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  1. My ion stage is 822 kg excluding the Kerbal. But you could argue that it is not a tug because the ion engine is not tugging any other stages. I think there is also a "more" missing in the rule about ion tugs. There is a height limit of 17.5m in the rules. My craft is 18.4m tall excluding the Kerbal.
  2. I made a kerballed landing on Eeloo and back on a single stack of 0.625m parts some while ago. Unfortunately it is 0.9m to high for this challenge. Mission report: https://imgur.com/gallery/wPaSwcX . Taking two Oscar-B fuel tanks off would meet the requirements and if I also reduce the amount of ablator on the heat shield, it should still be possible. If not, I could still add side boosters. But I'm not planning to repeat this mission. For this challenge I tried a mission including a Tylo landing. I managed to do the landing and ascent during testing but the delta-V requirements for the r
  3. @Weak Player Is it allowed to use Mechjeb, if you only use it for the maneuver node editor but not for autopiloting?
  4. Maybe you have to drop this requirement. 10km/s is pretty fast. You have to shed off at least 6.6 km/s to get down below Kerbin escape velocity in a single pass. Have you tested that this is possible to do without heat shields and space plane parts? With heat shields it is definitely possible, I have aerobraked to an landing on Kerbin from over 10km/s before.
  5. I now managed to get to orbit with only 4% thrust. The trick was to build a multi staged Vector powered space plane. This way I could get away with a TWR of less than 1 for most of the ascent. To get to a suborbital trajectory I used a stage with 72 sepatrons to achieve a TWR of over 1 for most of this stage. To circularize, a stage with a TWR less than 1 was enough. Cost: 624,718 Thrust limiter: 4% Score: 18.73 Mission report: https://imgur.com/gallery/po6XmIC Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/EveMaster/4PercentThrustToOrbit
  6. Some time ago I did a kerballed return mission to the surface of Eeloo and back using tiny parts. It does not count though because it uses an ion engine and the tiny heat shield that increases the diameter from 0.625m to 0.7m.
  7. I have done a rescue mission back from Eve. I used KIS and KAS because the weight limits of the stock game would not have made this possible. Although not specifically required, I started my rescue mission from Kerbin. Launch mass is 1375.23 tons. Mass in low Eve orbit is 364.022 tons. Except for the released relais satellites the rescue craft is an SSTO space plane. I resued two Kerbals from Eve. More pictures and full mission description: https://imgur.com/gallery/5Q4o1iA
  8. Remember also that the EVA items from KIS are moved by drag and drop into the inventory.
  9. Since no one has done so far, I will post another submission that involves Mammoth/Vector spam. I mostly used Vector instead of Mammoth, even though four Vectors weight one ton more than one Mammoth, because Vectors are more compact. I noticed that the sepatrons can give a good boost for the upper stage because of their high TWR ratio. The twitch engines are also a better for the upper stage than the spark engine. The slightly better ISP of the spark does not make up for the worse TWR. I kept clipping at a minimum. All Mammoth engines are beefed up by an additional 6 Vector engines. I used nor
  10. Throttle is 10%. Funds is 83,526. The craft has three stages. The last stage has only a ladder for the kerbal to grab onto to save the weight of the external command seat.
  11. I haven't tried them out yet. I read that somewhere and don't know if it works in the latest version of KSP.
  12. I think part clipping of ballast tanks to reduce buoyancy should be allowed. Opening and closing cargo bays to control buoyancy should also be allowed.
  13. Another option without mining is the Mammoth, largest DLC fuel tank, Rapier, crew capsule, fuel tank for rapier, air intake which is 6 Parts, maybe another part to increase maneuverability on Laythe. I did a mission to Laythe and back with the Mammoth/Rapier combination with 11 parts, but it does not count because I used the infinite electricity cheat. The extra parts were a parachute, a decoupler, two winglets and another fuel tank.
  14. One small correction: It was 74 experiments instead of 72. So it is 20 more points. This time it was my mistake because I remembered the number incorrectly. You can see the number of experiments on my last screenshot back in orbit and on the screenshots of @Space Nerd. Nicely done. Regarding your questions in the imgur post of the return: Probably the inclination correction caused this. If you are not in a perfectly circular orbit, burning normal/antinormal also changes the height of the apoapsis and periapsis. Docking in low Eve orbit is not easy because of the
  15. I now have completed a Jool 5 mission on a single launch at 30% Nerf-level. Not everything went as planned, but I managed to land on each moon of Jool and return safely. The mission report can be found here: https://imgur.com/gallery/mYeFzvM
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