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  1. Unless they mislabelled it, this is Eeloo. The image is named as such—look at the file names in the URLs: https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Eeloo3-1024x859.jpg https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Eeloo1.jpg And given how much attention they're paying towards real life data for aesthetics (going off things like the fuss they made about pink drive plumes derived of how it should appear in reality), it might be that they've changed the aesthetic a little based on the planetary composition. Pure speculation on my part, but it'd be a credible reason to my mind.
  2. Latest version is giving an error on game startup (upon reaching main menu), KSP Installation Validation Error (or something to that effect, don't have it to hand), and says the files should be in <KSP Installation Directory>/GameData//SHED (double slash prior to SHED is quoted). I've just reverted to 0.1.6 and it works fine. For both versions I'm using KSP 1.8.1, CKAN says is still suitable for 1.8.1 so I'm presuming that's not the issue. Just a heads up anyway. 0.1.6 performs perfectly fine for me atm
  3. Something that's always been a bit of an annoyance to me is the inability to see a side-by-side comparison of two parts in the VAB or SPH. This sort of addon is very popular in the MMO community for stat comparisons between items/equipment, so I thought maybe it'd be easier to find than it seems to be! Does anyone know of any such mod I might've missed (or even a stock option, if I've missed it?)? I envision something like when you right-click on a part in the VAB, and it stays on-screen even when you move the mouse away, it would go a step further and stay on-screen even when you mouseover other parts (I don't really care for the specifics of how it functions if it just makes it easier to view stats side-by-side than my current snipping tool method ).
  4. Noticed an extremely minor (negligible?) issue, and not one specifically with the mod, but with the CKAN listing, which is that the forum link in the mod's metadata is bad. This link is given: http://hhttps//forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/178973-141-dang-it-continued/ Obviously, it's pretty easy to get the real link from that, but if you care to have it fixed, there you go.
  5. Nice! Just got back into KSP after a few months absence, so its great to come back to progress on two of my favourite mods. EDIT: CKAN claims the two are actually in direct conflict, prohibiting me from installing both Kerbalism (3.0.2) and NEOS (0.8.0). The little extra info with both checked on trying to quit CKAN is viewable here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Y4XpFCr6Slag9lkgWvJTFhhkyjZGB48A Will try a manual installation and see if all appears well, if it's maybe just a misidentified conflict. In reality, it's probably my fault for coming back to the game. I think my presence in KSP is the antagonising factor EDIT 2: Well, I can confirm that the fix for that old issue definitely works despite this supposed incompatibility. I installed NEOS via CKAN and manually installed Kerbalism 3.0.2, and all seems to be working so far. No idea what the nature of the conflict actually is so far.
  6. The closest I'm aware of is kOS' tag system—it allows you give parts unique tags via the right-click menu, but on the tag input pop-up it also shows the .cfg name of the part—not quite as simple as a hover-over, but it's there and accessible both in the VAB and in flight. And you can basically ignore the rest of the features of kOS and just use that feature.
