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  1. I tried to move the refinery a few meters using the sky crane and ended up using the whole thing as a flail. Some how most of the mining equipment and one connection survived the crash on the mining pod. The old Electronics Tower was destroyed, debris 2.5km away. Meet new Tower (properly facing East/West this time) and a nice kerbal corridor for future expansions.
  2. This is such a great idea I had to comment on what a great idea this is.
  3. Pictures are worth some words, here is an example for free insertion at Tylo. The correction burn happened as the ship crossed Dres's orbit. Tylo PE is about 1 million meters. I agree with Snark that this is easily the best use of a flyby in stock. Getting a probe to Moho/Low Solar via Eve is also a good use.
  4. It's my understanding that the federation troopers reused the starship troopers armor. I'm not sure where the firefly crew got their suit from.
  5. did someone say bubble helmets? The OG crew can get capes!
  6. Torque in DV info, alarm clock, docking port alignment indicator.
  7. I have same problem, happens more in space than ground. Toggling the Lock on all the robotic parts seems to fix it for that load in. It seems to happen more when the parts are locked, so i've taken to avoid using the lock.
  8. Every time switch to a craft that has its mechanisms locked they freak out. The solution I found is to unlock/relock all the moving parts very tedious.
  9. Sky Crane is success, Minmus refinery is ready for customers.
  10. I'm impressed that you didn't clip through the part at orbital velocities, how big were the crafts?
  11. Building a multithreaded physics engine(and it's associated UI for dev) isn't a simple task. Do you know if there is a way to do multi-threading in Unity as it is now?
  12. Good news we're at the very least going to get a .625 rotor in the next expansion, in 2 weeks! Hype Copter! So many common requests are gonna be craftable with robotics, I have all the stoke.
  13. I'm not usually one for realism, but, Volcanic rock should be completely visually distinct from non-volcanic rock, and there shouldn't be "blending" because that's not how volcanic rock propagates. Compare Idaho's Craters of the Moon lava flows with the surrounding landscape. . If this is essentially a dormant shield volcano then the areas the lava doesn't touch, shouldn't get the same color treatment, the contrast should be stark, they're completely different rocks. I'm all for some scatter, and better res terrain though.