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  1. i downloaded it on ckan i have toolbar but toolbar doesn't show up nor does hanger extender and i even downloaded it manually also but none works so is there a way to fix this? Like any hotkeys to make it do that?
  2. how do you use this mod because it did not work for me and i downloaded it correctly
  3. so i fixed that now but i have a problem it has conflicts with my other mod i like so i had to get rid of it is there a way to fix this?
  4. Yea i already read that it seemed to be installed correctly but it might be conflict from another addon but it might be because i had a gamedata in the the ksp gamdata containing the original b9 aerospace with b9 aerospace_HX possibly? so i did some investigating and its conflict between another mod anyway to fix this im new
  5. quick question about b9 aerospace_HX when i try to launcher KSP it needs to quit because some sstx not found by b9partswitch or something like that any advice?
  6. i have a question how could i download a mod i have in a file but its not in the list of mods on ckan?
  7. is there a way to make rockets or rocket pods fire from the weapon manager cause i cant do that or is there something explaining how to use those?
  8. i have a question my rockets or rocket pods wont fire only the guns is there a way to fix this?
  9. So i did take a look at the wiki but it was to confusing for me is there a chance you could help me? Or is there help on the discord server?
  10. Is there a video or something in how to install a mad via CKAN i just got CKAN but the the on the wiki on how to use it its confusing is there a better way of understanding how to install a mod via ckan?
  11. i dont understand how to download this its seems right but it doesnt show up ingame for the packs is there a video tutorial for this?