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  1. Oh nice, been wanting to get back into Kerbal; I loved building airliners to contest standards and I'm glad to see that there's(Another) Continuation for this.
  2. I've started building planes without CoM or lift indicators, it does not turn out well, half the time it becomes a reenactment of this video
  3. my decrease in activity has nothing to do with star theory or the new ksp at all, could not possibly be one of them
  4. @Mieyo How about aircraft turns are defined by its features. Meaning you take off from point A and you can bomb point B point B has to be within range of the aircraft, say: 30% of its fuel payload and then it returns to base.
  5. are those the new stock textures?
  6. you win this time.... @The Minmus Derp
  7. Nah, @Just Jim (because that makes sense)
  8. @mieyo we can take an action(e.g. firing a weapon) then pass the save to the other person instead of using dmp.
  9. Welcome to the forums! As @Vanamonde said, get the hang of small rockets and learn to predict how a rocket will work. Another way to learn is to mess around in sandbox, maybe start a career game to learn how the different parts work. Perhaps most importantly watch a ton of gameplay; Matt Lowne and Scott Manley(both found on youtube) are good places to start.
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