  7. Oh, is that what's going on? I was wondering about that, so the science never actually goes back into the pod but stays attached to the part itself (I was wondering why I couldn't review it in the pod like other science). And that would explain why Kemini contracts still work—because it's not designed to stay attached to any particular part? Or am I going down the wrong direction? I just want to satisfy my curiosity by this point
  8. Oh nice, didn't think you'd be fussed about intermod compatibility—that's cool. I made a bunch of saves while messing with it. I tried with POSA1, with PPMD, and just out of curiosity I tried the Kemini (not KEES) TEST experiment too. Kemini's TEST works fine, but neither KEES completes if Kerbalism was installed while the experiment was done. I have a bunch of saves, just threw them all in a RAR for your flexibility. Will have to explain a little though: Saves titled KEES TEST are testing POSA1 in particular. All saves made with Kerbalism installed are simply numbered, i.e. KEES TEST 1, PPMD TEST 2, etc. Any save made without Kerbalism installed is numbered V1, or V2 (V for vanilla, even though it's not strictly vanilla—minimal mods essentially, just NEOS essentials) Otherwise, they are what they say they are—KEMINI TEST is specifically the Kemini module called TEST, and PPMD is me going for another KEES test just to see if it was specific to POSA1, which it's not. I saved at frequent intervals from contract acceptance to touchdown immediately prior to recovery. If Kerbalism is installed when the experiment results are finalised, the 2nd objective will not complete on recovery. If Kerbalism is not installed at the point when the experiment is finalised, the 2nd objective will complete on recovery, even if Kerbalism is reinstalled between those two points. I've repeated this a few times now and those results come as I predict every time. Most of the saves were just to cover all bases and help me pinpoint where the change seems to happen, have a look at these particular saves: KEES TEST 8 SPLASHDOWN—POSA1 done with Kerbalism, should result in incomplete objective, whether you have Kerbalism at this point or not. KEES TEST V2 SPLASHDOWN—POSA1 done without Kerbalism, should result in completion, whether you have Kerbalism at this point or not. KEES TEST 6 ORBIT PRE-FINALIZE—this is the branching point, if you want to try for yourself with and without Kerbalism. This will load as POSA1 has filled its timer and just needs to be finished. PPMD TEST 4 TOUCHDOWN—PPMD done with Kerbalism, should result in incomplete objective, whether you have Kerbalism at this point or not. PPMD TEST V2 TOUCHDOWN—PPMD done without Kerbalism, should result in completion, whether you have Kerbalism at this point or not. PPMD TEST 2 PRE-FINALIZE—As above, the branching point but for PPMD instead. I also included my Kemini TEST run, but since it worked fine with Kerbalism I don't know if it'll be of any value. There are no non-Kerbalism saves with that one since it worked. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HbB1qvgY-Gqp9c-ZNj6ojx9J5rJavtJr Does the log flush itself out with every session of the game btw? I've not used it before, I was going to share it but I think I've lost the log for those sessions I just did because of restarting KSP a few times. If the saves aren't enough on their own I'll see about reproducing those runs to get the log—it's the file named KSP in the parent installation folder, right? Anyway, hopefully that's useful, cheers.
  9. Hmm, nevermind, NEOS itself isn't the issue. It seems it's an interaction with Kerbalism after all. I tried it with only NEOS, KAS, and KIS, and it worked fine, added back in Kerbalism and it worked in a save with the test already completed prior to reintroducing Kerbalism, with just reentry to go, but didn't work on a save where the test was still to be performed with Kerbalism. I wonder if it's because of the way Kerbalism stores science—since in the save with the test already completed I'd presume the data is stored the normal vanilla way, but the save where the test still had to be performed with Kerbalism would inevitably go through Kerbalism's data storage system (very much a layman's guess ). I suppose that's just what happens dipping my toes into various different mods ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Can just console complete anyway. Sorry for the false alarm! Keep up the good work
  10. Just a heads-up in case it's an issue, but I had a bit of trouble earlier with KEES contracts not registering the return and recover experiment objective (the actual test in orbit ran fine and that objective worked with no issue). I used the POSA1. Might've used one of the other modules too, but definitely tried a few times with POSA1. Didn't have a lot of time to mess around with it too much, but I'll give it another go next time I'm on KSP on my home PC and see if it's still acting up and share logs. Worked fine for me in 1.4.5 with previous update of NEOS (updated both KSP to and NEOS to 0.8.0 since last successful KEES contract which I did a few days back). Normally play with a heap of mods, but in trying to figure out the issue I cut it down to only the mods needed to reload saves in that run—Kerbalism, K2 Command Pod, KerbalEngineer, KIS, KAS, and of course NEOS.
  11. Funnily enough, I ended up changing the pods Kemini applies to to those ones for my own playthrough to give me more reason to switch between the pods. I feel like the Vostok/Voskhod pods don't get anywhere near enough love. It would be cool if some experiments necessitated a choice between a command pod or a reentry module, if making distinctions between the larger groupings like that is at all possible.
  12. That's excellent! Didn't realise how simple it would be—thanks a ton!
  13. I'm new to the game and so far I really enjoy docking manoeuvres most of all, but dislike that it basically does the last few meters for you. Are there any mods that tone down the range of the magnetic lock and/or the speed you can make contact at (probably harder to adjust considering the mag-lock almost forces the contact speed), or anything else to that effect to put a wee bit of the challenge back in? Cheers :)