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  1. Just going to re-explain this but with images if that is ok. Here is step one as an expression(I may have done it wrong just going off of how I understood your explanation): Step two(the answer to this will be the variable z): step 4(Where y is the length of a mars year): And your answer will be Edit: always check the comment date before replying. Hope this will be able to help anyone else i guess
  2. You would not want to steal intellectual property from yourself now would you? Honestly it's probably a 10 line python script
  3. I would be interested in seeing you streaming at some point(i know it is a bit off topic )
  4. There is one on a moon somewhere Here is the link to the wiki page for the kraken
  5. calling 911 because i use autostrut
  6. yes, I am an expert on breathing The user below me does not float
  7. banned cus I don't know you
  8. I think a ui redesign would solve the problem of "parts overload" I came back to the game after a hiatus and was overwhelmed(not complaining more parts the better) maybe have categories within categories. for example you go to the engines tab, then the 3.5 meter tab. or a filter(there could be one already that i have no idea about but everyone else knows about) for part sizes when activated only shows those part sizes in all the categories.
  9. I try to comprehend how there is something absolutely 2d in a 3d space
  10. I know, i need to get another physical copy. i had one somewhere...