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  1. Just a reminder, the rules for grand tour specify a Kerbal needs to land on every planet or moon, so you will get a honorably mention even if you successfully landed on every object and returned safely, though your mission is still very impressive nevertheless, I enjoy it very much!
  2. A new post! Final Dawn Planetball based on @Caps Lock's amazing planet pack.
  3. Change Jupiter to Jool then it suddenly makes sense.
  4. You can do the mission with 1 Kerbal. 5 Kerbals for each of the moons is only required for level 3 and up.
  5. But @Nertea said there is a fission torch an @lemon cup said Fresnel isn't quite at torch level.
  6. The comment section already went haywire, and I think every launch provider needs some respect, so I don't think this is good. (It's just my opinion so please don't start a debate on Boing vs SpaceX again)
  7. Click The coconut nut is a giant nut, if you eat too much you will get very fat. Now the coconut nut is a big big nut, but this delicious nut is not a nut!
  8. Flown:Saturn V, Falcon 9, Falcon heavy, Space Shuttle, Atlas V Unflown:SLS (Yes I know you guys all hate it, but who can resist the combination of SRBs, RS 25s, and the classic orange and white coloring?), Ares I, Ares V
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