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  1. I wondering if the parachute built with this mod can be removed so you can use the ones of your choice
  2. MechJeb said that it would turn into autostruts instead but kraken refused to leav him. Kraken instead caught MechJeb, flinging him into Kerbol and then to JOOL and then to Duna and then to Kerbin. MechJeb was so scared that he ran and sat below a rocket engine. And.......... The rocket was about to launch! MechJeb blew up and it also caused the rocket to blow up! Some of MechJeb's parts were scattered around the place! He said,"Duna bug me you silly rocket engine! TBC
  3. Check out the roadmap: https://trello.com/b/kIaopWmm/tundra-exploration-roatmap And I found this:
  4. @VoidSquid is back! Yay! Where is @GRS though?