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  1. You also need to check if this is a case of bug #24282, i.e. if the orbit that is specified in the contract is an orbit from which the sentinel cannot detect asteroids close to the requested body.
  2. Hi @udkwum, welcome to the Forums. The overly simple answer to your question is that you lock hinges - and other robotic parts - by telling them to activate the lock, e.g. by clicking on the lock button. (SCNR) The real answer to your question depends on what your problem actually is: do you have problems activating the lock, or that the robotic parts still move around even when they are locked (unfortunately both are issues with the robotics parts). In my experience activating the locks is an issue if the game thinks that the part in question is still moving, e.g. because the whole
  3. You can't do normal time warping, the game just cannot do that. What you can do is physics warp: on Windows press <Alt> + <.> (like time-warp but add <Alt>) on Linux use <R-Shift> + <.>.
  4. Well, the stock dV display is known to be easily confused when the situation becomes more complicated. In particular when different engines only have fuel to run for different amounts of time. (Do you have fuel crossfeed enabled on the docking ports?) But it doesn't actually steal your fuel, it is just the dV display that is wrong. Yes, that can easily happen with a pull configuration. And unfortunately it isn't displayed anywhere until (if!) the exhaust heats the "offending" part enough that the increased temperature becomes visible.
  5. I'm surprised that this doesn't just blow up due to overheating. But, you live an learn. (Well, in this case me and not you. ) And, yes, it has a higher velocity at a lower altitude than craft A, so it isn't a case of "just" getting slowed down faster. But if I see it correctly then it is a different sized fairing than in the other craft, so that might be a significant difference. A larger fairing has ha higher thermal mass than a smaller fairing - and it's not just the fairing base, but also the fairing shell - but it also gets heated more. I did have a quick look into it, but couldn't c
  6. So, you do survive reentry with them. Good to know! And, yes, with that it should be possible to land without breaking the important parts. (But on land, not water...) That's what I though, too. But part of KSP is to try out crazy - or crazy sounding - ideas, so it's always good to try.
  7. Oh, I'm sure the reason is Eve. Eve just likes to explode your craft. Especially if you are coming in at interplanetary speeds. I'm more surprised that you managed to aero-brake your uncrewed probes without the use of a heat-shield. What kind of speeds did they have at similar altitudes in Eve's atmosphere? I also think that the thermal mass of the fairing in relation to the heated area scales differently than you expect.
  8. Oh, it definitely can work. The major question is if it can be made to work with significantly less mass than a single parachute. Unfortunately the lightest aerodynamic surface - the Basic Fin - is very temperature sensitive, so I don't think you'll be able to get that to survive reentry. I think that your best chance might be something like the Elevon 1, all the good candidates (e.g. like the Delta-Deluxe Winglet) are pretty heavy...
  9. Indeed, I just did a quick comparison between 1.9.1 and 1.10.0. In the first the solar panels survived a lot longer than I expected but did break at some point, while in the latter the solar panels only failed when the whole shebang crashed into the water and everything - including the tank they were attached to - got destroyed. I wonder if this is related to bug #25744, but IMHO this is clearly a bug.
  10. I guess in this sub-forum the appropriate answer would be: because it isn't implemented (yet?) by SQUAD. If you want a more general discussion about why we don't see Kerbals blink while they are flying spaceships, then I'd suggest to ask the question in the KSP Discussion sub-forum.
  11. My 0.05€: the risk from autostruts is mostly when they flip around. Autostruts to "heaviest" will change their target e.g. when you use up the fuel in a tank that used to be the heaviest part and at some point another part becomes he heaviest. Similarly autostruts to "root" will change when you (un)dock and another part becomes the new root part of the combined/separated vessel. Such a sudden redistribution of mechanical stresses can tear the vessel apart. I usually set autostrut to "grandparent" on essentially all the parts of my vessels and didn't have a negative effect that I remember.
  12. Two comments about using the Claw: depending on your difficulty settings you cannot transfer fuel though a Claw (the "Resource Transfers Obeys Crossfeed Rules" setting). The exception to this is that freshly created fuel from an ISRU ignores these rules, so it is possible to refuel anything with an ISRU equipped rover. The other is that even though fuel doesn't flow through a Claw, tourists can crawl through one. (Don't ask me, Kerbals are apparently very malleable.)
  13. As someone who used trial & error to get to a "meh, good enough" stage of airplane design my first comment is that learning by doing can be fun, so don't be afraid of explosions. You say that you already know how to design planes in another game, so I don't repeat any basics but point out a probably not so intuitive issue about stock KSP: it doesn't actually have airflow. I.e. it doesn't simulate airflow, any lifting surface that moves through a part of space that has atmosphere will generate lift (and drag) according to it speed, angle of attack, and air density. If you attach a wing
  14. I personally never bothered to get the relay networks perfect. I usually just leave used probes in orbit to act as relays. Using the big survey scanner means that I have at least one relay in a polar orbit, and the different contracts and refueling stations means that I have a few relays in more or less equatorial orbits. That doesn't guarantee me 100% coverage, but it is good enough for me. On Duna you have the issue that Ike likes to kick unwary satellites out of Duna's orbit, so you have to be careful to place the satellites in a way that they never enter into Ike's SOI. IMHO the easie
  15. Do you need to only get onto an orbit around the sun, or onto a specific orbit around the sun? If it is the former and you only get "fly by the sun", then you need to get onto an orbit that doesn't intersect the SOI of any planet.
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