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  1. I can LAND!!! holly smokes I can finally land without an autopilot, this thing is awesome!!!!!
  2. Firespitter not compatible with 1.8, game does not load expansions with this mod installed, is a shame, I really like this mod
  3. Hello, I have some issues with textures on some parts, they appear black im running V1.5.1, the following are the parts with issues Igloo, Inglet, Eexperiment airlock, Inline airlock, tunnel adapter, and both structural tunnels. Any advise?
  4. Hello, I love this mod and I was waiting for the version 1.5.1, as soon as i saw it i downloaded, however i dont see the airplane in the toolbar, it does not load, is there anything new I have to do? I just placed the content of the folder in GAME DATA, same as I do with most mods.
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