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  1. Not just you, reading these sort of mission reports is probably the main thing I do on the forums. As a matter of fact this particular report was the first I read, and kind of what got me into reading them (still ranks in my top ones). In terms of seeing more, I'd certainly be keen for more, but no pressure, wouldn't want you feeling like you have to do it, or anything like that. Completely up to you .
  2. I finally got around to updating the First Flight pdf, download the new shiny version here (the old link should also work).
  3. Yeah, it was basically a combination of your dictionary and some of KSK's notes (like the numbers). Goodnight .
  4. Thanks for picking that up, I hadn't noticed. I've been meaning to go through and fix some other typos in the full version, so I might actually get around to doing it now . Indeed I did, you've basically got a whole section dedicated to your dictionary (hope between KSK and me we managed to do it justice).
  5. It's done, the link's a couple of posts back up (it should be working).
  6. I've finished the PDF version of First Flight which, in true First Flight fashion, has ended up a bit longer than originally planned. Basically, I've included, with some help from @KSK (much appreciated), a bunch of appendices of First Flight related stuff off the forums (maps, cast/crew list, random worldbuilding, Old Kerba and some other odds and ends).Anyway download it here.
  7. 'tis the Kerbal way. All good space stuff needs acronyms (and it fits well with the SABRE, RAPIER theme). In all seriousness though, I am enjoying this so bring on the next chapter.
  8. That'd be great, thanks. I'll start on the pdf tomorrow.
  9. Awesome, thought I'm sad to see it finally end. I can honestly say that First Flight is one of the best stories I've read so thanks for all the time and effort you've put into it. I certainly understand if you need a break after writing all of this but I hope that this won't be the last we hear from you, KSK (I'll definitely be the first in the queue to read any new story). Anyway, I seem to remember that someone was converting First Flight to a pdf and linking it here. If its alright with you I thought I'd make a complete copy and finish the job.
  10. *like* Good job, no major plot developments (yet) and somehow still extremely enjoyable.
  11. My suggestion: - It's not rocket science...
  12. Made my day (as a loyal Matt Lowner (the technical term)).
  13. Yup, I wasn't really expecting a reply for a day or so because of time zones anyway (one problem with me living on the opposite side of the world).
  14. Not a problem. Pity, would have been a very Jeb thing to do .
  15. Just finished reading the whole thing, awesome story. Best KSP fanfic I've read (and there are a lot of good ones) and, in my mind, on the same level as something like The Martian but with world building that reminds me of Tolkien (especially the Old Kerba stuff). Only two problems are that I kept running out of likes and that now I have to wait for the next chapter (although I'm sure it will be well worth it). Thanks for keeping at it for six plus years @KSK .
  16. Glad to see Team Trouble Maker's driver using a helmet (was definitely needed). Bring on the next jump.
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