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  1. lapis999


  2. lapis999

    The sentence rhyming game

    but really, It was a laser beam
  3. lapis999

    Naval Battles!

    my computer is to much of a potato to test them myself that's why I was wondering
  4. lapis999

    Weirdest Quotes!

    "this morning I smacked myself with my phone" -Dwight K. Shrute "nobody steals from creed bratton and gets away with it. the last person to do this disappeared. his name? Creed Bratton. -Creed Bratton "it's Halloween. That is really really good timing" -Creed Bratton (all from the office)
  5. lapis999

    Ban the user above you!

    banned for being a ninja to me
  6. lapis999

    Naval Battle League 2016-2018

    presenting the aged spearman ship. It is ancient I found it in an old save. It will make a good practice target. craft file: armament: two "lance" missiles armor: wing and cargo bay dv: around 2000 propulsion: two vectors and one terrier
  7. lapis999

    Say a phrase, and complete it

    dead why did you blow up ___ ___ __!
  8. lapis999

    Naval Battles!

    I will create a thread to house them all
  9. lapis999

    Say a phrase, and complete it

    1.leprechauns 2.the plague 3.death that is some contagious _____
  10. lapis999

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    this made me laugh super loud
  11. lapis999

    The sentence rhyming game

    I wept while It came apart at the seams
  12. lapis999

    The sentence rhyming game

    the rule is you get one line and you must rhyme with the above sentence no double posting I will start: I eat the large vanilla ice cream
  13. lapis999


    I know It is the best linux game
  14. lapis999

    The Number Game Continued