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  1. Greetings. I started to face the problem often: when installed in a hangar, some parts do not open the right-click menu. When you delete and return a part through ctrl+z, the menu starts working. Can you tell me what this might be related to? Mainly comes with new mod details, say a clean install of Tantares on 1.8.1 has this problem with almost all solar new panels. This is not only happening with Tanetares. With some new parts from the BD the same problem Are the parts made for 1.9 - 1.12 incompatible with 1.8? (The question is removed. Fixed. The cause of the problem is - ModuleCargoPart. I am sorry for disturbing you.)
  2. Now there will be a size 4.25 ???? !!! It is interesting. This will be the second stage of my "Vulcan-Energy" One delicate question remains: when is the release expected? I am interested not because "Faster would be !!!!", but whether it is worth waiting or starting to use the beta from the git.
  3. Where is a slightly wrong question. A good question is why? Because no matter how much you like KSP1, she is not a curable patient. Because many players are waiting for KSP2. Because there is, if not confidence, but hope. 2022 is coming soon.
  4. Where does this sadness come from? Yes, modding KSP1 is gradually pushing B. But what I saw inspires more optimism. The materials available on KSP2 show that it is possible that the new KSP will be friendly to models for KSP1. I think that the colossal long-term work of Nertea and the entire community of KSP modders will not be lost, and it may be useful for the new Kerbal - if the authors have the motivation to do this. Moreover, the creativity of the community still looks muuuuuuuch better than what I saw for KSP2. Speaking of "new Nerteaa mods for KSP1" ... What new mod can you still want? Don't panic !!!
  5. For example like this: RCS are balanced. I'm trying to shift to the right (red) Stock RCS belt creates thrust to the right (green) But the total thrust of the RCS capsule is directed not to the right, but to the right and forward (yellow) Because of this, a completely unnecessary forward acceleration is created (blue). Balancing the RCS so that its operation does not cause rotation is not difficult. But the extra thrust forward is very harmful.
  6. The main problem is not the balance in relation to the CoM. The problem is that if you balance the thrust with additional RCS blocks, then when moving along X-Y there is a strong thrust along Z. Perhaps you are right as an author, perhaps someone is using the capsule RCS as it is and he likes it. But in my experience of use, the simplest solution is to turn off the capsule RCS and place some other RCS blocks on their surface. It looks terrible. But at least it somehow works.
  7. Greetings. Are there any plans to correct the direction of the RCS in capsules from the NFSpacecraft? The center of thrust of the PPD-1 is strongly displaced from the center of mass, which makes it difficult to use. Mk3 (Crew Dragon) nozzles are directed in such a way that they make it very inconvenient to use this capsule separately without additional RCS modules. Sadly. Cool details. But they are too inconvenient. I do not want to replace them with something, but I have to do it.
  8. Good afternoon, guru! Can you tell me what kind of crosshair texture the docking camera uses? The mod is excellent, perhaps the most convenient for me from the camera mods, but I would love to fix the texture a little ...
  9. Have you ever wanted to increase the exhaust length of fusion and anti-material engines? Long and "high speed" exhaust looks dynamic
  10. I apologize, the question is removed: the reason is that I did not update something from the SH-NFE-HC set. I had too long a day of updates: because of the updated waterfall, I had to change FarFuture, and further along the chain all thermodynamics and electricity, compatibility with kerbalizm. Probably missed something...
  11. Wow. Thanks. I wonder what was going on in my head that prevented me from discovering it. SystemHeat works strangely. The module was applied to the reactor. I see the value of the heat flow. But in flight, heat is not generated. Flow power - Nan What could be the reason?
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