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  1. Struggling with duct fan and current blades on xbox. Were there not duct fan blades? I swear I saw them. They don't seem to be on xbox.
  2. The current blades dont fit duct fan on xbox. Weren't there duct fan blades specifically for the duct fans or am I mistaken? If so, how do I make the current blades fit?
  3. Didn't squad recently mention that the DLC and update is coming and release date would be soon? I still don't understand why they don't find another company that can devote more time to ksp on console. Probably expensive. Still though, do they not want our money?
  4. They promised a release date and them never delivered. They must be close or they wouldn't have brought that up. They do need to find a way to speed up the process for console because the delay between pc and console is ridiculous. I know another company ports to console but why can't squad find another company that can devote more time to console. To close the gap. That would be nice. Don't they want our money?
  5. I hope so too. Thanks for understanding. It's just a bummer. We'll see what happens I guess.
  6. It is such a disappointment that this is not coming to Xbox. I really wanted to play this. I just don't understand why you guys aren't working on this for console. You just keep progressing PC but not console. If you aren't working on console version then why did you put this game out for console? Or the making history dlc? What was the point. We just keep getting farther and farther behind PC. I truly hope you hire more people to work on console version. If I had a PC I would play on it but I don't and I love this game. It just bums me out. I hope this changes and I wish I could get some inf
  7. I just cannot believe the way this company is prioritizing content for this game. Why even bother with console if you're going to ignore the console community. And if I'm wrong, then say something. Let console players know you're working on updating us to PC level. If you're not, then why bother with console at all? PC got 1.7 and then right after, is now getting a fun new dlc. Is there even a console department or do you just get to console when you have time? Any information to hold on to the console community is probably a good thing if you want to expand your company I would think. I love
  8. Can the staff please give any information on what's happening with console? Do you have a team working on catching console up to PC or are you putting all your time into PC? I mean, you have now put out two updates since console went to after a year on xbox. What's going on in that department??
  9. When will 1.7 come to console if a new dlc and update is already coming out at the end of the month??
  10. If I had a PC, I'd play on it. Fact is, right now I dont. I love this game and I'm sure there is a reason but it is still lame it takes a year to catch up to pc.
  11. Is everyone but console players getting the dlc as we haven't gotten latest patch either??
  12. I hope 1.7 comes to console soon. It is a quality of life update that console needs as well. I have the xbox one x which is no PC but still pretty strong and I hope Squad takes advantage of that and continues to put more effort into console. I love this game but do not have a PC or I'd be playing on it. Cheers!
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