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  1. SlinkyMcman

    Standardizing your Action Groups

    My Universal set up. I try to avoid using "toggle X" functions because they tend to get out of sync with the other actions. 1. Solo Operations 1 2. Solo Operations 2 3. Science 4. Shut Down Solo Operations. 5. Docked Operations 1 6. Docked Operations 2 7. Activate Air Breathing Engines. 8. Activate High Thrust Engines. 9. Activate Transfer Stage Engines. 0. Shut Down All Engines.
  2. SlinkyMcman

    So what is Serenity?

    "New Launch Sites With the History and Parts Pack you will also have the ability to launch your crafts from 4 additional complexes: the Woomerang Launchsite, the Dessert Complex, the Island Runway and a brand new Mun Launchsite, not currently available on PC!" A way to unlock? More single player(campaign) content? Build a Mun base with quests? Given the mission creation tools from the first DLC, I wouldn't be shocked if they put a dedicated quest line for making an off world base.
  3. Isn't landing supposed to be the "fun" part?
  4. SlinkyMcman

    Suggestion: "Parked" mode

    I am under (probably false assumption) that rocket legs float your craft above the surface, different from how static parts sit.
  5. SlinkyMcman

    Suggestion: "Parked" mode

    To be fair I'm not entirely sure what I'm talking about at any particular point either.
  6. SlinkyMcman

    Suggestion: "Parked" mode

    So i think really the solution for sliding around would be to implement variable friction quotients depending on the speed of travel and increase joint strength slightly to compensate(I read the wiki on Stribeck curve). I started using airbrakes as landing gear and those are even more slippery than the real thing. But implementing a whole system purely as a workaround for bad landing gear seems like a mistake, just fix the gear. Your idea to suspend physics calculations for the ground/gravity would be a fantastic way to implement permanent installations, with the height above terrain taking precedence over altitude when loading in, you wouldn't have to do physics easing in on the craft, since some amount of clipping into the surface would be fine, and may even help with the structure's immersion. The problem I see is Kraken attacks when you hit remove the parking break and your vehicle is floating or underground, because the world changed on it's own. Never allowing a craft to un-park would be a fix, but it isn't really what you're looking for(or is it with the Duna base?). The docking port problem seems easy, just give parked crafts alignment precedence over all other craft types. I started doing some science with save files may be back with some results. It probably shouldn't be super difficult to implement some sort of pylons/gear that lock your location.
  7. SlinkyMcman

    Suggestion: "Parked" mode

    Since the terrain is a computed property based on a bodies elevation map and a variable sample rate, this would cause all sorts of different issues. Static terrain features in game are clipped below the surface to hide the jankyness of the implementation. I think the way landing gear is currently coded is Kerbal's best attempt to do exactly what you want, it's just really hard.
  8. SlinkyMcman

    In your opinion, how good is KSP?

    I terms of doing something novel, and polished, and fun, KSP is definitely top 10. Requiring making something new is something that, necessarily limits candidates,( ie Odessy is way more fun than 64, but 64 is OG, so makes the cut instead of all others). So far as I can tell there is nothing that even comes close to the scale that Kerbal encompasses (even wow railroads you for content). And Kerbal doesn't even have Newtonian Physics. Also Kerbal is pretty kinda the only game that is *Hard without being a platformer, or chess(Starcraft is bullet chess mixed with dexterity challenges). They kinda stopped trying to implement a competitive AI in the newest CIV, I don't even know how you would implement a decision tree for the new quest based tech trees(plural? like why two different tech trees) other than just hard coding the tree for each different Nation. My Top 10 in Alphabetical Order: AI Wars Civ 2 Donkey Kong Country 2 Doom Echo Kerbal Mario 64 Myst Starcraft BroodWar World of Warcraft
  9. SlinkyMcman

    Your Finest Hour in KSP

    First time doing a rendezvous with the Lvl 1 tracking center. It was practically a miracle when the craft broke the load in barrier, . .
  10. SlinkyMcman

    Wolfhound vs Poodle

    It's also easier to place the wolfhound since it doesn't require a 5m base.
  11. SlinkyMcman

    Your KSP Folders

    So I imagine you guys have non-Steam version's of this game? I'm not sure how I would be able to do this locked into Steam's system.
  12. SlinkyMcman

    Are SSTO's worth it?

    My first career game sent everything from launch->destination so when I actually got to the point where I could build a functional Plane to Orbit (I still drop fuel tanks, because they're cheap, so technically not SSTO) there was nothing there for them to do. So I started a hard career game that has a large transfer station in Equatorial orbit so that there is a reason to send a plane to space. Planes turn out to be the safest way to land Kerbals back on Kerbin anyways, (parachuting out of drop pods causes some folks to blink out of existence or tumble down mountains).
  13. SlinkyMcman

    Ideal Local Mining Operation?

    First time posting images hope this works. I have a all in one mining platform for moving Ore around. It's rated for the Mun, just don't bring as many ore containers. It simplifies my Mining processes, and since pretty much all my interplanetary engines are nukes, using ore helps limit unused mass/volume in the form of Ox tanks. There is something like 12t of machinery that it moves around but it's minmus payload is 168t (32+24tanks* 3t per tank) so it's not significant enough to justify provoking the kraken attempting surface docking. Stacking decouplers like the minmus example makes the ship bouncy when loaded, and autostruts only kinda help. I recommend not being quite as modular as I made it. It's also pretty amazing for contracts. You can use an adapter to fit a ore container that can fit in a Space Plane/Shuttle for Kerbin downloading without needing to send up a dedicated drop-pod.
  14. SlinkyMcman

    Inline Landing Legs?

    An additional bigger size landing legs that are stored in aerodynamic pods seems like a pretty good idea (there's probably a mod with more landing gear parts). Currently i'm using AeroBrakes from the same purpose on my Duna Lander. I think the game kinda just wants everyone to land on their engines since they're generally more stable compared to landing gear. I want kerbal to extend the tech tree so having these be worth 1450 science wouldn't phase me at all (definitely a mod for that).
  15. SlinkyMcman

    Tethers? Anyone?

    No part in the game currently calls collision on it's own ship, tethers that properly wrap around a craft would break that design decision. Multiple active tethers would create an oversized burden on the model not comparable to the advantages they confer.