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  1. I've started building planes without CoM or lift indicators, it does not turn out well, half the time it becomes a reenactment of this video
  2. my decrease in activity has nothing to do with star theory or the new ksp at all, could not possibly be one of them
  3. @Mieyo How about aircraft turns are defined by its features. Meaning you take off from point A and you can bomb point B point B has to be within range of the aircraft, say: 30% of its fuel payload and then it returns to base.
  4. are those the new stock textures?
  5. you win this time.... @The Minmus Derp
  6. Nah, @Just Jim (because that makes sense)
  7. @mieyo we can take an action(e.g. firing a weapon) then pass the save to the other person instead of using dmp.
  8. Welcome to the forums! As @Vanamonde said, get the hang of small rockets and learn to predict how a rocket will work. Another way to learn is to mess around in sandbox, maybe start a career game to learn how the different parts work. Perhaps most importantly watch a ton of gameplay; Matt Lowne and Scott Manley(both found on youtube) are good places to start.
  9. wow, my fastes plane only ever made it to ~3100(no proof) you guys are insane.
  10. my guess would be an external program, or plugin for video editing software that overlays the keyboard onto the game after it is recorded.