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  1. I am losing interest in KSP. :/

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. VoidCosmos


      I really feel sad to say this but,


      I may leave the Forum and KSP if this persists


    3. Dman979


      It happens. I haven't played KSP in a long time. I'm here now because I love this community, not because I play KSP all the time. It's OK. We've all taken breaks from a game before. :)

    4. VoidCosmos


      Thanks for helping me get back the lost interest everyone

  2. Yes. I am alive. Heard some rumours that I have left the forum. They are completely false.

  3. So I am back too. Let's start on 17th August? Who is gonna make the transfer vehicle?
  4. What multiplayer? And @HansonKerman and @Misguided_Kerbal, whose discord should we go to today?