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  1. Because mobile sucks Play a game at 24 fps, then 60. And no, I don't just see it because I want to. I literally have gone back to 30 and 60 fps, and the difference is incredible. Everything is slower, animations chug, input lag is oppressive. Again, you can read about this all day but until you actually play with higher refresh rates you won't understand what I'm saying in the slightest. Also the refresh rates of TV have far more to do with the amount of data you can push over a given frequency than anything else. 50 hz is less information, so less wattage at the station for the same transmission.
  2. [Moderator note: This discussion was originally split from another topic here, which was about KSP 2 and resources consumption on the PC. This resulted in a lengthy and interesting discussion that didn't really pertain to the original topic, so we've split it off into a thread of its own, here.] Have you ever played at 144fps? 95 fps? It's literally night and day difference between 60 fps. Our senses are a limit, but it's not at 60fps or even 240 lel
  3. What even is this point lel It's not about the difference between 60 and 50, it's about the difference between 60 and 95, 60 and 144 etc. Their games are going to be around for years, and hardware becomes easily able to run them well above 60 fps even on the low-end. The consoles even support it now, and high refresh TVs are increasingly entering the budget space.
  4. Let's not turn this into an OT bethesda bad thread, but suffice to say that if they switched engines the only reason it wouldn't be moddable is they didn't put in the work beforehand. Also it's had three nearly complete rewrites at this point, one from Morrowind to oblivion, another from oblivion to FO3, and then another from tesV to TesV special edition (yes this was significant, not just moar graphics) None addressed the fps limits, nor the way havok physics would bug out. None reduced the nearly crippling overhead of scripts that blows up savegames... But yes, you're absolutely correct that I misrepresented that. Starfield and tesVI were in development before the aquisition. But they're not lacking for resources, and that's what my point should have been.
  5. Anddd guess what our majesty Todd is using for starfield and TESVI after selling his company to Microsoft for 7 billion dollars? It's gamebyro, so enjoy the next decade of 60 fps locks and muddy textures.
  6. I remember GNR from fallout 3, and how after certain events in game the DJ would report on the way you handled it. The tone, content and everything else depending on how you resolved the situation. That's a full-fleged rpg, but something similar for KSP 2 wouldn't be bad.
  7. Yeah, it was a general answer for a general question tbh. But i don't cap my FPS anyway, it's not necessary.
  8. Fair enough, but iv'e just felt some attempt to quell the concerns has been needed for a while. This is hardly the first thread on it, nor is it the first person who's thought the pre-alpha build footage lagging was indicative of performance. But everyone above me has brought up good points, so eh. Not everyone is on KSP fourms for nerds to explain this stuff to them xD Input latency is reduced, since each frame is basically "Closer" to the events on screen than otherwise possible. Also some games (KSP is one!) tie loading speed to FPS.
  9. Person in training, bit of a difference. And i'd probably just have a link somewhere in the description for those who want a more comprehensive explanation, no reason to spell it all out. But for the rest, i agree. If you're really that worried, think about upgrades.
  10. I mean they're giving us apis to play with, so I expect day one if they have hidden any systems that'll be one of the first mods made for KSP2
  11. I don't see KSP being bashed, just people who are discussing it's well documented flaws/limitations/issues etc. And tbh, in many ways KSP is a broken game. I've poured hundreds of hours into it, enjoyed it every second of that time elapsed. But there's still plenty I don't do or actively avoid in KSP1 just because I know it's broken. Landing on a planet is a nerve-wracking experience not because of the challenge involved, fuel consumption or environment. But because it comes down to straight rng if my legs actually gracefully absorb the blow, or ksp decided to send me from a dead stop to suborbital for no reason. Forget landing a plane, legs are barely usable but wheels take the cake. Craft spontaneously disassembling themselves on load is a all too common occurance as well, random parts exploding even after in game years being fine as well. Is there any guarantee KSP2 would fix any of these? No, but longtime ksp players get fed up with these issues and I don't see it as a surprise for them to get excited about KSP2 maybe fixing them. Hype train has been absolutely off the rails since day one, that I cannot argue against. But that would be the case regardless.
