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  1. @JadeOfMaar, @Tonka Crash, I can confirm what Zerox found. By removing the Interstellar mod, the intake began acting normally. I'll divert my attention there and remember to zip up the text next time. Thanks! @Zerox thanks for the help S
  2. I have the engine issue too, the log is far too large for a free pastebin so I found the error reports and put it here: To confirm what was noted earlier, it looks like ModuleManager picks up these 8 errors and 1 warning (probably because I'm naughty and use old mods). I removed the physics.cfg to see if it clears the problem, but did not work. I will reload mechjeb when I have time to see if that works. With a very amateur eye, it appears something in the ModuleManager physics is no longer linking up. The Intake resources aren't getting found in the general physics file. Hope this helps. S
  3. Well I'm blind. Sorry to ask the question then. I didn't take a close look at the spacedock page. I grabbed it and thinking it was just engine overhauls. Thanks for the reply S
  4. @JadeOfMaar, Thanks for keeping this part pack updated! I have one question that might have been discussed in the 148 pages of forums but I use your USI life support patch for OPT. It conflicts with the Reconfig project. Should I be using the Reconfig project? It looks like that has USI built in but I wanted to check. S
  5. Ok, I was looking at the same file and noticed the IF/THEN with the versions tacked on beyond 1.3. I don't have the ability to ask LinuxGuru via the message system yet so I'm just making some educated tweaking and seeing how badly I can break things. Thanks
  6. Wolderado, I was digging around trying to do the same thing without much luck. It appears there is code for a couple of different versions but I'm a novice level DLL worker. What exactly did you do by "reset the incompatible array"? Of course if I've missed something that is in a tutorial somewhere please point to it. I'd like to figure out a little more about how stuff like this is made. S