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  1. As always I would like, Thrust Torque in DV info, an Alarm Clock, and a Docking Alignment Indicator.
  2. Given the opportunity I would gladly build a Cloud City on Jool.
  3. They give me new rcs, and a way to swap them out on my existing ships, pretty neat.
  4. I treat the lab like it's an automated green house that can sustain 2 Kerbals. It doesn't matter how low your science returns rate is, it's still an infinite source of science.
  5. What I would like; thrust torque in DV info, an alarm-clock stock, and a functional docking UI. Then I will not need mods to play this game.
  6. Just wondering if anyone's had any luck with a switch pro-controller?
  7. So I sent a Mini-MunShip to the Mun last night on Twitch. This is the Image gallery: https://imgur.com/gallery/zXBHTwG The Mission Refuel in LKO and continued to the Mun. We lost one of the engines docking with the fuel cache, so its symmetrical counterpart was disabled. Transfer to the Mun. Rendezvous and Docking with the Gateway and then down to the South Pole for SCIENCE! My Helping with Points: SpaceK MunShip Single-stage, launches on a single booster - 20 points- CHECK No monoprop thrusters - 10 points - CHECK (didn't realize that verniers were ok, revisions might happen) Uses nine separate canted-out landing engines - 15 points - CHECKish (one broke so 2 non-operational) Refueled in orbit - 30 points - CHECK Uses fixed solar panels around a docking port in the nose - 12 points - CHECKish (except for the crew hatch) Lowest part - 30 points - 101 with launcher + rover , 71 with Rover, 48 just MunShip Bonus points (cumulative, all entries): Land within 100 km of the south Munar pole - 30 points - CHECK Land at the highest elevation of any entry - 50 points - 6581M Deploy science packages carried on vehicle - 10 points - CHECK Deploy a rover - 20 points - CHECK Lowest dV TLI->Gateway->LMO - 35 points : 520M/sDV First Challenge I've done it was lots of fun, I got a video of everything post initial launch that probably won't get put on the internet. The only screw up was when I forgot to turn on the fuel cell after landed and the rocket tipped over when it's juice ran out. I didn't forget to save once landed though so no big deal, I'm so use to playing without saves/reverts it kinda felt like cheating. I have a baby Dynetics that will go next, we performed a crew rotation on this mission so we are good for the next one.
  8. Krakken attacks are probably the reason why persistent saves aren't written over in KSP1 in hard-mode, if the Krakken is slain no reason why this couldn't be implemented.
  9. They do, I think he’s referring to the fact that most time you(or at least myself) only have one primary craft loaded in so there isn’t always a performance improvement from the multi-threading of different vessels. I recommend just the ram upgrade for better/more texture for mods/parts. I had a i7 mbp(before it was stolen) for school/ gaming and the biggest issues were thermal throttling of the GPU. If you don’t have a dedicated way to cool the aluminum beast the added thermal load from faster processors might be counter-productive. ESP in bed/lap situations.
  10. "Bespin" Platform -Altitude/Number- "Jeb's Last Sighting"
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