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  1. I’m excited for new planets!
  2. Hi, does anyone know what time is the outer planets grand tour window ingame? I would like to launch a voyager 2 replica but don't know where's the window.
  3. I asked the same question before, and the answer is because of the lower gravity and shorter atmosphere. You can get off Eve in JNSQ with explodium breathing engines or Eve optimized engines (10 atm config) or you can just launch from a plateau.
  4. Maybe you should ask @IncongruousGoat first, as I asked him for an OPM grand tour before, and the answer I got was I need to visit Eeloo in its orginal location before installing OPM.
  5. The stock maneuver app will not affect the caveman challenge, as you need a level 3 tracking station to use it.
  6. I think something is wrong about the temperature of Liolan.(Is it tau ceti e?) Also are Liolan and Cernye mini neptunes or super solids?
  7. Just a reminder, the rules for grand tour specify a Kerbal needs to land on every planet or moon, so you will get a honorably mention even if you successfully landed on every object and returned safely, though your mission is still very impressive nevertheless, I enjoy it very much!
  8. A new post! Final Dawn Planetball based on @Caps Lock's amazing planet pack.
  9. Change Jupiter to Jool then it suddenly makes sense.
  10. You can do the mission with 1 Kerbal. 5 Kerbals for each of the moons is only required for level 3 and up.
  11. But @Nertea said there is a fission torch an @lemon cup said Fresnel isn't quite at torch level.
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