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  1. Am I the only one who got a minor panic attack on reading the topic title? Because I thought what would happen if the Kerbals started organizing themselves into trade unions.
  2. Time-warp doesn't eliminate structural stress / deformation, it only eliminates relative motion. So it does help against the shaking, but not in the way you wrote down. (But probably they way you meant.) But you really shouldn't need(TM) to do that, just switching off SAS and giving the structure time to relax should be enough. But for something really wobbly (e.g. my Very Kerbal Array after unfolding) I switch time-warp on and off a number of times to speed up the process. Not really. The only thing that really helps is getting a faster computer. (Faster single core speed, not just mo
  3. Good point! That should be possible in stock now. But I haven't had much time to play in 1.11 yet.
  4. As @bewing and @Brikoleur already mentioned: use autostrut to grantparent. I personally don't use autostrut to root often - essentially only on craft where I absolutely need it - because of the issues with docking. If you craft starts shaking and the shaking gets worse and worse, then this may be because your control point (cockpit etc.) and the "torque generators" (e.g. gimbaled engines or reaction wheels) are at different ends of a "floppy" structure. In this case SAS will increase the flexing of the structure: if the structure is bent in one direction, then the control point points off
  5. Hmmm... I still think the small nose cone looks better, with only the dark tip poking out!
  6. How would I pay them though? With the money I don't have?? I feel with you. I have two suggestions that may or may not help. One is to talk to a priest, pastor, rabbi, imam, or whoever might be appropriate. Here where I am, talking to a priest would give you at least someone who listens and has some experience in dealing with these kinds of problems. The other is to look for a a self-help group. I'm fairly sure that you are not the only one who has these kinds of problems in these times. So getting together to talk about this and how the others deal with it may help you.
  7. Ich nehme an, dass Du auch da explizit die Deutsche Version runterladen musst. Wo hast Du KSP denn her? Du kannst auch mal in das Verzeichnis ".../Kerbal Space Program/GameData/Squad/Localization/" schauen. Wenn da nur eine Datei "dictionary.cfg" drin ist, mit nur englischem Text, dann hast Du keinen deutschen Text, den das Spiel einblenden koennte.
  8. Another possibility is that they feared that the samples from the comet might react rather violently with the oxygen in our atmosphere. IIRC there is quite a bit of carbon in that material.
  9. Another possibility than coming in too fast is that you are trying to dock two differently sized docking ports together. At first glance the regular clamp-o-tron and the clamp-o-tron junior can be easily confused. P.S. Yes, easily! I did it often enough, so it is easy without loads of experience!
  10. Hi @Popaskull22, welcome to the Forums! From your description I would guess that the exhaust of one or more of the engines is directed at a part of the craft and thus heating that part. But that's only a guess, we could tell you more if you could post a screenshot of the craft or if you put the "*.craft" file of the craft onto a file hosting service and gave us the URL of that. P.S. Quick guide to posting pictures on the forum.
  11. Yes. No. Once they are outside the physics range, then the worst thing that the ISRU and drills do is to not mine enough ore / generate enough fuel. The problem you had was because you were time-warping while having the mining rig in focus. For some reason the heating and cooling calculations during time-warp are messed up, so some parts get really hot while time-warping at one speed while being fine when time-warping at another speed and/or at normal speed.
  12. I use "to grandparent". But that helps you only so far, put too much load on them and they'll go their separate ways. Actually that only happens to me when I didn't bleed off enough speed at high altitude and find myself with too much speed at low altitudes. In this situation hard maneuvers in pitch are contraindicated. I like my MK2 parts with a long nose and a delta wing (e.g. here). So I usually need trim the plane by pumping around fuel anyhow.
  13. In addition to what @Snark wrote, my personal experience is that the wings of a spaceplane tend to react poorly to high g-forces. And because Kerbals can withstand even fairly high forces for a bit of time, my spaceplanes tend to self-correct high g-forces by shedding wing area, even before the pilots pass out. (Well, at least during the aerobraking part. Such an event usually leads to a lithobraking event, that is typically less survivable for the pilots. )
  14. I believe it is by design. I guess the thermometer shows the surface temperature of the part that it is attached to. Each part has a certain "thermal mass" that takes some time to heat up or cool down when being heated or cooled. So the slow changes in the reported temperatures reflect the slow(-ish) change of the part temperatures.
  15. My guess is that it has a lot to do with the fact that opening an airlock isn't that trivial as it sounds. Well, at least not if you want to continue living a long time afterwards. AFAIK just getting into a spacesuit, making sure that it works, pumping down the airlock space, and then reversing the whole process is a major undertaking. And something that you probably don't really want to do surrounded by piles of trash if you can help it. You also loose some air every time that you do that.
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