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  1. Thanks so much for the follow back!

  2. I want the space center to be in tje same geographic location and not on a marshy island. Then I want the planets to remain almost the same (With clouds obviously) New planets are.... Acceptable. These are my planets + space center thoughts
  3. 1. No. I don't see a huge obtrusive navigation sphere UI around every craft in the KSP2. Like KSP I still wonder whether you can torture play around with those kerbals.....
  4. The title says it all. Basically, I have seen a previous post where the flight UI of the sequel of Kerbal Space Program (which is KSP 2)was shown. It looked quite similar to SR 2. Please write your opinion down below.
  5. Danny will show you! (Some day......)
  6. Maybe........ It may be like this: 1: The docs may be merged with the game 2: It's SQUAD's idea
  7. I think it has clouds and it is like realism overhaul
  8. Yeah !!! Sorry for going off topic but where did you get that satellite from?