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  1. Man, this mod is hilarious. Seems to work on 1.5, but does it work on 1.6?
  2. Yeah, I have no idea. Basically, I removed the mod, started the game and saw the remote guidance units appear, then I added the mod back, and they're still here. I don't even know.
  3. Um... this mod removed the Remote Guidance Units. Probably some other parts too, but I can't tell.
  4. I think you just need to use a bigger decoupler, man. If that can't be done, rework the design. Try using the adapter parts in the Structure Category to make engines and stuff fit together better.
  5. No, you see, when you do a Survey Scan, it enables Kerbnet, and using the Narrow Band Scanner gives you a higher resolution image on the Kerbnet map for the area below it. Something like that, anyway. It's only use is planning out landing sites and finding ore, and those can both potentially just be done by unmanned rovers.
  6. I think the idea is you conduct a low resolution survey with the M700 Survey Scanner, then orbit right above the point where a planet's atmosphere ends, and do Narrow-Band scans to get a higher resolution ore map. Remember to use KerbNet!
  7. Actually, keeping the oxidizer in the tank was a fluke, you can just remove it before flight.
  8. Well, it's not a true creator and editor, but you can use mods like Hyperedit to change the orbit of celestial bodies. You can't change the gravity, but you can make planets orbit moons, or turn Kerbin into a Jool moon, or make moons orbit Kerbol standalone... I sure like moons, huh? Oh, or you could have Dres crash into Kerbin and just have a mess.
  9. Extra note: You will probably have to modify it for it to be capable of reaching Duna or Eve, or even the moons of Kerbin. It's really just an awesome science ship for orbital experiments.
  10. Here's a new ship I made! It's got a decent amount of Delta-V, I'd say, although I dunno if it can actually make it to Duna. The interplanetary stage doesn't have landing legs, so it's useless for actual landings on other planets anyway. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iZkm7X8b41nNxZv1GZPpvk9OJHuuDORy I can't find the BBcode thing to embed albums into forum posts, so just take this link instead. https://imgur.com/gallery/3Zxtp5M For takeoff, burn at 90 percent thrust for intial Mammoth and SRB stages. When SRB flames out, eject. Use remaining Mammoth fuel to get into partial orbit, then eject on flameout. Disable Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer on atomic engine fuel tanks with the context menu. Use Mainsail to reach complete orbit, then disable it manually by using the context menu. Don't use the general purpose AG for any engine toggle tasks unless it's an emergency! Finally, enable Liquid Fuel on side engines connected to atomic engines, and use them for interstellar maneuvers. Action Group 1: Communications Action Group 2: Solar Panels Action Group 3: Toggle Engines (for emergencies, doesn't affect launch stages) -Extra Notes- Caution. This vessel does not have strong turning power in the initial takeoff stage. WARNING! This vessel does not have landing legs and cannot land on high gravity (Dres or above) celestial bodies and WILL likely have it's engines destroyed if attempted! Low gravity body landings should only be conducted by skilled pilots at their own risk. Notice. Don't forget to move any crew in the laboratory back to the Mk1-3 Command Pod before ejecting it away. (We know what you did, Bill!)