sizes should be named.
  12. Well you have FAR installed, which isn't actually compatible with 1.11, but as far as I can tell, that incompatibility shouldn't be breaking the parachutes. But only that and Restock are playing with the parachutes, from what I see in the logs. You may need to downgrade KSP to 1.10.1, and pick versions of the mods built for that. You probably also should bring this issue up in the FAR thread, since it almost certainly isn't kerbal atomics.
  13. Something is deleting the parachute module from the parachute. We need to know what other mods you have installed, Kerbal atomics shouldn't be touching the parachutes at all. A look at your player.log would be very helpful as well. See the instructions below.
  14. KIS 1.28 isn't compatible with any KSP version before 1.11, you either need to update KSP to 1.11 or get a previous version of KIS (1.27 should work). Are you also on a KSP version older than 1.11?
  15. IIRC, this is something that stock does to make the heat shield fit nicely, and restock does the same thing in order to not deviate from stock form.
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