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  1. This shouldn't work at all. ReStock doesn't function like this. Edit: In addition to whitelisting Squad/Parts/Engine/liquidEngineLV-909_v2/ Open up your version of the following file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\ReStock\Patches\Engine\restock-engines-liquid-125.cfg Change the following lines // Terrier @PART[liquidEngine3_v2] to something like // Terrier @PART[liquidEngine3_v2]:NEEDS[UseReStockTerrier] What it does is prevent ReStock from applying its patch to the Terrier. The patch changes the model (removing mentions of the stock revamped model) as well as changing part geometry and special effect animations. As long as a folder or mod named 'UseReStockTerrier' doesn't exist the above change should prevent the patch.
  2. A similar patch from Contract Configurator says that it's only being kept as legacy support for 1.1. The Space Station contract pack adds the Kopernicus, NF, & USI electrical generator modules as requirement parameters. Not sure if possible on Stock 1.6.
  3. I've never updated to 1.7.x due to issues with other mods. Are there any other users of Cryoengines 1.0.2 (built against 1.7) out there still using 1.6.1? How's the mod treating you?
  4. Make sure the version of MissingHistory you have installed is updated (remove the mod completely before reapplying). I'm seeing MissingHistory applying its configs to the Swivel & Reliant (the newer versions shouldn't if Restock is present)
  5. I'm currently under the assumption that these are the versions of the configs most people use: https://github.com/KSPSnark/MissingHistory/blob/master/files/PorkjetParts/AtomicAge/KANDL/KANDL.cfg https://github.com/KSPSnark/MissingHistory/blob/master/files/PorkjetParts/AtomicAge/BKN/BKN.cfg https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealPlume-StockConfigs/blob/master/GameData/RealPlume-Stock/MissingHistory/nuclearEngineKandl.cfg https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealPlume-StockConfigs/blob/master/GameData/RealPlume-Stock/MissingHistory/nuclearEngineBKN.cfg I'm not yet in a position to test the files (out of town, just on a work laptop) but the revised file should look like this: https://github.com/HSJasperism/KerbalAtomics/blob/master/Extras/KerbalAtomicsLH2NTRModSupport/hydrogenNTRsMissingHistory.cfg Will push to the dev branch after testing.
  6. Good day! I haven't updated the patch ever since I submitted it circa 1.6. KA, RP, and Missing History all have changed significantly since then. I've been using a different config for awhile now. I can submit a more permanent solution by Thursday if it's alright with you.
  7. What's happening is that in Snacks' default patch, it checks for CrewCapacity and adds snack capacity 50 or 200 per Kerbal depending on whether it can act as a command module. The inflatables in this mod don't have CrewCapacity > 0. You need to do something like this https://github.com/HSJasperism/Snacks/blob/master/GameData/WildBlueIndustries/Snacks/ModuleManagerPatches/MM_SSPR.cfg
  8. SpaceDock is (temporarily) down - NF in CKAN uses SpaceDock. You need to manually install from GitHub for now.
  9. Good day. There is a test version of Mechjeb that works for 1.7. You can try it by installing from CKAN (using the "dev" list) or https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/MechJeb2-Dev/883/
  10. I've had the same issue with ModuleDecouplerBase, and the solution was that KER, MechJeb, and similar mods break between 1.6 & 1.7, where versions built for 1.7 will not work for 1.6 and vice versa. KER should be the last version for 1.6.
  11. It should be fairly easy to check what's wrong on existing ships - try opening the save, or you can try uploading your save if you're not comfortable. I had a similar issue before 1.7, when using ReStock for the first time, where I first opened a save that had RealChute modules without RealChutes, then opened it again with the mod. The modules were configured wrongly and needed to be manually set through the text editor.
  12. In case anyone is using the MJ dev branch on CKAN, 2.8.3-882 doesn't seem to be stable on 1.6 despite what CKAN says. Both node execution and auto-decoupling will fail to operate optimally, and log spam close to the following message will occur [ERR 09:37:57.919] MechJeb module MechJebModuleStagingController threw an exception in OnUpdate: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'ModuleDecouplerBase' from assembly 'MechJeb2'. It does however work decently on 1.7
  13. You need to reinstall KSP 1.6 using Steam's beta tab (right click the game from your library to see the tab). RealChutes will then start working again after reinstalling all mods.
  14. Good day. Thanks for looking into this, and thank you for the amazing work you put into your mods in the first place.
  15. Can confirm this is an issue. I've had this https://github.com/ChrisAdderley/CryoTanks/pull/67 pull request for quite a while now.
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