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  1. yea, i make realistic and very competitive(functional) fighterjets, Procedural Dynamics used to be perfect but not in 1.7, the hitpoints are super unstable (sometimes even 0 hitpoint) so the enemy can destroy my wing with a single gun shot
  2. I noticed the very popular saturn engine based on panther is 0.65t and have a crap ton of thrust(love it), is it possible to make this also for an f-22 based engine? (f-119). the one from b-9 is too large and very heavy, and the one from airplane plus is just right(size) but not as powerful.
  3. i can get the mod but the parts are not appearing for ksp 1.7.0
  4. Hi guys, I have been recently experimenting with the bda ECM jammer, and i realized that crafts that does not have a cockpit jammer/rcs reduction can turn the BDA ECM jammer on and off when detecting missiles, but with the integrated rcs reduction jammer for the cockpits, the ai seems to forget to turn on the ECM jammers when missile incoming. I am suspecting because the cockpit jammer/rcs reduction is "always on", the AI thinks that the jammers are on, so it does not turn anything else on when detecting missiles. IS there anyway to fix this without having the ECM Jammer also always on? Thanks!
  5. This is my dogfighting f -22, as accurate as i can while maintaining it's maneuverability This is a powerful engine but its way to big and heavy, also does not generate electricity with afterburner on This one is the one i use, not too heavy and pretty high power, generates plenty of electricity. This one is what discovery planet used, it is very accurate and looks nice however its twr is horrible, heavy and have only half of the others have.
  6. from kerbal field i think its the AESA radar, much stronger, 360 simultaneous scan, no delay, only 0.001 t
  7. BTW, I really love the NMB but i cant find engines that fit my plane, I really love the sukhoi engines. However, can you guys make some for the f22, the ones from airplane plus and aoa tech is either too bulky or too less power, can you guys make one that looks realistic and have lots of power? thanks
  8. hey, i have been using Nice MK Series for a while, Is it possible that you guys can put an option to disable radar in ur next update? I have a better radar i want to use and put on my plane but bd armory wont activate it when the cockpit built in radar is there