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  1. If you're gonna be selling merchandise off of the main page at least take the low hanging fruit. Vinyl Sicker Jeb Pint glasses 5 panel hats ksc patches
  2. Not all parts that are staged can have their staging removed, for instance, engines. SSBoosters used as structural pieces will fill up your staging stack and can’t be removed.
  3. I put my Duna rocket on steam, and did a mission to showcase it. My boys club did a pinpoint landing to get to a solar panel and coms dish to set up a science station at the remains of an abandoned rover. Fuel margins were so thin that a tug had to collect the gang from orbit.
  4. Some other unnamed game company broke its past philosophy of only releasing a product when it was polished, disaster and chaos happened. I hope the plan is to release when it's ready.
  5. I thought the time frame was a bit ambitious.
  6. This is probably something for which there should be a dedicated tutorial for. I will say that it does feel very good inside to do rendezvous and Hoffman transfers on a lvl 1 tracking center, and on lower funds/rep rewards that 300000 goes a very long way.
  7. I believe this bug is caused by having too many deployed solar panels attached to a structural piece. Someone in a different thread suggested attaching a structural piece to the solar panel, then attaching the structural piece to the OG structural piece. I have not tried this fix yet, I’ve just stopped building large fancy solar panel arm things.
  8. Sent another Convoy to Duna, more station/base modules for Ike.
  9. This is one of the things that should probably be explicitly explained in tutorials. That would at the minimum solve the non-obviousness of the conundrum.
  10. I picked landing planes because I interpreted precision landing to only count on vacuum bodies. There was this one time I ran 8km to the ascent vehicle on Duna after the rover crashed, good times.
  11. I think OP, the solution to your problem of too much science is to lower the return value to <40%. Even with 60% you can get maxed out with your first Duna trip.
  12. Whenever a Kerbal dies the next station/base in that SOI gets named after them.
  13. This video wants to install FB cookies. It won't play if you reject permissions. I do not like.