  12. I mean i get it, but that's because i'm literally training to be a software engineer. Most other people see those and don't realize to just what degree these tools tank performance sometimes.
  13. Users can't test it until it goes live i'm afraid, otherwise i'd 100% agree with you. But i don't doubt KSP2 will have many bugs discovered day 1 by adventurous users. I DO wish they'd actually say somewhere "Hey, we're running a debugger along with custom exception handling in a developer environment that itself is hooked to unity. We're getting approximately 1/4th the performance you should expect. " with the preview videos though.
  14. Or we just take advantage of the fact that these equations don't care if they are fed realistic numbers and use the same model with different parameters like all of your examples do. Slider settings can be displayed on shared craft, and only using the one model prevents issues like wings suddenly not generating lift. Everyone is happy, two models aren't needed. Just a couple additional functions and getters and setters, so time for coding is limited.
  15. As someone who has also played these games, you're misrepresenting what's going on with them here big time. WT doesn't have 3 different flight models for arcade, realistic and simulator (if they did it would solve so many complaints from the community) They have the same flight models, and adjust the parameters for the planes accordingly. Similar to KSPs fudge factor for lift. IL2? Just has toggles for resources and damage, if you flame out? You still gotta wait for the compressor to spool up. Ace combat? Arcade all the way. I think it's more will than work, the skill set to do it isn't common and upkeep between updates is a job with less gratitude than working at McDonald's.
  16. Yes, it was confirmed a very long time ago that far style aero isn't coming. So I have no idea what this debate is about. We're getting the hilariously silly drag cube based one for stock and then anything else will be modded in
  17. Literally could be the difference between the test build and production builds. I really want people if nothing else to caution themselves about taking any definitive conclusions about KSP2 until it actually releases. If it performs bad, it performs bad. You still have plenty of time to save up for a upgrade in the meantime.
  18. Honestly I'd probably ask shadowmage for what he did with KSPwheel to fix it, if anyone has a good understanding of the mess that KSPs wheels are it's probably him.
  19. I can't think of one engine where writing custom code at some point isn't needed, doesn't matter if it's unity, unreal, lumberyard etc. We're not talking about reimplementation of an entire world though, mostly just things that the stock engine isn't that good for. Wheels would be a good example, KSPs issues with them lie in using the unity implementation. KSPwheel reimplements them, and it fixed the majority of the issues associated with them. Using a different engine just changes what you end up writing custom code for in the end, unreal is better for FPS than RPGs or sandbox games for instance. Mac and Linux I do think will get shafted, since no confirmation has been given of support for them either way. And I don't think it's a bad thing to have concerns about KSP2, because now is the best time to bring them to the development team and have any chance of being heard. And yes, there's a lot of add ons that rely on the way KSP handles things. There were also quite a few applications that relied on DOS giving them exclusive access to memory.... They managed to adapt, or workarounds were found to replicate the bugs. If we never switched to a shared memory model just because it would have made it a bit more difficult, modern computers really wouldn't exist. KSP2 I suspect that for all of its flaws, will be similar. Learning curve for modders will be a bit steep, but that's the price for the capability to do more than they ever could Imagine in KSP1 I can easily be wrong, but only time will tell.
  20. I mean I don't want a aeronautical model like KSP, but I'm not going to get my hopes up too much for anything more involved. Especially since there's a lot of people coming from KSP who see that "dumb stuff" as a feature.
  21. Yep, people need to seriously shake the idea that Unity is the beginning and end of all of KSP's issues. KSP not providing it's own implementation where Unity's is lacking is where the issue resides, and intercept appears to have the roster of people to make it happen. But, there is a major point i think Lisias is saying that everyone is missing. Which is that it doesn't matter how many impressive resumes Intercept has, how much money 2K puts in, and how long they spend on it. They need to direct those resources to the right places to see success, instead of focusing on the wrong things. But i don't see any indication Intercept is squandering their resources, but that's a drum i've been banging since day one.
  22. They have already confirmed they're sticking with KSPs style of aero. They could easily just set up the drag cube based on the dimensions of the wing, still more complex than KSP but I wouldn't take it to imply FAR style aero.
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